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Jack Myers – Revivalist, Evangelist, & Pastor Who Loves Evangelism

Jack Myers has been my friend for many years. When we first met, I showed him a picture of a massive miracle crusade. He said, “I want to learn how to do that.” I invited him to come to my next crusade in the nation of Haiti. I started mentoring and coaching him and ever since he has been doing crusades around the world telling people about Jesus.

Who is Jack Myers? Dr. Jack Myers was born again at the age of twelve and baptized with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues at the age of seventeen. In 1993, Dr. Myers has an encounter with The Holy Spirit that radically changed his life. He and his wife later attended Rhema Bible Training Center in Broken Arrow, OK.  He also has his Doctorate degree from Life Christian University. Dr. Jack holds healing /miracle crusades in the U.S. and many foreign countries around the world. God comes and confirms His Word with signs and
 wonders following, with healings, miracles, salvations.

Website: https://www.jackmyersministries.com

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Evangelist Daniel King (00:00):
Dr. Jack Myers has been my friend for many years. When we first met, I showed him a picture of a large gospel crusade. And he said, I want to learn how to do that. So I said, why don’t you come with me on my next crusade to the nation of Haiti. So he came and I began to mentor him and coach him and doing crusades. And ever since he’s been traveling to the nations, leading people to Jesus,

Evangelism Podcast Host (00:27):
Jesus said, go into all the world and preach the gospel. Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be welcome to the evangelism podcast with Dr. Daniel King we’re Daniel interviews, full-time evangelists, pastors, missionaries, and normal everyday Christians to discover how they share their faith, their powerful testimonies, and amazing stories that will inspire you to reach people with the good news. And now here’s your host, missionary and evangelists Daniel King.

Evangelist Daniel King (01:03):
Welcome to the evangelism podcast. I’m Daniel King, and I’m excited about telling people about Jesus today. I have a very special guest, Dr. Jack Myers from plant city, Florida. Thank you so much for being a guest on the evangelism podcast. Dr.

Jack Myers (01:17):
King really appreciates an honor and privilege

Evangelist Daniel King (01:20):
And so you pastor a church here in plant city, but you are also an evangelist and we’ve known each other for, for quite a while. Tell me a little bit of the story of how you be came an evangelists.

Jack Myers (01:33):
Well, you know many years ago I gave my heart to Jesus when I was 12 and it got filled with the Holy ghost of 17, but when I gave him a heart to Jesus at 12, I felt like I was called to the ministry. And I remember calling my father on the phone and I telling him, I said, dad, you know, I feel like I’m going to be in the ministry. And he was very excited about that. And then of course, you know, I got married when I was 19. My wife was 18, but when I was 26 years old, I had a major encounter with God that radically changed my life forever. And I guess you could say at 26, I answered the call to the ministry. And we were attending a small church at that time. And for about three years we did anything and everything in the church that that needed to be done.

Jack Myers (02:21):
And at the end of three years we gave away a business that we were doing and we moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma, and I attended Raymond Bible training center. And I entered into the evangelist class. My wife entered into the missionaries class and I just felt that call. It was a burn on the inside to win souls. I mean, if you’re called to be an evangelist, you just can’t get away in your favorite messages about Jesus. I love to talk about Jesus. And so I felt that burn to do evangelism. So basically it was like revival for the church evangelism for the world, you know, so we want to do Oswald J Smith wrote a book called a passion for souls. And he made a comment in that, in that book, he said nothing less than a genuine revival, that results in awakening among the unsaved will ever satisfy the heart of God.

Jack Myers (03:12):
So God’s heartbeat is souls. And when you’re called to be an evangelist, you, you, you, you, you eat, you drink you dream you’re your whole mission is to get people saved. And so we went through Bible college and always wanted to do crusade evangelism. So I think it was probably about five years into full-time ministry. It took a process from the time I answered the call to go through Bible school, going through jobs and then going full time. And it was probably about five to probably six years. I met you Reverend Daniel. And I remember we were at Oh, happy day. It was a great day. Actually. It was a great day that my life changed forever when I met you and we were at a pastor’s conference. And I remember you came up to me and you introduce yourself to me and we kind of hit it off where I kind of kindred spirits.

Jack Myers (04:02):
And you showed me a crusade that you just got back from. And when I saw those multitudes of multiple multitudes of people, you were telling me about all the miracles and healings, I asked you, how did you do that? Can you teach me how to this? And I think we got a, probably about a 10 year age difference. I mean, I’m going to be 55 in may, and you’re how old now just 40 twos. Okay. So there was a big 15 year, almost 15 year difference, but thank God. I was humbled enough to be able to learn from a younger man who had experienced something that I would done. And then I met you and you say, come on a crusade with me. So we went to want to mint Haiti, which was the first crusade I was on. And then you introduced me to one of your crusade directors that you had

Evangelist Daniel King (04:46):
Fernando Fleming down in Dominican Republic, who is a great friend, a great man of God. And he’s done many crusades there in both Haiti and in the Dominican Republic. And so after you came on that first crusade and won them at which, which in, in Haiti, there’s always a wild time having crusades. It seems like the demons are wild there. And so that was a very unique crusade there, but you participate. I think we didn’t have electricity. And in the hotel, we barely had food to eat. The meat on the chicken were so tough. They said that they were marathon running chickens, and we had some wild, crazy miracles that week. But you caught the vision to start doing crusades. And so then you did your first crusade in Dominican Republic with pastor Fernando Fleming. Now you told me how much money you had in your pocket or in the bank account.

Evangelist Daniel King (05:46):
When you committed to doing that first crusade, how much did you have saved up that you could put towards doing a crusade $39? So you had $39 and I assumed crusade costs more than $39, 30,000. It was $30,000. So, so you made a commitment to go and raise $30,000 when you had $39. And I had 12 months to do it in your bank account. And I’d never raised $30,000 before and in my ministry up until this point. So that was a huge step of faith for you to do what happened at that first crusade you managed to raise the money. Yeah. Did you see miracles? Did people get, say what happened?

Jack Myers (06:21):
Well, it actually changed my destiny. It really, really did. I remember. So basically you made me ask you, so how, how can you go from $39 to $30,000? Well some of the keys that I’ve learned over the years now, we’ve been in the ministry 25 years now. Okay. And some of the keys that I learned about winning the loss, if you can share the vision of winning souls, God will always make sure you have the money to do it. Because like I said souls is his heartbeat. So if you have a passion for souls, I mean, that’s the reason why Jesus came to seek and to save that, which was lost. And so if you have a passion for souls and you, you, you project that vision, God will lay it on people’s hearts to support your ministry. And so in one year we we went from $39 and we raised $30,000.

Jack Myers (07:22):
And there were some people that gave $2. There was some people that gave $10 that a lot of people gave $20. There were some churches that they caught a hold of the vision. We would just share the vision. There wasn’t any pressure. I didn’t put any pressure. The only pressure I put was on God to meet that need, because I would tell him, you know, you, you, your heartbeat is souls. You know, you want to install it, but it takes finances though. And is the gospels for free, but it takes money to win. And so for an entire year, we would just share the vision with anybody and everybody’s social media. I mean, anytime I had an opportunity where we’re going to the Dominican, we’re going to the Dominica, we’re going to the maker, we’re going to go install. We’re going to go in cells.

Jack Myers (07:56):
And we did it passionately, but we did a truthfully and sure enough, by 12 months later, we had, we had the $30,000 and we did our first grade crusade. And I guess it was a San Juan Dominican Republic. And we had an attendance of between 30 to 40,000 that was there. And the miracles were amazing. And we brought our first team. We had 16 people on our first team, 16 Americans came. And I remember on the last night of the crusade, which was on a Friday night, the place was just packed. The field was packed like sardines. And I remember when we finished the crusade, myself, my wife and the team, we decided to go off the platform and make our way to the hotel because the hotel and the crusade grounds were like back-to-back. And when I stepped off the platform, the entire crowd shifted.

Jack Myers (08:47):
So in other words, I’m looking at the crown and sh we stepped off to the right side of the platform and the whole crowd shifted. And then they started to press, which was a little, a little dangerous kind of thing. You know, when you cut it, you gotta be real careful with that. I mean, we tried to dismiss everybody, but nobody wanted to leave. And then I remember I just started praying for people and they were falling under the power. And then the crowd started pressing me more. And then I just waved my hand and said in the name of Jesus and the crowds were falling like 30, 40 people, they were making a pathway for us all the way to the hotel. And then when we made it into the hotel grounds, the crowd kind of followed out into the streets. We went into the hotel lobby.

Jack Myers (09:25):
People started coming into the hotel because the miracles were happening. So, so crazily. And then eventually the management they’ve shoved us into the dining area and had to close the double doors. And then w w when our team sat down, all of our teams sat down. We all started crying, all of a sudden burst out in tears. And I, and then I, and it came to me when Jesus said that he was in the press, people pressed on him. And it was just, it was a very humbling moment, but it was a very surreal moment when you do your first crusade and then you’re like hooked, that’s it, you’re done. You got to do them. And so we’ve been doing them for 15 years. Okay.

Evangelist Daniel King (09:59):
You got addicted to doing crusades, leading people to Jesus. There’s no feeling like it, actually having the opportunity to lead someone to Jesus. And so since then, how many crusades approximately, would you say that you’ve done?

Jack Myers (10:11):
Oh my gosh, we’ve done because you’ve

Evangelist Daniel King (10:13):
Been doing like one or two

Jack Myers (10:15):
For 15 years. 15 years. Yeah. Sometimes three, depending on what year we can do 15 to 20. Yeah. I would say, I would say that maybe 25 max. Okay. Twenty-five max. What are some of the countries that you’ve, Oh my gosh. We’ve been to a country of Nepal. We’ve been to Burma. We’ve been to Dominican Republic. We’ve been to Haiti. We’ve been to Nicaragua. We’ve been to El Salvador. We’ve been to Honduras, a lot of work in hon. I say a lot of work in Honduras and a lot, a lot of work in the Dominican Republic. So it seems to be Mexico. I think those, but we’ve been back several times. Yeah. So I can’t think of any other,

Evangelist Daniel King (10:56):
Your, your ministry is very multifaceted. You you’ve been doing the crusades, doing the work of an evangelist and there’s different nations overseas, often even taking large teams

Jack Myers (11:07):
Of people with 100 people.

Evangelist Daniel King (11:09):
Wow. And so giving over a hundred people on a, on a crusade, a chance to see God do miracles for themselves. And then here in the United States, you, you have the church here in plant city, Florida. Right. So, so let’s talk about being in evangelistic church. What does your church do to reach out evangelistically to the community? Cause I think it’s really unique to have a person who is called to be an evangelist, but also pastoring.

Jack Myers (11:40):
Right, right, right. So we started the church 11 years ago. And when we planted the church, we were, we felt led to the Lord to cut a plant, a base, a launching base. And I’m not saying that every evangelist should do that. I’m just that you have to be totally led with that. Not everybody, not none of your managers should have a base that, you know, and, but not every pastor should either kind of thing. So is you have to be totally out of the Lord. So we planted the church here and the church came out of Jack Meyers ministries. So Jack Meyers ministries didn’t come out of the church. So it was kind of the opposite. Sometimes you knew you have a church and you launch front. But when we planted the church, not only did we plant the church, we also planted a Bible school.

Jack Myers (12:20):
So we had the church, we had the Bible school and then we had the world missions. And, and so, and we strategically planted because we’re only like 40 minutes from, from Orlando or 40 minutes from Tampa international airport. So that’s where we want to be. And so kind of like I have a launching place. So from the very moment that we launched the church, we also launched our evangelism skills because we traveled extensively for 10 years. I mean, 15 years, that’s all we did was travel. And it just seemed to be the right time to launch a base. And so we started out by going out on Saturdays, we’d pass out flyers. And so w what I wanted to do was, is because we’re originally from Florida. I had preached a lot in Florida with several of my pastors friends, and I didn’t want to be close to them.

Jack Myers (13:09):
So I wanted to be at least 40 to 45 minutes from all of our pastor friends that we’ve done meetings, because we didn’t want to pull anybody out of those churches. I think that a character and integrity is very important when it comes to ministry. Not only that pastor Rodney Howard Brown is my pastor. So he has a church it’s about 35 minutes from us. So I remember calling him on the phone and I said, pastor, you said, yes, sir. And he said, brother, Jack, how are you? And I said, I’m doing well. I said, I feel out of the Lord to plant a church in plant city. I said, we’ve been around everywhere. I said, we’re only 30 minutes from you. And I said, if you tell me, no, sir, we won’t do it. So that gives you a submission to authority thing.

Jack Myers (13:47):
And he’s his brother. He’s a plan city. They’re going to hell. They needed, they need a church. So we planted a church. And so, and we consulted with our board and we actually talked to like 25 different pastors. And we interviewed them before we started the church. Cause we wanted to know what they should have did what they wish to do. They wanted to do how they could have done it. So we did a lot of counseling. We met with our board at council with our board. And so not only did we do with God, but we also consultant. And then they said, yes, this is the right time. You need to do it. So for 11 years, almost every Saturday, we’ve done an outreach. And we actually rented the plant city stadium, which could hold about 4,000 people. And we did the first back in 2017, we did the first Easter outreach at the plant city stadium. We had 2,500 people come. We gave away 30,000

Evangelist Daniel King (14:35):
City. That’s a huge crop plant city is not huge. Right? So to bring 2,500 people into a stadium in plant city is a miracle. Yeah.

Jack Myers (14:45):
Really huge event because plant city is a 20 by 22 mile radius, but they probably about 130 churches here. So there’s a lot of churches, you know? And so at that time, the population was probably about 35,000. There we’re at 39, almost 40,000 now. So at that time we were between 30 and 35,000. So to have 2,500 people come to the stadium, which is huge. And we cast a huge net, a lot of people gave their hearts to Christ. We had, and we set up a water Baptist. We’ll take about 25 people in their clothes, got water baptized. Plus we gave 30,000 Easter eggs away. We had planned, we had the mayor from plant city come and address the crowd. And we had a a a Christian rap artists named minister he’s pastoring. Now his name is Mike and he did some songs and all that kinda stuff.

Jack Myers (15:34):
And so, and we spent about $15,000 on that. So, but we were swinging the bat pretty hard almost every Saturday for 11 years that we’ve been doing it. And so we hit the parks. We, we, we go out and knocking on doors, we’ll go into the city into the into the like what Walmart area we get permission. Of course they don’t. We work with them, the local businesses and all that kind of stuff. And we, we do an outreach. We want to get people saved and that’s, and that’s our heart. And that’s how we’ve kind of done it.

Evangelist Daniel King (16:05):
And then in addition to doing the overseas work and pastoring the church here, you also go to churches and preach revivals. Right? So let’s talk about what the American church needs in the area of revival. What, what do you think God wants to do here in the church in America?

Jack Myers (16:25):
You know people ask me Dr. Jack, what, what is, what is really revival? What revival, let me say what revival is not revival is not your yearly spring revival where you put, you can put a revival sign on the outside of the church.

Evangelist Daniel King (16:39):
You put it on the calendar and say, these two days are when God’s gonna make

Jack Myers (16:42):
Right. As long as it’s not. Okay. Okay. So row, just because there’s the, the church has their yearly revival. Doesn’t necessarily the people in the inside are being revived. So revival is for the church. What does that mean? It brings you back to your first love. It’s that having an encounter with the word and encounter with the spirit that brings you back to your first, love it read [inaudible] it really fires you up. It brings you to that place where you are passionate for winning the lost again, because you know, over a period of time, people can, you know, you get around some religious people, you get around and you can get kind of dry, you know, revivals like the rain of falls on a dry soil. That’s been parched in the sun for a long time as what revival does, because you have to have, you have to have soil and you have to have rain for things to grow. And so revival brings you back to your first love. That’s what really revival is. And that’s for the church, that results in an awakening. I’m when to say, so I say like this revivals for the church, but vitals for the worlds. And that’s what that does. I mean, Bibles for the church, but vitals for the world, Bible Bible is for the world Bibles for the world. All right.

Evangelist Daniel King (17:50):
Yeah. Yeah. And so the evangelistic crusades would be for the loss, correct? You’re going into the community, leading people to Jesus. The revival is more to get the church fired back up, get them on fire for God, get them back to their first love for Jesus. That’s awesome. So what advice would you give to someone who feels called to be an evangelist or, or to a pastor who wants to be more evangelistic?

Jack Myers (18:17):
One of my spiritual mentors is Kenneth Hagan, of course he’s with the Lord. And when we were in Bible college, he actually made a very profound statement. He said, every evangelists should pastor for two years, and every pastor should evangelize for two years. And I’m kind of thinking it should be a little longer. I mean, he said that about 40 years ago, but I think, I think pastors and evangelists and evangelists and pastors, they need to work together. We both have a very dear friend of ours is Todd delay. And I was in his church recently and he said, pastors need evangelists. And I said to him, evangelist, ne pastors, that’s true. And I think we need to work together. You know, a pastor is like a general practitioner, but in an advantage is, is very specific spearheads. He or she, he or she stirs up the church to go out into the community because sometimes, you know, a church can be inbred, you know, “Hi, my name is Darryl. This my brother, Darryl-Darryl. We’re the Daryl brothers. We’re all inbred.” No, God, God doesn’t want the inbred illness. He wants outreach. And, and even though a pastor can do the work of an evangelist, there’s still, but there’s not the gifting there. You know, you can do the work, but the anointing, the, the advantages is very specific. It’s almost like you know, on your hand, on your right hand. So you’re, you got the five-point ministry on your, on your right hand. Your thumb is the apostle. You got your forefinger, that’s the prophet. And then your middle finger is the evangelist. And then your fourth finger is the pastor. And then the small finger, your pinky is the teacher. So if you look, you can see that the evangelists has far reaching. So there’s giftings with the evangelists that the pastor does not have the pastor.

Jack Myers (19:58):
He, he looks good to the people. He even wears a ring. He looks good. So the evangelists he throws, the net, brings the fish in and the pastor cleans them up. And that’s the reason why we have to work together in the five fold ministry. That’s the reason why the advantages in the pastor have to, because my friend, pastor Todd, he told me that he said, he said, he in one of the meetings, he said he had a vision. And he said he was in a foxhole and there was a war going on. And he said, he popped up with his, you know, his [inaudible] go back down. He said, he popped back up, dah, dah, dah. And he said, he saw me out of nowhere, just come running across the field and jumped into the fossil and took two syringes of adrenaline and just heading what hit know my friend’s a pastor, right? Hits them with the adrenaline. He said, he hopped out Fox hall. Now he’s running toward the enemy, like fast speed. He said, that’s what an evangelist to her pastor.

Evangelist Daniel King (20:48):
He comes in and just infuses gets by, brings the wind in the pastor sales so that the pastor can continue to go on and reach the community. So the evangelists brings the adrenaline to get the body of Christ going out to the law and fuses in infuses the pastor to keep going. That’s awesome. Yeah. Well, thank you, pastor Jack, Dr. Jack evangelists, Jack Myers, revivalist, Jack Myers. Thank you so much for being on the evangelism podcast. I just so value your ministry and everything that God is doing through you. And thank you so much for being on the podcast today. Amen. So we want to thank all you guys for watching. This is international evangelists, Daniel King, and we want to share, I want you to share this on YouTube and a sheriff, tell all your friends we’re going to post it on his channel. And so we would want to say, thank you for watching. God bless you. And we’ll see you soon.

Evangelist Daniel King (21:42):
Thanks so much for listening to the evangelism podcast today. I’m excited about telling people about Jesus. And what we found is that as we go to different nations of the world, it takes us an average of about $1 for every person we’re able to reach with the gospel. And so some countries are more expensive. Some countries are a little bit less expensive, but on average, we’ve invested about $1 for every person we’re able to lead to Jesus. So today I’m asking you to go to my website, King ministries.com and give $1, $2, $5, become a monthly partner, help us to lead people to Jesus. Imagine you can start a party in heaven with just $1. Also go to Apple iTunes, leave us a review for the evangelism podcast with Daniel King. So lots of people can find this evangelism podcast. God bless you

Evangelism Podcast Host (22:36):
For more information about how to share your faith or to financially support our worldwide evangelistic outreaches. Visit King ministries.com. Again, that’s King ministries.com.


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