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Jared Horton | Calling the Lost to Repentance

Jared Horton loves calling those far from God to repentance. He spent three years as a missionary in Nicaragua and now he is traveling the world telling people about Jesus.

Notes: Jared Horton shares his testimony of getting started in evangelism, Missions in Nicaragua, Evangelist Steve Hill’s influence on his life, how God confirmed his call to be an Evangelist, a recap of the 3 week on-field CFAN Bootcamp initiation in Tanzania, calling the lost to repentance and much more.

Website: https://jaredhortonministries.com

Jared was challenged by listening to Evangelist Steve Hill preach over the internet during college.  Jared prayed a prayer and said, “God I will go wherever you send me, I will go to Africa, I will go to China, just use me lord!” The Lord spoke back, “Jared, IS YOUR NEIGHBOR SAVED?”  It was that question that provoked Jared to start sharing the Gospel with those in his community. Eventually he became a full time missionary.

Main points of Jared’s Ministry
  • Calling sinners and those far from God to REPENTANCE.
  • Expecting people to have their own personal ENCOUNTER  with the POWER God and be Baptized in the Holy Spirit.
  • Challenging every believer to keep their eyes focused on ETERNITY.
  • Challenging every  believer to DO SOMETHING for the Kingdom of Heaven.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:00):
Jared Horton loves calling those far from God to repentance. He’s spent three years as a missionary in Nicaragua, and now he’s traveling the world, telling people about Jesus.

Evangelism Podcast Host (00:13):
Jesus said, go into all the world and preach the gospel. Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved. Welcome to the evangelism podcast with Dr. Daniel King, where Daniel interviews, full-time evangelists, pastors, missionaries, and normal everyday Christians to discover how they share their faith, their powerful testimonies, and amazing stories that will inspire you to reach people with the good news. And now here’s your host, missionary and evangelist Daniel King.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:48):
Welcome to the evangelism podcast. I’m here with my special friend, Jared Horton, Jared. It’s great to have you on the podcast. Hey, it’s great

Jared Horton (00:56):
To be here. Thank you for having me on this podcast.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:59):
So tell me a little bit about yourself and about your ministry.

Jared Horton (01:03):
Well, my name is Jared Horton. Have a ministry called Jared Horton ministries and we just preach in churches, help equip them to do evangelism outside the four walls of their church, as well as help in a crusade evangelism. I recently connected with the Christ for all nations and I’m helping them. I actually moved to Orlando and I’m working with a Christ for all nations, helping them produce more evangelists for a vision that evangelist Daniel Kolenda calls the decade of double harvest.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (01:37):
That’s so exciting. What a tremendous thing that is for the body of Christ to go after millions of souls in this next decade. So tell me some about your, your background and your history in ministry.

Jared Horton (01:51):
Well, I gave my life to Jesus at 15 years old and I begin to begin getting involved in ministry. When I think I was 19 years old, I was listening to Steve Hill preach on the internet. He’s one of the most influential men of God in my life, as far as evangelism goes. And he challenged me through listening to him, preach to start doing things for God. And so I prayed a prayer. I said, God, I want you to use my life. God, if you want me to go to Africa, I’ll go to Africa. If you want me to go to China, God, I will go to China wherever you want me to go, God, that’s where I’ll go. Just speak to me. And I was thinking about, you know, traveling many miles to win people to Jesus, but God spoke back to me and he says, Jared, is your neighbor saved?

Jared Horton (02:46):
And I thought, I don’t know. He says, go see if your neighbor is saved. And so, you know, I grew up in rural Arkansas and in rural Arkansas, you don’t walk to your neighbor’s house, you to your neighbor’s house. So I got my car and w took off down the road and knocked on a man’s door about a mile from my house and never met this man in my life. And he opened the door and he said, can I help you? And I had never done evangelism for it. Didn’t know anything about it. So all the words that could come out of my mouth is I’m Jared. I live about a mile down the road from you. And I want to know, do you know God? He said, he said, well, son, when I was your age, I used to do the same thing you’re doing right now.

Jared Horton (03:34):
But when God turned his back on me, I turned my back on God, this gentlemen was drinking. He was an alcoholic. And he had been through some hard times in his life, but he ended up coming to church on a Wednesday night. He did not accept Jesus, but he did come to church. So my first evangelism encounter resulted in somebody, you know, at least coming to church, I followed up with him and I don’t know if he ever got right with God, but that’s how I got started in evangelism was starting with my neighbor. Yeah. And then

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (04:06):
You had the opportunity to go down to Nicaragua and to learn Spanish down there. Tell me about the evangelism that you did in, in that part of the world.

Jared Horton (04:15):
Yeah. So after I went through when I, I listened to Steve, he’ll preach a lot. So he talked me into going to school of ministry. I went there for two years and when I graduated from there, I thought what’s next on my agenda.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (04:30):
You feel that was with the Brownsville revival in that great time of repentance.

Jared Horton (04:35):
Yeah. Brent, Steve Hill preached the Brown hole. Browns of revival lasted five years. My mom and dad went down there, got their lives, radically changed in the year, 1997. So I’m hungry for God, want to do more for God. And I started listening to Steve he’ll preach. And so he talked me in through his preaching to go to his Bible school. So I went to his Bible school for two years. And after those two years, I thought, okay, what’s next? And I remembered a commitment that I made with the ministry at Chi alpha college campus ministry to give one year of my life, to missions and pray about giving my whole life to it. So I contacted a mission sending organization, assemblies of God, and they connected me with a missionary Nicaragua. And I went there and I did, I, I ended up spending three years in Latin America.

Jared Horton (05:22):
I lived in Costa Rica for six months and I learned the Spanish language. And then I lived in Nicaragua for another two and a half years and admissions work. We helped plant a church. I became the youth pastor of a church of about a thousand people. Actually the first church I ever pastored was in my second language in Spanish. So I got to speak the language, learn the language. And 50% of the ministry that I, that I do is in the Spanish language. So it’s yeah, so that’s what we did in Nicaragua. Seen a lot of people get saved, a lot of people baptized and the Holy spirit and it was powerful. And then I from Nicaragua in a year, 2016, I believe.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (06:03):
And so we are actually in Tanzania right now at the invitation of Christ for all nations, Daniel [inaudible] ministry. The ministry started by Reinhardt Bunky, the great German evangelist. And it is a strategy that Daniel Kolenda has to call. Decapolis going to multiple cities at the same time. And you’ve actually been here for several months working to organize and, and set up everything that’s happening here. And also there has been students from the Christ for all nations evangelism bootcamp that have been here. And I had the privilege of teaching some of them last year, and now they’ve come here and, and been going from school to school marketplace to marketplace, preaching the gospel. Tell me some of the testimonies of what God has done already here in the nation of Tanzania.

Jared Horton (06:55):
Yeah. You know, we had a, we all, there was 50 students that come through the bootcamp and they had to do an initiation. And so a part of them come down and they completed their initiation in three weeks. And I think in those three weeks we saw at least 150,000 people give their life to Jesus. And even more, there are still bootcamp students on the ground preaching in schools, in different places. And I think we’ve succeeded the number of 200,000 people. That’s given their life to Jesus since they’ve been here. But basically the, the bootcamp students that come through the bootcamp, graduated on the initiation. What they guide to do is they got to put in practice what they’ve learned and not just put in practice what they learned, but they also was able to receive feedback on their ministry. We would take them out to a place, put them on a gospel truck, preach in a marketplace and they would preach the gospel message.

Jared Horton (07:54):
And then we would give them feedback. You know, one thing that is different about the Christ foundation’s bootcamp that I’ve seen from any other school of ministry that I’ve been a part of is that, you know, you don’t just, they don’t just graduate them and then send them off and say, okay, have a great ministry. We actually get the, we put them on the field and then we give them feedback and we’re, we’re we’re with them. We help walk them through this call, you know, where God’s called him to be an evangelist. And it’s really cool. I’ve just seen I’ve seen in a full written, and I shared this with you at breakfast this morning, but I I’ve seen and a full RITI and a soup, something supernatural has come up on those that have graduated. You know, they say the anointing is not taught.

Jared Horton (08:40):
It’s caught and I’ve just, I’ve seen it. And you can see it like in the spirit. It’s nothing that you can’t see it in the flesh. It’s just something you can tell. But these students are walking in a supernatural authority that I believe they, they caught being at the bootcamp, just being there with an open heart, open mind, you know, the, the mantle of evangelists Reinhard bunkie, and then even evangelist Daniel Kolenda is just powerful, but something has gotten on these students and they’re walking in great authority and doing powerful things for God. There were great miracles as well. We seem blind eyes open. There was a lady at one meeting. She had a tumor on her chest. And during the prayer time, I watched this miracle, this lady, you could see her face. She something was happening. She kept rubbing her, rubbing her, her chest area. And it got done and we asked what happened. And she said she had a tumor and it disappeared during the prayer. So, you know, those are the kinds of things that’s taken place through the bootcamp graduates.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (09:40):
So you’ve actually been coaching some of these young evangelists. Tell me, what does that coaching look like?

Jared Horton (09:47):
Well, they, they preach the gospel. They get up there and preach. And one thing that I try to do when they’re preaching is I try to listen for that crystal clear gospel message. And so sometimes you hear it and sometimes you don’t. And so sometimes when you don’t really hear a crystal clear gospel message, you just kinda have to give some feedback. You know, you could have, could have said this. She could have got through this a little quicker and just try to help them restructure their message to where the gospel message comes across really clear.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (10:21):
Jared, you’re a great evangelist. You’ve been preaching the gospel, many different parts of the world. What would you say to someone who feels called to be an evangelist? What should they do

Jared Horton (10:32):
If you feel called to be an evangelist? Number one, I would say, take the steps necessary to see that call fulfilled. It’s one thing to have a call of innovators. There are many people that say I’m called to be an evangelists. And one day God is going to use me. I know one day it’s going to be powerful. The Lord has shown me how many people I’m going to win to Jesus. It’s going to be amazing. And you say, well, what are you? What are you doing about that? Well, I, I, I don’t know, but I know that one day God is going to use me. Here’s what you need to do. If you have a call on your life to be an evangelist, you need to go tell somebody about Jesus. Just like I did. I did not. Daniel. I didn’t know that I was called to be an evangelist until it was 150% confirmed for me in the year, 2018. Okay. This is year 2020.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (11:38):
So only two years ago that you knew for sure, you’re called to be an Evangelist?

Jared Horton (11:40):
With out a doubt. And I could walk in that confidence that this is what I’m supposed to do. Now. People had told me that for years, you’re an evangelist. You’re an evangelists, but there was, and I could go through the stories, but I had about four encounters with God when I was in my home. And I’ll, I’ll just share one, very try to be brief. I was listening to Steve Hill breach and as he was preaching on YouTube in the year 2004, I was watching a video on 2011. And he was talking about how God had spoken to him to charts to start a church in Dallas, Texas. He said, out of this church, I’m going to start a school of ministry. I’m going to start a school of ministry. He said, and I, he said, and God told me, he said, Steve, I want you to duplicate yourself.

Jared Horton (12:30):
And I kid you not. I was watching a YouTube video. I was not worshiping Jesus. I was not going after God. I was just watching YouTube video, almost drinking a Pepsi and eating popcorn. And I was just in my own normal non worship atmosphere. But when he said that, he said, Steve, I want you to duplicate yourself. The power of God came down from heaven and knocked me off the back of the stool that I was sitting on. And I fell out on the ground and just begin to groan for like 20 minutes something supernatural happened. And that happened to me again in 2015, when I was in Nicaragua, Steve Hill, he was watching him preach on the internet. And he said, I’m asking Jesus for thousands of evangelists. And God is starting to answer my prayer. And when he said that, the power of God hit me again.

Jared Horton (13:28):
Another time I was in my house in Fayetteville, Arkansas, I’d come back from the mission field. I was watching him preach and the power of God hit me again. And some other times, but in 2000, in April, 2018, I went to the school of evangelism and Michael kuleana Rose was preaching. And he said, everybody on the front row stand up, we all stood up. He said, he any prayed for us. And he came around with the microphone. He said, what are you feeling? What are you feeling? What are you feeling? Did a little interview. And he gets to me and he says, what are you feeling? And before I could answer, he pulls the microphone back and he says, hold on. He said, I know everybody here thinks they’re an evangelists. He said, but you’re a real advantage. You’re a genuine evangelist. And the power of God hit me.

Jared Horton (14:11):
And I vibrated for about 45 minutes while he was preaching under the power of God after that moment. And all those encounters when Steve Hill was preaching, talking about raising up advantages. I think I finally got it. Daniel. I think I finally got to figure it out, okay. This is what I’m called to do no doubting. So if you are called to be an evangelists, God will confirm it. He will make it clear to you. And I would say, don’t stop. I know there’s many people. You’re not sure if you’re called friends, just go forward. If you are called to be an evangelist, if you have a burning desire in your heart to win souls, if you’re telling people about Jesus and you’re doing things, you know, are real, evangelists is not going to sit home and say, one day God’s going to use me. The fact is, is that person may not really be an evangelist. I don’t know. Or maybe it’s the evangelists that if you don’t go, you’re not an evangelist. You just need to get up and go do something. And for me, I think my evangelism started whenever God spoke to me and he says, Jared is your neighbor saved. And so I went and talked to my neighbor and then it’s just been history every since then.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (15:25):
That’s awesome. I think it’s really cool to see the influence of Steve Hill upon your life, how the anointing that was on his life somehow got caught by you. Just, just watching those videos and seeing the passion. And I believe that as people listen to this podcast and listen to you, that, that, that same anointing that’s on your life for evangelism will fire them up. So just pray for everyone who’s listening that God would use them in a mighty way.

Jared Horton (15:53):
Amen. Amen, father, I just thank you for every person that is listening. God, Lord, I pray for those God that are just struggling. Oh God, am I called me in evangelists? Am I not? You know, God, what is my part in the body of Christ? God operate that you would make it clear. God and Lord, just as Steve Hill prayed that prayer. And he said, I’m asking God for thousands of evangelists, God, we need more evangelists in this world today. I pray God that you would wake up that gift of an evangelist in their life. Maybe there’s somebody listening today that maybe, maybe you don’t know, God, maybe you’ve never accepted Jesus to be your Lord and your savior today. We’re talking about evangelism, friends. You, you would find so much joy. If you would give your life completely to God and do something that’s out of this world that will have eternal value.

Jared Horton (16:48):
I would encourage you to give your life to Jesus today, ask him to come into your heart. Be your Lord. Be your savior, be your best friend. And he will give you a life that is very joyful. Maybe you’re listening and you’re in your backslidden. Maybe you’re away from God. Maybe you’ve just came across this and he’d say, well, evangelism, I I’ve told people about Jesus before, but now I’m away from God friends. You can come back to Jesus today and get an interesting life back again. Friends live in, in the world, living in the sin. It sounds fun, but it’s really boring. You come home every night, you’re depressed. You’re sad. You don’t like the decisions you’re making. That’s boring. If you’ll give your life completely to Jesus, he’ll make your life exciting again. And so I just pray God that everybody listening in Jesus’ name, that you would call them to you and God that you would just raise up these laborers. The Bible says the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. I God, that the laborers would rise up and I encourage every one of you to go tell somebody about Jesus today. We bless the evangelists and we just pray the hand of God. Be upon all of them. And may we all, as Christians, pastors, teachers, profits, everything apostles, may we all do the work of an evangelist in Jesus name? Amen. Amen. Thanks for being on the podcast.

Evangelism Podcast Host (18:19):
For more information about how to share your faith or to financially support our worldwide evangelistic outreaches, visit King ministries.com. Again, that’s King ministries.com.


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