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Jay Anderson | Together ’22 | Pulse Goes to the Cotton Bowl

Jay Anderson is helping to organize Together ’22 at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, TX. This event is being held fifty years after Explo ’72 an evangelistic empowering event hosted by Billy Graham and Bill Bright that helped to spark The Jesus Revolution. On today’s podcast, we talk about what God is doing in our generation and you will learn how you can be a part of this historic event.

Learn more about Together 2022: https://pulse.org/ 


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:00):
Jay Anderson is helping to organize Together ’22 at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas. This event is being held 50 years after Explo ’72, an evangelistic empowering event hosted by Billy Graham and Bill Bright that helped to spark the Jesus Revolution. On today’s podcast, we talk about what God is doing in our generation, and you’ll learn how you can be a part of this historic event.

Evangelism Podcast Host (00:41):
Welcome to the evangelism podcast with Dr. Daniel King, where Daniel interviews, full-time evangelists, pastors, missionaries, and normal everyday Christians to discover how they share their faith, their powerful testimonies and amazing stories that will inspire you to reach people with the good news. And now here’s your host missionary and evangelist Daniel King. Welcome

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (01:06):
To the evangelism podcast. I’m Daniel King, and I’m excited about telling people about Jesus. Today. I am with Jay Anderson. He is with Pulse Ministries, Nick Hall, and they are doing an amazing event in Dallas, Texas called together. Tell me, what is God going to do in Dallas, Texas?

Jay Anderson – Pulse.org (01:23):
Oh man. Daniel. It’s it’s been an honor just to get to know you a little bit here, and I know that your heart is for the gospel and, and that’s really what together. 22, it’s all about. We are literally kind of riding the coattails of what God did 50 years ago in Dallas, Texas at the Cotton Bowl stadium with Billy Graham and bill bright with campus crusade really rallying a generation to come and be trained and equipped, and then sent back to the communities and to their neighborhoods, into their schools, workplaces all around the country that happened in 1972, June in the, in the cotton bowl in Dallas. And, and we’re just praying for God to do that again.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (02:01):
That was at the height of the Jesus movement. I have a friend who pastors a church of 19,000 people in California. He got saved at that event back in 1972. And I think that what God is going to do this year is going to, to have the same type of testimonies it’s going to impact a generation. What, what do you think God wants to do with this generation of young people?

Jay Anderson – Pulse.org (02:26):
Yeah. You know, like there’s, there’s a lot of older evangelists that like God’s just done incredible work and, and people are like, well, what’s gonna happen. Like, what’s next? Where’s the, where’s the new generation. We’re just really believing for another defining moment, like, which happened in 72, forgot to do it again. So we’re really believing that these people that come out, these evangelists, maybe that weren’t even thought of it evangelist before we’re gonna train them, equip them and then commission them to go back and just believing like with the different resources and the different opportunities that we’re gonna provide they’re at together, we’re given $500 to 500 groups that wanna go back and do outreaches back in their cities. So,

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (03:05):
Wow. So you’re actually helping to, to finance and empower evangelism all over the, the United States. That’s amazing. Yeah.

Jay Anderson – Pulse.org (03:13):
So that’s just, yeah. So it’s, it’s coming. We’re actually, we’re actually even giving people rides to get there. So if they need help getting to Dallas we’re providing that. Yeah, so we’re just, we don’t want any obstacle to get in the way of people coming, being trained, equipped. And then actually we don’t want any excuse to, to be able to go back and do evangelism back in their homes. So

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (03:33):
Now tell me what are the dates for together 2022?

Jay Anderson – Pulse.org (03:36):
Yeah. So in in June, June 19th, we’re doing a kickoff event right there at the cotton bowl in, in a tent. So this tent that’s right behind us here, it’s called awaken the Dawn they’re coming out, they’re providing the space and we’re gonna be doing a large worship in prayer, kind of kickoff. Then Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. So that 20th to the 24th, we’re gonna be doing evangelism training and then commissioning them to go throughout the city of the DFW. So 10 o’clock in the morning, there’s gonna be training and going out two o’clock in the afternoon training and going out. And then in the evening there’s gonna be large worshiping and prayer gatherings happening. That’s all throughout the week. And then on the 19th or on the 24th in the evening, there’s gonna be a large event at the cotton bowl stadium a lot of different speakers and artists yeah, Chris Tomlin, Lare Nielsen Marcos a number of different musical artists, a number of different evangelists and speakers that are gonna be coming and sharing the gospel and training people on how to share their faith on Friday night and also Saturday morning.

Jay Anderson – Pulse.org (04:38):
And then in Saturday afternoon, we’re actually gonna break and people can actually go and do breakout sessions with different evangelistic ministries like campus crusade, the Billy Graham team national network of youth ministries, number of evangelistic ministries that are doing training for everybody that leaves. If people don’t wanna go into breakout sessions then they can actually just go and hit the streets. And we’re really encouraging people to take the training that they’ve learned and go hit the streets. And then there’s also an opportunity to do service projects. And these service projects are not just service projects, where they’re packing things and, and kind of being all together as Christians know, they’re taking things and going to places where the gospel needs to be. So we’re really excited about that. And, and during that whole week, there’s gonna be 24 7 worship and prayer going on.

Jay Anderson – Pulse.org (05:22):
And then that evening on Saturday. So as we go out, share the gospel in the afternoon that Saturday night, we’re encouraging people that it went out to bring people to the actual cotton bowl. We’re gonna have an evangelistic message. And then there’s also gonna be an actual commissioning ceremony, just similar to what God did in 1972, when Billy Graham had everybody go around and light candles saying that they’re gonna take this light and go back to their communities, we’re gonna do that. Same thing similar back at the cotton bowl that evening on Saturday. So we’re really looking forward.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (05:53):
That’s so amazing. Pulse is led by Nick Hall. He’s the lead communicator. And I went to one of the events that Paul put together at the Texas motor Speedway. It was absolutely amazing a place where usually people go see fast cars, they went to worship Jesus and praise Jesus. It was amazing. And then you guys have been doing events in Minnesota and in Washington, DC and other parts of the country. What is the, the big vision of pulse? What, what is God giving pulse to do what what’s the assignment of pulse yeah. For this day.

Jay Anderson – Pulse.org (06:28):
So really our, our three objectives as a ministry is to raise up evangelists and train evangelists to literally train the everyday just believer in how to share their faith. And then also to do evangelistic outreaches similar to like a Billy Graham Luis Palau model, where we go by the invitation do prayer and worship events have pastors gatherings, evangelism training, large evangelistic of outreach, and then follow up, plugging them back into local churches. So the God’s given us that heart and vision as a ministry led by Nick hall, I’ve been with the team for the last 12 years just serving and, and just, I love Nick’s heart. It’s just like gospel, gospel, gospel really centered on the gifts that God’s given to him as an evangelist to really train, equip a generation, to share their faith.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (07:13):
Now you actually come from a very rich heritage of evangelism. Your father worked with Billy Graham for many years, helping to organize the big events that he did O over the years. And you were connected with Louis POWs ministry and, and now you’re with Paulson. So you’ve been around some of these really amazing evangelists, men of God who really called the last generation to Christ. But now we have a brand new generation it’s a whole new day in America. They speak a different language. Sometimes the techniques of the past, you know, having maybe a, a huge choir is not necessarily the way that, that reaches young people today. What do you think is changing in the area of evangelism and then what do you think stays the same, no matter what happens? Yeah.

Jay Anderson – Pulse.org (08:06):
Well, I think one of the things that that changes is that we’re really just believing and, and we’re even equipping people to actually be evangelists and to, to be trained and, and have people come alongside them. So there’s a, there’s a program that we do, it’s called the pulse 100. And we have older mentors that are pouring into these younger leaders. And I think just things that’s changing is that, that, that people don’t just have like one or two evangelists that they just look to. But like, we’re really just really trying to empower people to believe that they are an evangelist and that they are, are meant to go and share the gospel and not just depend on, you know, the, the everyday, or I should say the the, the professional Christian, but to really empower them. I think the thing that stays the same and that never changes, you know, is, is the true gospel that that Jesus died.

Jay Anderson – Pulse.org (08:54):
And, and he’s yeah, he is, he rose again on the third day and that he came to forgive our sins. So I think like one of the things that we just want to continue to, to stress and, and say is like, it is not just one group that is doing this, and it is just not one way of doing this. There’s many ways with sports of evangelism and, and and video game and social media just, there’s so many different, new ways. Tiktok, TikTok, yes. Social. Yeah. So we’re just, we’re really trying to, to raise the awareness that, that anybody that really feels God’s call in their life, they can use their gifts to, to do that. And I think technology has really made that possibility.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (09:35):
That’s awesome. So if someone wants to participate in together happening in June in the DFW area, in the cotton bowl what’s the website, how can they find out more information or get involved in that? Yeah.

Jay Anderson – Pulse.org (09:48):
If you just go to pulse.org takes you right to the together website I would just say like, as ministry leaders and evangelists, like this, this event is literally designed for you like our heart is that man, if you wanna get involved, and if you wanna take people out sharing the gospel, if you wanna do trainings for people, please just go to the website, talk about how you can get involved, just go right to the events side of things and get involved. It’ll take you right there. Yeah, it is. It’s literally our heart is that people come from all across the nation. Right now we have all 50 states registered tens of thousands of people are planning to come bring people. But the thought is like, if I’m an evangelist and I, and if I have a desire to see evangelism happen in our city or in my city, I’m gonna wanna get as many people there to be trained and equipped so that they can take that training and equipped and just momentum of, of Lord willing.

Jay Anderson – Pulse.org (10:41):
We’re praying for a hundred thousand people to crash the cotton bowl, to be trained, equipped, and go back. So bring your people be train equipped and take that back. Be commissioned back. And there is gonna be ministries that can resource you in evangelism that will come back to their city and help put on outreach events, do evangelism training. So this, this event is geared for people that wanna do evangelism back in their home, home cities and, and campuses. So we just wanna really try to empower the evangelistic ministry and the evangelistic voice in this day.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (11:14):
Well, if you wanna be a part of together at the cotton bowl, go to the pulse website, find out more information, sign up, get some training in evangelism, find the resources to help you go out and preach the gospel. Jay Anderson, thank you so much for being on the evangelism

Jay Anderson – Pulse.org (11:30):
Podcast. Thanks so much. And it’s a free event. So, I mean, we want you guys to come, no excuse and looking forward to

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (11:36):
It. Well, I’m gonna be there and looking forward to

Jay Anderson – Pulse.org (11:37):
It. Amazing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (11:39):
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Evangelism Podcast Host (12:58):
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