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Joel Crumpton | Take Up Your Cross and Follow Me

Joel Crumpton carries a 10 foot cross across America and he has seen God do tremendous miracles. On today’s podcast he’s going to talk about how you can walk in the miraculous as you step out in evangelism.

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Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:00):
Joel Crumpton carries a 10 foot cross across America and he has seen God do tremendous miracles. On today’s podcast he’s going to talk about how you can walk in the miraculous as you step out in evangelism.

Evangelism Podcast Host (00:30):
Welcome to the Evangelism Podcast with Dr. Daniel King as Daniel interviews full-time evangelists, pastors, missionaries, and normal everyday Christians to this discover how they share their faith, their powerful testimonies and amazing stories that will inspire you to reach people with the good news. And now here’s your host, missionary and evangelist Daniel King.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:55):
Welcome to the evangelism podcast. I’m Daniel King, and I’m excited to tell people about Jesus today. I’m here with a special guest Joel Crumpton. Great evangelist. Thank you for being with me today. It’s gonna be with you. Well, tell me a little bit about you and your ministry and what you do

Evangelist Joel Crumpton (01:13):
Well, I’ve I’ve been in ministry for many years. I, one of the things I do that I, I guess most people know me for is I carry a big 10 foot cross. I’ll go to different cities. I’ve been across America a few times. I, I, I did several major cities where I carried the cross and people come out and ask me, why are you doing this? And then I can minister to them on the street. And we see a lot of people saved, healed baptized in the holy spirit, right out in public, on the street. I’ve also been in other countries doing it. I have a cross that they built for me in the Netherlands have another one in the Philippines, another one a couple of them in Africa, different countries in Africa.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (01:51):
And so as you carry this 10 foot tall cross, what response do you get from people? What are they saying to you? The,

Evangelist Joel Crumpton (02:00):
The, the biggest response and the most common response is people say, why are you doing this? And my response to that question is I came out here to find you, God sent me out here to find you and many times I know that if an unsafe person comes up and asks me, why are you doing this? They’re wanting me to talk to ’em about Jesus, because they, they’re not, they’re not gonna be surprised if I bring up heaven or hell or God or G use this because I’m carrying a 10 foot cross for crying out loud. So they’re asking, so

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (02:27):
It’s a conversation opener.

Evangelist Joel Crumpton (02:29):
It is. And it separates, you know, the hardest thing for Christians is and when it comes to evangelism is finding someone to talk to, who’s willing to listen. If you’ve got a 10 foot cross and someone approaches you, they’re asking you to talk to ’em. So it, it narrows it down tremendously. It’s like, I mean, you’ll see most, if I go down by busy street, for instance, in Atlanta and people see me coming, the ones that don’t wanna hear what I have to say, they’ll, they’re like the parting of the red sea. They’ll just kind of move away. And then the, the few people that do want to talk to me will, will come up to me and ask me why I’m doing it. So it’s the perfect, it’s the perfect opportunity for me to talk to somebody who wants to hear what I have to share

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (03:10):
And share with me some of the testimonies. What response have you received from people?

Evangelist Joel Crumpton (03:16):
Well, there’s been so many, I’ve been doing this since the mid nineties. And so there’s a lot of interesting stories. I mean, I can tell you stories of people approaching me. Like for instance, during the pandemic, you know, everybody was, most Christians were at home hiding into the bed, afraid, afraid they might get something. If they went out in public. And I, I, I was just, it was driving me nuts. I thought I can’t in the house. People are going shopping. And that means they’re driving and they’re going shopping where there’s Walmarts. And I always say, you know, joking, Walmart is the saving place.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (03:49):
Walmart is the saving

Evangelist Joel Crumpton (03:51):
Place. Walmart’s the saving place. I’m gonna go near Walmart. So

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (03:54):
You have an opportunity to go to Walmart and tell people about Jesus and save it for their sins and maybe save a few cents when you buy a thing of cereal at the

Evangelist Joel Crumpton (04:02):
Same time. Right? Right. So I’m walking past Walmart. And I had gone down maybe a mile past Walmart, on marketplace Boulevard in the city where I lived at the time. And we just moved since then. But a car pulls over and, and a it’s a man and his son and son, he says, Hey man, why are you carrying this cross? And I said, I came out here to find you. He said what? I said, yes. And then I got a word of knowledge. I said, which one of you guys has back pain? He said, we both do. How did you know that? I said, I don’t know anything about you, but God knows everything. I said, I’ve got good news for you. The kingdom of heaven has come near as today. I said, if you’ll just get outta the car and let my sh cause you know, they were, everybody was concerned about the social distancing thing.

Evangelist Joel Crumpton (04:48):
I said, if you guys will just get outta the car and I don’t have to touch you anything, just get in the shadow of me and the cross. And God’s power will heal both of you right now. So the guy said, well, my sons is worse. I’ll let him go first. So I said, just get over to move over to your right a little bit. And, and so that the shadow of me and the cross falls on you and Jesus will completely hear your back. So he, he gets in the shadow. He looks at his dad and says, dad, I feel heat going through my back right now. He said, I feel the pain going, dad, I’m serious. He said, I said, is there any pain? I said, do something you couldn’t do without pain. And he starts bending and twisting. He says, I don’t feel any pain. He said, probably if I picked something up, I would feel pain. I said, pick my cross up. And it’s a 10 foot wooden cross. So he picks up my cross and he says, I don’t feel anything. I said, you just got held. His dad saw that and jumped in front of the cross and was instantly heal. I didn’t even pray for him.

Evangelist Joel Crumpton (05:41):
Jesus just heal them.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (05:42):
What a great miracle. Tell me some of the other testimonies that you experienced.

Evangelist Joel Crumpton (05:48):
Well, I mean, I have, I’ve had a lot of people during the pandemic pull over and ask me and, and very similar to, to the one I just mentioned to you about the man and his son. Son’s another one that did that. But sometimes I’ll be carrying the cross and God will just set up a divine appointment. In other ways, for instance, one time I was on I think it was Barrett Parkway in north of Atlanta, which is an interesting name of a street where you’re gonna be carrying a cross Barrett Parkway. I dunno if you called that Barrett.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (06:18):
Okay. Barrett Parkway. And you’re bearing the cross.

Evangelist Joel Crumpton (06:20):
I’m bearing the cross. So somebody asked me why, why did you go on Barrett Parkway? I said, until you asked me, I never thought about it. Anyway, I’m walking down Barrett Parkway and I’m passing by a restaurant. I think it was Chili’s. I’m not sure. I don’t remember, but as I’m passing it, I look and I see, and there’s a, I’m a sidewalk way up at, up a bank from the restaurant parking lot to the main street there, Barrett Parkway. And as I look to my right, it’s about it’s right at dinnertime. So sun hasn’t quite gone down yet, but there’s a lot of people waiting for a table sitting outside on the, in, in the, this little area, outside the restaurant. So I looked down there and the holy spirit speaks to me and says, stop and stand the cross up. So I thought, okay.

Evangelist Joel Crumpton (07:02):
So I stopped, stopped and stood the cross up. And then he says, preach to these people. And I said, Lord, they can’t hear me from here. And he said, ask ’em. I said, excuse me, folks, can you guys hear me down there? And they all, they all, noded their head. And I said, oh no, they can hear me. I thought Lord, I don’t have a message. He said, just open your mouth wide and I’ll fill it. So I thought, well, I just thought of a scripture. I thought, well, the Bible, I said, ladies and gentlemen, get, let me get your attention for just a minute. I said, the Bible says that the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing. But to us who are saved, it’s the power of God, which one is it to you? And I began to preach as I’m preaching.

Evangelist Joel Crumpton (07:43):
The holy spirit speaks to me again, says, give an alter call. And I thought, Lord, how am I gonna give an alter call? I’m on the sidewalk. Way up here on top of a bank. And they’re down there across the parking lot for me. How am I gonna do that? He said, call ’em to come up to the base of the bank, to the bottom of that, of this bank down here at the edge of the, so I did, I gave an ultra call, nobody responded. And I said, Lord, nobody responded. He said, bind the devil out loud and watch what happens. I said, Lord, they don’t wanna think I’m crazy. If I do that, he said, they already think you’re crazy. Just go ahead and do it. Just obey me and do it. So I, about that time, a whole table full of people, a big family was called in their table was ready.

Evangelist Joel Crumpton (08:22):
So they went inside and, and, and after they got inside, I, I took a, I said, folks, I’m gonna bond the devil. And when I do, you’re gonna have a split second to get out, to get up and come up here and show God you’re not ashamed to follow his son. Jesus. So when I did that, I bound the devil in Jesus name and the front door burst saw open. And a young man comes almost sprinting out to the edge of the, of the bank where I was at the, on the sidewalk, points up at me and said, sir, if you’ll come in here and let me buy your dinner, I won’t drink anything else. I pointed back at him. And I said, sir, if you’ll come up here on the sidewalk and knee down with me and surrender your life into Jesus right now in front of all these people, you’ll never drink anything else that that’s alcoholic.

Evangelist Joel Crumpton (09:05):
And he paced and he was waring. You know, the holy spirit was working him. The devil was working on him. And finally he climbed the bang and got down on his knees and surrendered his life to Jesus. So he said, come on in and I’ll buy your dinner. I said, well, first I gotta put this cross back in my truck. So he followed me to the truck. We went back and went inside the, the restaurant. And he told me what his experience was, why he came out like that. He said, I’m listening to you preach. And it was like, you were talking directly to me. He said, when you said, man, some of you, your hearts just pounding in your chest. He said, my heart was pounding in my chest. He said, when you said some of you feel strange, you feel something drawn on you.

Evangelist Joel Crumpton (09:42):
He said, I felt strange. And I felt something tugging on me. He said when you said you got a split second to come out here in front of all these people. He said, I’m, I’m inside the restaurant with my family. And I couldn’t stay in my seat. He said, I kept up getting up and pacing. And he said, my girlfriend and my kids were at the table and my, and my wife’s parents or my girlfriend’s parents. He said, my girlfriend looked at me and said, why you what’s wrong with you? He said, I’ve gotta go back out there. And she said, well, do whatever you think you have to do. And that was when he came bursting through the door and, and came walking up. Yeah. So that was just one of him. He, he got saved. I’ve seen many people get saved.

Evangelist Joel Crumpton (10:21):
One time. I’m carrying the cross down the street from there. And I, I noticed, as I turned around to come back, I’d gone about maybe two miles turned around to come back. I noticed a woman and her son were walking up a side street and they were gonna arrive at the corner. I was headed toward the same time that I was. So I saw them coming. I thought, man, we’re gonna get there at the same moment. And I just said out loud, this is interesting timing. And they both look shocked that when I said that and the woman says, what did you call him? And I looked at him and I knew what she thought. I said, I said, your name is Tommy. Isn’t it? And they freaked out. How did you know his name was Tommy? And I said, I didn’t, but God did she thought, I said, this is interesting Tommy. But I said, this match my Southern accent. I said, this is interesting timing. I said, God knows everything about you, Tommy. And he knows about you too, mommy. I said, this is your son. She goes, yes. And they just hung on every word. I said, both of ’em prayed with me, rented their life to Jesus right there in the corner.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (11:20):
How did you get started as an evangelist? How did this passion for evangelism develop in you?

Evangelist Joel Crumpton (11:26):
Well, when I first got born again, I was, I was partying, you know, before I got saved and I was in a rock band and I was I was just a crazy person. And when I got saved in my office by myself, nobody was preaching to me. I gave my life to Jesus. The moment I got saved, I thought everybody needs to know what I just learned because I didn’t know. You know, I, I guess about two weeks after I got saved, I realized I don’t have any desire for, for the stuff I used to do. I thought that if I ever got saved, I would be miserable wanting to do the stuff. I enjoyed sinful things. And I thought it would be miserable wanting to do it and not be able to do it or what I got saved. I thought, man, I don’t even want it anymore.

Evangelist Joel Crumpton (12:06):
Everybody needs to know this. So that’s what got me started doing Evangel. I didn’t know what I was doing at first. It took me what, how to finally learn how to do it correctly. So now what I do is I, I equip people on how to bring souls into the kingdom, through miracle evangelism, not just words, but per not just persuasive words of human wisdom as, as the apostle Paul said, but through the demonstration of the spirit and of power. So people, when they see miracles, they go, this is real. This is what I want. I want

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (12:34):
This. So your focus is on miracle evangelism. What are some of the miracles that you’ve seen God do? Wow,

Evangelist Joel Crumpton (12:40):
Well, I’ve, I’ve seen I’ve, I’ve lost count of, of the miracles in the last, you know, for the first 25 years before I got a revelation on healing, I had prayed for sick people and I’d maybe seen 20 to 25. People get healed in 25 years. Not you, maybe one a year. On average, after I got a revelation about 18 years ago now it’s it’s been almost 19 years ago of this month. I saw more people healed when I first got this revelation 18 years ago than I had seen. I, I saw more people healed than one month than I’ve seen in 25 years. And it it’s. I wrote a book about it. It’s called you can do the works of Jesus.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (13:16):
You can do the works of Jesus. You

Evangelist Joel Crumpton (13:18):
Can do the works of Jesus and people are reading it of all ages. I’m talking children up to grandpas and grandmas are reading the book, putting it into practice. And they’re seeing the same miracles that I see the same miracles that Jesus did because Jesus said that in mark or in John chapter 14 verse 12, he said, barely, barely I say to you, he, that believes on me will do the same works that I do. And greater works than these shall he do because I go to my father. So one time I wasn’t carrying the cross at the time, but I was at a men’s gr gathering and a young man who wasn’t saved was in a drug treatment program in this church where having the men’s gathering well, he wandered in while we were having the gatherings about midnight. It was on new year’s Eve, actually new year’s morning, very early about one o’clock in the morning.

Evangelist Joel Crumpton (14:04):
So he’s standing over there with dark sunglasses on, at one o’clock in the morning. I thought, what’s he doing with some dark sunglasses on? Well, the gentleman that invited me there addressed him, his name was Brandon said, Brandon, how you doing on your drinking? He said, I haven’t had anything to drink all week. And my friend Wade, who was asking him about it said, I know you’re not telling the truth, but we’re not going to, we don’t want to condemn you. We wanna pray for you. We’ve been here all weekend praying. So he said, Joel, he turned to me and he said, Joel, I know you wanna leave. And I did. I was already dressed to go. He said, I know you you’re ready to, to go, but can you help us pray for this guy first? I thought, sure. I’ll help you.

Evangelist Joel Crumpton (14:40):
So we began to pray and the Lord showed me something about him that he needed me to pray about specifically. So I asked my friend about it and he said, nobody’s ever prayed for him for that. I don’t think I said, can I pray for him? He said, sure. So he got his attention. He was already on his, on his knees. He said, it’s okay if brother Joel prays for you about something, he said, sure, that’s fine. So I said, just outta reverence, you still had his dark sunglasses on me. I said, you mind taking your sunglasses off outta reverence to God? He said, I don’t mind. So he takes his sunglasses off and his eyes lynched tightly shut. I said, what’s wrong with your eyes? He said, I’m blind. I said, I didn’t know you were blind. Cause that’s why you were wearing the glasses.

Evangelist Joel Crumpton (15:18):
He said, yeah, I was, I was in a chemical explosion four years ago in a closed trailer with ammonium chloride exploded right in front of my face and burned four layers off of my eyeballs, bleached all the color outta my eye eyes. I ruin my tear ducts. So my eyes don’t make tears. And I can’t see. And before I could stop myself, I said, well, I’ve got good news for you. The kingdom of heaven has come to this. We were in a big gymnasium where we were, I said, the kingdom of heaven has come to this gymnasium. I said, if you’ll let me put my hands on your eyes, Jesus will completely heal your eyes. And you’ll be able to see again right now when I said that, I thought, what, what did I just say? I wanted to grab those words and put ’em back in my mouth.

Evangelist Joel Crumpton (15:58):
I thought, oh no, I can’t believe I said that. And of course, everybody in the room was freaking out going, what did he say? He’s the guy that needed a healing said, well, I hope so. I said, just let me touch your eyes and you gonna have to hope so. So he said, okay, so I’ll just try it. I put my hands on his eyes. And I said in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ be healed. Eyes, be open vision, be restored. Thank you Lord for handing this man’s eyes. And I’m shaking. My hands are shaking. Not because I was anointed, but cause I was nervous. I was scared. I thought, what? If nothing happens, I’ll be embarrassed. But see, I’d learn something. Fear is of feeling, but it can’t cancel faith because faith is an act. If you act in faith, whether you’re afraid or not, God will honor and he’ll watch over his word and perform it.

Evangelist Joel Crumpton (16:41):
If you tell him what’s gonna happen before you minister to him, that’s what I did. So I put my hand, I took my hands off his eyes. I said, now open your eyes. He opens his eyes and clenched him right back shirt. And he said, ah, I can’t, it’s two pain from my eyes are very sensitive to light. I said, man, you’ve been like in a dark room for four years. You gotta let your eyes adjust to the light. Give, give it some time. So he keeps trying to open his eyes and sure enough, he gets ’em halfway open and you see these black, these Milky looking gray eyeballs. I mean, no, no colors, a black guy. So as he had no color in his eyes at all, he said he was looking around. He goes, I can see a little bit. I can actually see a little bit.

Evangelist Joel Crumpton (17:17):
My wife’s gonna freak out. I said, Hey, there was a guy in the Bible that Jesus prayed for who was born blind. And, and he could see men that looked like trees walking around. Now, I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want somebody driving a car. And that I was in. If everybody looked like trees walking around, I would want to see than that. So Jesus, didn’t just say, man, that was the best I could do. Jesus prayed for him again. Laid hands on him a second time. And he could, then he could see clearly. I said, if it’s okay for Jesus to do that twice then before the person got completely healed, it’s okay for us too. He said, okay, do it again. Now I got this crowd of guys around me. It wasn’t a big crowd. It was maybe eight or 10 people, but they’re like freaking out and I’m, I’m starting to get excited cause I’d never seen a blind man heal.

Evangelist Joel Crumpton (18:01):
So I put my hands on his eyes again. Did it again. I said, now open your eyes. He opens his eyes and he starts screaming. I can see, I can see I almost fainted. I was actually looking for that. And I’m I turned my back to him cause I’m just, I was overwhelmed and I lifted my hands and began to praise God. And my friend that knew this guy, he’s bent over, looking right into his eyes. And I hear my friend behind me. That’s looking into his eyes scream. Yeah. I turn around to see why, what he was screaming about. And he’s leaping backwards because he saw something. He grabbed me by the shoulders and looking with intensity. He says to me, Joel, I just saw a miracle. I just watched the color, come back into the guy’s eyes right in front of me.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (18:42):
Wow. It

Evangelist Joel Crumpton (18:43):
Like crazy. Well, I was already peeked out in excitements, you know, just praising God. So I had to do something. I had to react. Cause that was like shocking. I just started running. I didn’t even know where I was going. And my friend that, that saw the miracle, he passed me. He was excited as I was the guy that was healed, ran home and, and it miracles just started popping like popcorn. Another guy got killed of a tumor on the back of his knee. It disappeared. Another man got killed of chronic, upper respiratory infection was slammed against the wall by the power of God and healed, stuck to the wall. Pastor. Another guy was healed of chronic what is it? Acid reflux. And he was instantly healed. I mean, miracles just started popping and they, they had that people kept getting healed and having experiences with God the rest of the evening. It was powerful.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (19:32):
That’s amazing. What a miracle ministry. Well, if someone wants to find out more information about your ministry, what is your website?

Evangelist Joel Crumpton (19:38):
The website is the B o.com. It’s T H E B P O m.com. And there’s, I’ve got a connection to Facebook PA my Facebook page where I’m always posting testimonies and you can get my book. You can do the works for Jesus on the, on the website as well. And some other there’s articles and videos. There’s some YouTube videos on there that are equipping videos or very short, maybe 30 minutes or less that people can watch and get equipped to, to walk in miracles and people can even be healed watching the videos or receive the baptism in the holy spirit. It

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (20:12):
That’s awesome. Well thank you for being on the evangelism podcast, brother. Joel,

Evangelist Joel Crumpton (20:16):
Thank you brother.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (20:17):
Thanks so much for listening to the evangelism podcast. I am excited about telling people about Jesus and we could not preach the gospel without your help. Over our years of ministry, we found the we’re able to reach one person for Jesus, for every dollar that people give us. And so that means that if you would give us $1, we could start a party in heaven. In fact, I’m asking people to join our partnership program and give at least $1 every single month to help us to lead more people to Jesus. This is the greatest investment of your dollar that you can make. It’s the only investment that’s gonna matter 10,000 years from now. So if you would like to help us lead people to Jesus, please visit king ministries.com K I N G king ministries.com and help us lead people to Jesus today. God bless you

Evangelism Podcast Host (21:19):
For more information about how to share your faith or to financially support our worldwide evangelistic outreaches visit K ministries.com. Again that’s king ministries.com.


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