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Kevin & Leslie McNulty | Are the Days of Tent Evangelism Back?

Kevin & Leslie McNulty have a plan to bring revival to America. Their ministry has raised up over one hundred tent evangelists that are doing outreaches across Europe and Asia. Now they want to build 50 tents and raise up 50 evangelism teams in order to reach all 50 United States.

In 1998, Kevin and Leslie McNulty, together with the partners of Christian Adventures International, launched the Tent100 Project in Belarus with just five evangelists and one tent. Today, with 100 tents, dozens of teams and two tent-making workshops, a movement of Eurasian evangelists that began throughout the former Soviet nations and grew to include Europe has now embarked on yet another strategic mission for Christ – TentNationUSA. In the year 2000, Dr. TL Osborn along with Christian Adventures initiated a vision of reaching 10 Francophone countries of Africa with the inspired purpose of sending African missionaries to Europe.

For the last 32 years in over 65 nations they have conducted evangelistic meetings with tremendous Kingdom results. Since 1998, they conducted BIG TENT EVENTS across Eurasia in Kyrgyzstan, Bashkortostan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Estonia, Poland, Armenia, Georgia, Latvia, Russia and many other locations. During over 20 years with over 120 tents, well over 1,000 events have been conducted through various outreach teams connected with the Tent100 Project—Tent Nation! Today, that vision is coming to America!

Questions I Ask Kevin & Leslie McNulty 

Tell me the story about how T.L. Osborn came to Russia.

Tell me about the beginning of your vision to have a tent in Russia.

What have been the results of the 100 Tent vision for Eurasia?

What is God telling you to do here in America with the 50 tent vision?

Website: https://www.tentnation.com/



Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:00):
Kevin and Leslie McNulty have a plan to bring revival to America. Their ministry has raised up over 110 evangelists that are doing outreaches across Europe and Asia. Now they want to build 50 tents and raise up 50 evangelism teams in order to reach all 50 United States.

Evangelism Podcast Host (00:23):
Jesus said, go into all the world and preach the gospel. Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be welcome to the evangelism podcast with Dr. Daniel King, where Daniel interviews, full-time evangelists, pastors, missionaries, and normal everyday Christians to discover how they share their faith, their powerful testimonies, and amazing stories that will inspire you to reach people with the good news. And now here’s your host, missionary and evangelist Daniel King. Welcome to the evangelism

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (01:00):
Podcast. I’m Daniel King, and I’m excited about telling people about Jesus today. I have very special guests with me, doctors, Kevin and Leslie McNulty, who are great evangelists and have done evangelism in many, many different parts around the world. Thank you so much for being on the evangelism podcast.

Kevin McNulty (01:20):
Thank you. Thank you, Daniel. We’re very happy to be here and it’s wonderful to reconnect after a lot of years. Now,

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (01:26):
I remember when I first met you, it was at a T.L. Osborn crusade in the nation of Costa Rica. I had wanted to meet TL Osborn for such a long time because I knew that God had called me to be an evangelist. And I grew up looking at T.L. Osborn’s books, looking at all the pictures of the crusade s, which Dr. Osborne had done and in many different parts of the world. And at that time, I was going to Bible school here in Tulsa, Oklahoma at a victory Bible Institute. And it was in T.L. Osborn’s building. He had actually given his building to victory. And so every day I walked by his office and I would talk to his secretary and say, please, could I set up a time to meet with Dr. Osborn? And every day she said, I’m sorry, Dr. Osborn is so busy. He’s traveling all the time.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (02:20):
We cannot. And I bugged her for like six months, every single day, asking for an appointment and was never able to get an appointment. But finally I heard about Kevin and Leslie McNulty who were arranging crusades. And I knew somebody who knew you. And I think I called you and said, could I come to the next event in Costa Rica? And so I went down there and attended the crusade. And I remember T.L. Osborn was so gracious with his time talking to me, explaining his entire system of doing crusades and how they organized crusades. And I’ve taken that applied that, and now we’ve done over a hundred different crusades in different parts of the world, but do you guys have organized so many great events for him to tell me some of the different places that you went with? T.L. Osborn?

Kevin McNulty (03:12):
Well, I w well, actually I think that well, yeah. Well, it started simple started in Russia and that’s he called us in when we were in Russia. And then I went back to America to meet with him. And we talked about going to the nations. This is what he wanted to do. His wife had just died and he just wanted someone to go with to the nations. And it really helped us because we were learning how to do important meetings around the world with him. And, but it started right there in Russia. And that’s where we learned a lot.

Leslie McNulty (03:58):
So I think you know, Dr. TL, after Daisy had passed Gilbert Lindsey actually headed, requested that he print his books in Russia. So what really happened was we were working in Russia and Gilbert, Dr. Taylor had told Gilbert, we are not, I will not print books in Russia until you can prove that you have a route for distribution. And so that’s how the phone call came into us, that we had done enough work across Eurasia. That us in combination with Calvary had the connections. And Kevin’s right. That was the door opener. We began with 76 meetings, organizing them with T.L. Osborn across the ex Soviet territories. From there, we went into Poland from Poland. We went down into Africa as seven nations of French Africa. We were in Bangkok or Thailand in Khan, kin and Japan and France and Latin America. So 25 nations in all, we organized together with him. And we actually preached with him during those times.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (05:04):
What a tremendous privilege. Tell me a little bit about how the vision to start planting tents in Russia got started, because now you, you have raised up evangelistic teams across Russia, your Asia and other parts of the world preaching in gospel tents. But how did that come from the vision from that time that you are with T.L. Osborn?

Leslie McNulty (05:35):
Well, during those 76 meetings, and by the way, for those who are listening today, the influence of T.L. Osborn not only in our lives, but the nations and his, his simple approach to the gospel, his simple understanding of miracles, the way in which he was able to connect in the is something that Kevin and I, as missionaries understood that the gospel must be simple. It must be simple. And so as he came into our lives, we went, wow, where’d you were just like that. You know, that’s what we do, that’s who we are. And so I’m grateful for your podcast because you’re pulling together wisdom information that will help other evangelists. We all help each other. And it’s so important that the tent ministry, I got to answer that question. May I finish that question?

Leslie McNulty (06:32):
So when T.L. Osborn came to Russia, he began preaching that, you know, you should get a light bulb, a tent, and a wooden platform. It’s cold, it’s bleak. You know, that he always said, it’s cold. I’m not coming back. It’s bleak. You need protection from the weather. And he was telling the pastors, you ought to buy a tent. Well, we ended up finally, we said, T.L. Osborn, we said, we have a desire to buy a tent when we got some alone time with him. And he looked at us and we were so excited, you know, T.L. Osborn, you have been breaching to the whole nation “Buy a tent.” And we have that in our hearts. And he looked at us and he said, that’s not God. And you sit there like you, you’re thinking you’ve told the whole nation by a tent. And so, but, but he followed with a question upon that statement.

Leslie McNulty (07:25):
How many territories, how many regions are States? Oh, blast are there in the ex Soviet territories. We knew there were a little over a hundred. And so with our lightening quick minds, we didn’t pray about it. We didn’t run into another room. We understood the challenge of God that was being floated our direction. And he said, we said, there’s a little over a hundred. And I think probably in unison, we, we said, looks like we need 100 tents, the word. And then his response to us was now that’s an idea big enough for God to get involved with.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (08:04):
So one tent was not enough. You needed over a hundred tents. And that is a very difficult assignment to receive from God. That’s not an easy assignment. One tent, you can have faith for that, but a hundred. So tell me what has happened since that moment.

Kevin McNulty (08:22):
Well, we started a factory in the basement of the, the facility where we lived and in Russia, and that’s where the first tents were made. There were, of course the basement kind of restricted how big they could be, but that’s where we all started. And those tents still could hold a hundred,

Leslie McNulty (08:42):
350 350 accurate and details. Daniel, we have over a hundred tents now.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (08:52):
So now you have planted over hundred tents in the former Soviet union in Russia, in your Asia name, some of those countries,

Leslie McNulty (09:04):
Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, Albania kurgastan Kazakhstan. There are others

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (09:17):
Just the last year I was in Mongolia in the ancient capital of Gangas Kahn. And we were teaming up with some of the local pastors to do a crusade there. And they said, we have a tent. And I said, good, let’s use the tent in Mongolia. And so we set up the tent right on the land that all of the horsemen of Gangas Kahn used to ride around on that was their training ground. And that was where the tent was set. And I asked, where did you get this tent? And they said, Oh, it came from Russia. There was this ministry, the McNulty’s that had given tents. I said, the McNulty’s that this is one of the McNulty tent, beautiful canvas, white and yellow. And it attracted the people from the town. We were on the outskirts of town. So people walk because they were so curious and excited to see what was in that tent. And the other cool thing is they had a little tent for the children’s ministry, with a big tent for the adult ministry. They had clowns in the kid’s ministry tent, all the ministry that they were doing. I was looking at it and I said, Oh, that is an idea. I know that came from Kevin and Leslie, that way they have done a good job educating themselves,

Kevin McNulty (10:33):
Whole stream of countries, right at that bottom. I know what you’re talking about. And yeah, they all, we said, let’s put a tent in every one of them. And it was wonderful.

Leslie McNulty (10:42):
So the pastor there Yohanas is the key that got that tent into Mongolia for us. And where’s Yohanas from Yohanis is from Estonia. Wow. And so Yohanis his vision, his, his family’s from the underground church. So Yohanas literally took a bus all the way from the Baltics across Russia, down into the far East and into that region to deliver that tent, to those people.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (11:06):
It’s a long bus, route, 11 time zones.

Kevin McNulty (11:11):
He has faith. I tell you that was amazing to go that far, what? That truck, you know, bus. Yeah.

Leslie McNulty (11:17):
And so really he is the one that sought that pastor out and found that individual. But that is the model at Yohanas carried that model, that vision of the multiple tents and the, and we trained some of those people. They’d been in Moscow in the meetings over different times.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (11:31):
And so not only are you putting tents into these areas, but you are also training evangelists, you’re coaching evangelists. So, so talk to me a little bit about that, Mr. Kevin, because you know, a lot of people see the glamor of being an evangelist. They want to be on the platform, but how do you identify and find who truly have an evangelistic calling?

Kevin McNulty (11:56):
Well, the calling of Christian should all be the same. And that is Christ came in you, and it wasn’t difficult. You had to open up your heart and he would come in and we have opened up the hearts of a lot of people. Jesus come into a lot of people and it’s just then they get that excitement about Jesus changed me now. I want to change somebody else. So that, that’s the thing that started. We started preaching just simply about Jesus coming in to give you salvation and to give you a purpose in life. And that was the early beginnings. And then of course, the, to confirm that you have to have miracles and that’s what we had.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (12:41):
So, so, so I’m, I’m, I’m, I’m really interested in, in the process of training the evangelists, because if you were in Russia and you started announcing that you’re going to give tents to evangelists. And of course that attracts lots of people. Everyone says, Oh, I want a tent, but how do you then take those people who, who think that they want to have a tent and do evangelism? How do you begin to train?

Leslie McNulty (13:08):
So we have about we have essentially we have a three-pronged strategy on that. Of course we, we invite people to join us. They get knowledge of the vision. So we vet them, you know, what is your experience, your resume. We often look for those who already have a little bit of ministry experience in education so that we can place them with tools. And those tools are quite, quite expensive. So you want to place them properly. Second, we do some classroom training. We have a requirement that they come to the annual training conferences. And when we have a tent in their region, we require that they’re a part of that. So then the second part is the classroom training and the boot camp, the boot camp is on the job training, and that’s where they have to show up in the tent. And they’re going to learn how to set it up. Like you said, I heard you say just yesterday, you know, I was the labor for setting up the tent. I think he used the word.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (14:01):
My mom and dad were missionaries in Mexico. And so we have a tent that we use in Mexico. It’s a, in the United States, it would see about 800, but in Mexico, it seats about 2000. And so we would set up that tent and tear it down and set it up. And I was the labor putting the stakes in the ground from, from like when I was 10 years old, I was already working to set up that tent. And it’s a lot of work doing tent ministry. Now, yesterday, I heard you tell the story about how these evangelists, that you would gather together. They would come in their suit. They would come with their polished shoes with their Bible, and then you would start to put them to work. Yes. Tell me about that.

Kevin McNulty (14:48):
Well, we we started to give them some, the bill, we had to build something in that place. And we had to dig the holes and I said, well, the first thing we do is we have to dig. And so everybody got a, I went to the store, whatever I got, went to the store and got a bunch of shovels that says, let’s start. And that’s how we built something there, right there. Yeah.

Leslie McNulty (15:10):
But your real mission was to convince those men will say that because

Kevin McNulty (15:15):
Yeah, I w I wanted to convince them not to be evangelists.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (15:19):
They’d show up in a suit and a tie, holding a Bible with, with shined shoes. And you put them to work with a shovel because you were trying to convince them not to be an evangelist. Why were you trying to convince them not to be an evangelist?

Kevin McNulty (15:32):
Because the challenge of being an evangelists, you have, there are things that you’re going to have enemies. You’re going to have other even horses. Of course, there are other, other people that will not want you to be doing what you’re doing.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (15:48):
So you figured that if you could get them to stop being an evangelist, surely the devil would be able to stop them from being an evangelist. But if they went through a month of training, setting up tents, going out, inviting people, doing the work of an evangelist that after all that training and actually hands on that, if you couldn’t convince them to stop being an evangelist, surely the devil would not be able to stop them either. Yeah.

Leslie McNulty (16:16):
You have quoted Kevin identi. That’s exactly what he always said. And you know, every 21 days in an area, and then this is a concept. T.L. Osborn was very clear about evangelists, like to pop in for two or three days and leave. And you, he said, you can see the real transformation of a community if you can root in there for a period of time. And so 21 days, these guys were required to show up to be there. And every morning we would critique everything that happened the day before from the poles were tightened on the tent. The things happened with the bleachers. What transpired at the alter? Why did it transpire that way? We critique every part of the ministry and allow them to ask questions within that context was very, very powerful.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (16:59):
And so you’re even analyzing the message, how the alter call is, how people are responding in training them, letting them think and say, why does this work? Why does this not work? And so you’re doing more than just giving them a tent. You’re, you’re providing the training to be effective in that type of ministry. Right.

Kevin McNulty (17:19):
That’s absolutely right. You have to know a lot of things because you’re talking to strangers and you could have enemies coming to the tent, which they did have. And you just say, you know, you’ve got to be bigger than the enemies. You’ve got to believe in God to protect yourself.

Leslie McNulty (17:33):
You know, one evangelist we were in, or I was in central Euro mountain region of Russia. And he was one of the most gifted of the preachers. And he had, Kevin was in another part training. And I went to that area with the team and we were being, we had the Russian Orthodox, they had the big bells in the truck and they’re ringing it. They’re carrying the big picket signs walking around the tent, saying the foreign devil is here. And so I had a team with us. And so as I came into the tent, I was talking to the team, which preachers know don’t do that. As I walked up onto the platform, noise bells, noise in the tent noise, outside of the tent. And I stopped. And I said, I looked at my friends and I said, excuse me, I’m about to be the person of the evangelist. And I just turned and I looked out of the crowd and I said, here, listen, I am sent by God. And just this big booming voice, come into the tent, sit down. I have a message from God, et cetera, et cetera. And the tent filled up, the noise stopped the Orthodox, left that evangelist. Cause it was his meeting, but he walked out of that meeting and he said, I’ve now seen a real evangelists.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (18:47):
I think some of those things are, are more caught than taught. You can teach someone that and say, you need to be from, or, but to actually see someone operate under the anointing of an evangelist. And so much of evangelism is work. Yes. Yes. Paul told Timothy do the work of an evangelist. And I think a lot of people see what happens on the platform and wow, that’s amazing all the people get saved, but really that’s the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much strategic thinking and organization and work that goes in underneath the surface in order to make an evangelistic event happen.

Kevin McNulty (19:27):
I think we, I think we have a hundred pages of of all the detail that goes in because you are a stranger in a strange country with strange people about to hear you. And you’re going to have something happen in that place that no one has seen miracles instantly. And they’re going to say, you know, it’s going to be so different for the people. And you know what though, everybody eventually, because we don’t run, we don’t run in and run out. Was it about 21 days that we stay in the inner city? And so, because we want to build the people and build the next generation that’s going to be in there.

Leslie McNulty (20:02):
So Daniel also to your point in Kevin mentioned, we have, we created a 150 page manual. So to your point in there, we teach them, how do you get your permits? What kind of permits do you need? How do you persistently go after the permits? What’s the wisdom, the way to do these things. And that manual came out of training. A bunch of Russians who had absolutely no idea how to do evangelism. And it was a meeting after every meeting and using the whiteboard, laying out all the things and developing this manual that we could make available to all of the teams.

Kevin McNulty (20:34):
Hmm. We, we created the, the Russian movement because they’ve now learned and now they’re doing it over, right?

Leslie McNulty (20:40):
Wait, we say, you know, like T.L. Osborn used to say, y’all take all of my sermons and you just preach them better than I ever did. And we listened to our evangelists and we’re like, wow, they’re really good preachers.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (20:53):
What a, what a tremendous blessing. So it’s really amazing what God has done through you. You went from the vision for, for one tent in Russia and T.L. Osborn said, no, that is too small of a vision to then doing a hundred tents in. And now you have completed that goal. There are more than a hundred tents and a hunt more than a hundred evangelists are using those tents, preaching the gospel across that entire region of the world. And now God has, has spoken to you a word about America and you are, you are starting tent nation here in the United States. Tell me, what has God put on your heart for this nation?

Kevin McNulty (21:36):
Well, this is the greatest nation I believe in the world. And it’s great to have a place here that we can call home. And we just felt that, you know what, there’s 50 States in America. Let’s do a tent for every state. Now I tell you the truth that when that tank goes up, you’re going to find probably at least five more, 10 set are going to go up in that state. But we’ve got to put first, let’s get all every one of them all 50 to go up.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (22:06):
So now you’re, you’ve taken that same vision that you had for Russia doing tents and raising up tent evangelists in Russia. And you’re going to bring that back here to the United States and raise up evangelists who will preach intense. And often tent ministry is not seen these days in America. It was very popular back in the forties and fifties, you had great evangelists like Oral Roberts and an AA Allen and other great evangelists who would preach underneath the tent. But now people don’t do that so much. So, so do you think tent ministry can be effective one more time here in America?

Kevin McNulty (22:48):
Absolutely. There there’s a generation that has never even been in a tent. And so this is going to be exciting to them to go into this place and listen about 10 minutes tree. You go to church. When you sit down, you really can’t get up from that seat. In during the meeting, you know, you go into a tent and you sit down the tents to give you that freedom that you can get up and go out. It gives you that, that space where you can move. And a lot of people liked the hat. They said, well, if I don’t want to stay, I don’t want to say, you know,

Leslie McNulty (23:19):
And it’s not your granddaddy’s style, a tent ministry. What we, we make mistakes in the body of Christ. And that we look so much at history. And we think that what we’ve seen in history is what we will see happening today. And so as we have polled young people, we were in a hotel in North Carolina and we were sharing the vision there. And we just pulled this group of young people standing outside. Non-Christian if we put up a tent out here and we were doing these things, would you come? And they said, well, absolutely. We’ve never seen a tent and we’ve never seen anything like that. We would be very curious, when are you going to do it? That’s the new generation that’s in the USA. This is, this was the moment.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (23:57):
So you want to at least start with 50 tents for 50 States and raising up 50 evangelists here in America. Talk to me about your training program and the tools that you will put in the evangelists hands in order to prepare for this type of ministry.

Leslie McNulty (24:16):
Do you want me to do that? So we we’ve created the I move training program, motivation opportunity, vision and empowerment. So we’ve created an online platform for that. So there’ll be a certain amount of courses that are actually online that will, we want them to come in, take the online courses from there. We’re going to be holding on-site trainings. We’re anticipating doing one here in Tulsa, various in the very near future. And then from that onsite training, we’ll go right into that. On the job training with the actual tents, our goal is to identify the first 10 evangelist, the first one that we want to trust a kit to it may end up here in the greater Oklahoma area. And then 10 other kits that we want to release. The tent kits. Speaking to the tools will be a tent, a trailer, and the equipment to initiate.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (25:10):
So everything that’s needed to do a tanker. So it’s not just the tent. You have the chairs, a little platform, the sound system, microphones, a trailer to put it all in. So someone who has an evangelistic cart could take one of these tent kits and they could go to small town, America. They could go somewhere in Oklahoma, they could do a, a tent crusade. They’re set up for a week, two weeks, do a tent crusade, then move to another place. Do a, another tent crusade. I know here in Tulsa, we have a bunch of, of low-income housing projects that would be perfect for going and doing a tech crusade. And if you set up the tent, people will come. They will say, what is this? They will, and they will fill the tent. You could easily put two or 300 people in a tent minister to them. And everyone is attracted because of the big, beautiful tent. And you start playing music. They will, will want to come. And then you also want to do several different sizes of tent. So, so tell me like the different sizes of what you’re hoping to do.

Leslie McNulty (26:17):
Well, we, we have the smaller tip, which we would probably seet about three 50, 300 to three 50. I think it’s about a 60 foot, 61 foot round. Then we have the 77 foot round. I believe legally it’s seven to 800 people. Now we’ve often seen him packed with 1200 overseas that we understand that. And then we’re going to have a couple of larger packages that would be more based on the a hundred foot round. And that’s going to be for the more seasoned well-developed evangelists.

Kevin McNulty (26:46):
And we’re in a situation right now where I was listening on TV and over a hundred thousand people are now crossing the border and they’re doing it because the new president wants some to come. And so youth are figuring there’s going to be a lot of empty souls that are going to be crossing that border. And so this tent ministry could be timed perfectly for the next generation that’s coming in.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (27:09):
I just got a call a couple of days ago from a pastor in Georgia. And he was telling me that, that because of COVID restrictions there, they’re not allowing some of the churches to be open, but he said, if we could have a tent, it would be outdoors. And it would be covered at the same time. And so he says, we need to have a tent. And so this is the right time to do tents.

Leslie McNulty (27:33):
It is the right time. Thank you. Thank you for that confirmation.

Kevin McNulty (27:38):
I wouldn’t say that the tents would be the, in this generation because we’ve known about tenths past generations, like you said, the forties and the fifties, but we are in a new time and we’ve got new people in this country. We may not know it. We may not in our neighborhood. And maybe now there’s no new people, but they are flooding America,

Leslie McNulty (27:57):
Daniel. You said something very good. And the fact that yellow and we chose yellow and white, because there’s such bright colors. I know they’re blue and white, red and white, but that yellow and white reflects sun in such a happy, positive, glowing way. And so it is you put that up in a lower income area, or even you put it out on a piece of land people, just, what, what is that? Why is that there? And if it’s not at a car dealership or because we always see tents, all of us at car dealerships, but when it standing out alone, somewhere else and in Russia was always is at the circus. And the circus has gone in America. We understand that, but there’s still, there’s still rumors of it. It still rumbles around because that was a part of our classic culture. Well, some may think that Christianity is bringing you the circus to town, but we know that in those circuits tents, there was life. There was creativity. There was beauty, there was experience. And they’re going to find that with God in these big, bright, yellow, and white tents,

Kevin McNulty (29:00):
Amen. And you’re going to find out that people who are singers, that they’re going to find their place in those tenths and talents in a lot of different ways are going to be D being, developing their talent in those tents. And that is going to be the future

Leslie McNulty (29:13):
And teams are so important. We must help their young event. We must help evangelist develop teams. You know, ministry is teamwork. And so we would not be able to do today. What we do had we not had a very, we traveled with 16 people on the road for our large tent. That meant we had to feed them. We had to house them. We had to cover all of their expenses and they came by faith. We didn’t pay them this huge salary. So it was when we up that tent, you know, what were we a cafe operated? Why did a cafe operate? Because it was selling and making money. And we hung boxes on the poles. I woke up one night because you don’t get to take offerings all the time. So we hung boxes on the poles and somebody is like, you’re good. Just going to put a box on a pole.

Leslie McNulty (29:58):
I said, put a padlock on it, put on it donation because everyone would always say, you just did this for us because you wanted to bless us. And we’d say yes. And on those opening nights, as they were coming into those glorious music, kind of like up with people, music programs, and then miracles, we called them festival of music and miracles. And they’d be walking out of there putting their money in those boxes. And then those would cover the expense that would cover expenses of our team onsite. So there are many little nuances that there’s practical ideas that maybe we’ve all had. But when you put the stream, you streamline all those ideas together. You’re able to make that ministry cover itself and pay for itself.

Kevin McNulty (30:43):
People don’t know that Jesus is not just a church and that he loves everybody, everybody and is willing to heal. Everybody willing to, to bless everybody with the finances or with the ideas that would create a future for them. He wants everybody to be, God loves people. And so we have to be the people to reach out to all those people that don’t know what to do, and they can find out.

Leslie McNulty (31:12):
You said, Paul told Timothy to do the work of the evangelist, but isn’t part of the five fold ministry, the responsibility of the evangelists to be both a revivalist and to be an evangelist. The revivalist works within the community of the church. The evangelist works outside the church. And when Jesus walked into Kevin’s dorm room and called him into the ministry, he didn’t understand what it was. He said two things to him. He asked him, what are you going to do with the rest of your life? And Kevin, as he’s reacting to Jesus just walks through the wall, the door, and he’s standing in front of me and asking me, what am I going to do with the rest of my life, Kevin, as he says, I’m going to, he starts to say, well, I’ve got seven job opportunities, head, state, head coach, this head coach of that. And he heard himself say, I’m going to gather and collect.

Kevin McNulty (32:05):
Yeah, he’s in pump on old hearts. And I’m like, who said that? But that was what he had put in me to gather and collect dead bodies and pump on old hearts. And so I said, well, I’ve never thought, never thought that thought. And it’s interesting because I’m a tennis pro and it was making, I had opportunity in met the major places in America. Major schools wanted me to be the coach. And I said, you know, there’s something else I have to do. And I can’t explain it to the guys who wanted to hire me. But I understood by what just, I just started to walk across America, preaching the gospel to find out how is it that I should be preaching. And I didn’t want to just go to a school to learn how to preach out, to know they could preach it. So

Leslie McNulty (32:54):
He was raised Catholic. So this was in a completely different entrance into his world. So Kevin, really, your ministry grew very organically. You went to Spain and started in a tent, but I wanted to draw a point if I may back to revivalism and evangelism, that commission, that call as evangelist, and we teach the evangelists. This, you don’t take revivalism to the tent. You take revivalism to the church. You take evangelism to the tent and the gospel. And in many Western cultures, we don’t always know how to separate the divide, the two. And we don’t know how to operate in the two. And so we find young evangelist, or we find ministers trying to take revivalism to attend out on the corners of the street. And it’s not successful. You have to learn how to take evangelism out in the streets, in the tents. And both roles are very vital. So if we can mobilize the gifts of the evangelist in those two arenas, I believe we truly can change America. Amen.

Kevin McNulty (33:57):
No Americans, they get so comfortable being an American. I everyday I walk, I walk in this place here where we are, I’ll see somebody or I’ll be, you know, next to somebody going somewhere and I’ll start talking to them and seeing, how are you expound you spiritually? Are you, what’s your condition with, with your future? Are you going to have it? No, I don’t know. I said, well, let me, let me help you. And so this is America. These are people that look beautiful and all that, but you know what, in your heart, they’re empty and they’re afraid. And so we as Americans, we really have to consider. What about the other Americans after all life is about the future, not just about the present. And we have to consider that the people around us, if we don’t know it, they don’t know it. And that they’ve never even spoken once about they speak, they speak about religion, but they don’t speak about the impact of Christ on their life. They get the people need and they can know Jesus inside of them. But it’s going to take somebody to put, put that message in front of them. And that’s what the evangelist

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (35:07):
Amen. Well, if someone feels called to be an evangelist and they say, I want to go and preach in a tent, how can they get in contact with you to receive more training? And even to find out how they can get their own tent to preach the gospel, what’s your website. What’s a way for people to get in touch with you.

Leslie McNulty (35:31):
They can go to tent, nation.com and right there, and tent nation.com. There’s just little form. They can sign up, put their name in there and it’ll go right in is give us your contact information and we will get in touch with you and let you know what’s happening. Let you know that the next event coming up, we’re doing something out here in Tulsa. On April the 16th, we will be having a banquet. We’re looking to invite some young evangelists to that banquet here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. And we’re also looking to do an initial training at that time. So they have interests go to tent nation.com. They may also call our office at one eight seven seven tent, T E N T one zero.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (36:14):
Awesome. Well, thank you so much for your vision. This is God’s time for America. We need to see a move of God here in America. And I’m so appreciate both of you for the seeds that you planted into my life. Just inspiring me, training me giving me instruction and just watching and being inspired by you. It’s it’s really been significant in my life. So thank you.

Leslie McNulty (36:40):
Thank you, Daniel. And we are so glad to really reconnect with you and then wow. What you’ve done and your wife and your family.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (36:48):
Thank you. I hope I hope everybody buys your books. Thank you, God bless you. God bless you.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (36:58):
Thanks so much for listening today. If you’re interested in coaching in evangelism, visit my website, King ministries.com. And could you do me a favor, go to Apple iTunes, find the evangelism podcast with Daniel King and leave us a review. Your review will help other people who are interested in evangelism to find this show. God bless you for more information about how to share your faith or to financially support our worldwide evangelistic outreaches. Visit King ministries.com. Again, that’s King ministry.com.


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