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Levi Lutz | Together in the Harvest – The Legacy of Steve Hill & Leonard Ravenhill

Steve Hill (Brownsville Revival) and Leonard Ravenhill were both great revivalists but who is carrying the torch of revival and evangelism now? In today’s podcast, I introduce you to Levi Lutz. He carries a burden for souls and a passion for leading people to Jesus. 

Show Notes: 

Levi burns to see the body of Christ equipped and mobilized for effective evangelism in this urgent last day Harvest. 

On today’s podcast, Daniel King asks him about how he was inspired and impacted by the ministries of Steve Hill & Leonard Ravenhill. 

Website: https://www.togetherintheharvest.com/


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Evangelism Coach Daniel King  (00:00):

Evangelists Steve Hill and Leonard Ravenhill were both great revivalist and evangelists, but who is carrying the torch or revival and evangelism. Now in today’s podcast, I introduce you to Levi Lutz. He carries a burden for souls and a passion for leading people to Jesus. Jesus said, go into all the world and preach the gospel. Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord. Welcome to the evangelism podcast with dr. Daniel King, where Daniel interviews, full-time evangelists, pastors, missionaries, and normal everyday Christians to discover how they share their faith, their powerful testimonies, and amazing stories that will inspire you to reach people with the good news. And now here’s your host, missionary and evangelist Daniel King. Welcome to the evangelism pod


Evangelism Coach Daniel King  (01:00):

Cast. I’m Daniel King and I am super excited about leading people to Jesus. I’ve got a special guest with me today, Levi Lutz with together in the harvest ministries. Thank you so much for being on the podcast.


Levi Lutz (01:14):

Well, it’s an honor to be with you, man. I’m excited, bro.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King  (01:18):

Tell me a little bit about yourself and, and what you do in ministry.


Levi Lutz (01:21):

Yeah, man, I was a, you know, I was a burnout, nobody that Jesus rescued, he reached down into a big mess and he pulled me out of that and I fell in love with Jesus about 18 years ago. And man, we’d just been going after the least the last and the last ever since, because I want everybody to come home to meet my Jesus.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King  (01:37):

That’s awesome. So the ministry that you’re part of was actually started by Steve Hill.


Levi Lutz (01:42):

Yeah. Many of your viewers and listeners may know Steve Hill from the Browns revival Steve’s life. I mean, Steve was a general and he ran so hard after souls, just tirelessly going after one more. And what many don’t know about Steve? Because I know him from Brownsville, is it, Steve was such an intense, personal soul winner. He would go after, you know, every waitress or the, you know, people in the mall everywhere. He went one-on-one he was leading people to Jesus. And I was blessed early in ministry after God had saved me to get around the life and message of Stephen Jerry Hill. And that set the bar Daniel for me of what normal was before somebody could get ahold of me and water it down.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King  (02:19):

So what are some of the things that you learned from evangelists, Steve Hill?


Levi Lutz (02:23):

Oh, go, you know, he used to always quote William Booth, but he would say, go for souls and go for the worst. And for me, I realized that, you know, no matter how intimidating somebody’s situation was, no matter how hard the shell was on the outside,


Evangelism Coach Daniel King  (02:38):

We had, we had a 


Levi Lutz (02:40):

White, hot burning fire of the Holy ghost inside of us. That’ll melt that shell. Steve wasn’t, wasn’t afraid to share the gospel with anybody. And I, and I’ll bring, you know, his wife, Jerry, into that too. Something I learned from her life was the tears of the saints will soften the heart of even the hardest unbeliever. If we learned to weep for the lost. And then we sow the seed of the uncompromising, the gospel, we will reap a harvest.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King  (03:03):

I love sister Jerry Hill. She is such a tremendous woman of God. And you can tell she does pray for the lost and weak for the loss


Levi Lutz (03:12):

Everywhere. She goes, man, and it’s contagious. You get around her man and you just start getting intense burden, like never before for, you know, for the broken ones.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King  (03:21):

And so Steve Hill was, was an amazing evangelist helped with the, the Brownsville revival. And I remember hearing him preach several times just he had a way of communicating the gospel through illustration. What are some of the, your favorite illustrations that he ever did?


Levi Lutz (03:41):

Oh man. There’s so many, you know, I think, I think the one that I still today, I actually carry care with me, a set of shackles and use them. Steve would pull these old shackles out from the altar for the altar call. Now his were from the 18 hundreds. I’ll just, I’ll just plug myself your monitor a little bit older than that monitor about the about 400 years old. But I had these old shackles and Steve would, would relate that to the hole that sin had on our life and how there’s a moment, you know, what’s what Wesley called. Prevenient grace, where God will pop that shackle open, but you can’t just stand around. You gotta move. You gotta run to the alter. You gotta run to the cross. Well, before that shackle closes again around your ankle, man, you and I had a moment. We had to step out of that old life and step into what God had for us. There’s no time to hesitate.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King  (04:20):

So tell me what’s happened through the transition because a few years ago, Steve went to heaven and, and so that is a major time of transition for a ministry what’s happened since then. And what’s happening now with the ministry.


Levi Lutz (04:35):

Yeah. So you know, yeah, as you said, Steve went on to be with the Lord. He entered into his reward. We honor that it still has life challenges so many today. And we have many of his messages posted people that we always getting emails of people that are still being touched. But Jerry continued on Jerry continued on with together in the harvest of ministry. They had both started in the eighties and gone to Argentina. There, there was so much God did even before Brownsville and she’s continued to run with that torch. And we had my wife and I had planted a ministry in Texas that had been greatly influenced by their life and message and raised it up over the last 17 or 18 years. And God was just moving. When our sons in the faith now we’re planting them in the ministries.


Levi Lutz (05:13):

And all of a sudden, one day I was in my prayer closet and the Lord told me, you know, you don’t tell everybody this kind of stuff, but the Lord told me that we would, we would get a call and that we would be taking the ministry of Steve and Jerry Hill together in the harvest. I told my wife, but I said, you don’t, don’t say this to anybody. We’re just going to pray and see what the Lord does. And it was about a year later and Jerry called me, I was sitting in my office. I was very blessed. Actually my ministry owns the home of Leonard Ravenhill. So I was sitting in Leonard’s old office. And,uI got this call from Jerry and I, and I picked up the phone and she, on the other side, she said, Levi, I don’t know how to ask you this, but I want you to pray about coming here and beginning to work with us and take this ministry.


Levi Lutz (05:53):

And I said, Jerry, I said, I don’t have to pray about this. The Lord spoke to me a year ago. She said, well, she said, I’ve been afraid to call you for a year, since the Lord began to put this in our heart. So we begin to move and make the transition. And man, we’re so excited about what God has there. So many projects that we’re about to launch. And you know, man, we honor praise God for the legacy of Steve. There was nobody like him. He was a general, but together in the harvest is not just a museum to the past. We have a sharp sickle in our hand and I believe these are the greatest years of harvest that we’re living in right now.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King  (06:25):

Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. And so the same revival and repentance that happened at Brownsville can still happen today and is probably needed even more today than it was back then. And so what do you see God will be doing in the next few years?


Levi Lutz (06:44):

What we’re doing right now is something that’s crazy. You know, there’s so many great just schools of evangelism around the nation and things you can do. One of the things Steve did right before he died, it was in his heart to raise up an online that the Steve Hill school of evangelism. And there are many resources like that. I think that Steve’s is a great one, but something we’re doing that, I don’t know anybody that’s doing. We have just now. And, and we’ve, hou may have seen some broadcast on this, but we’ve just kicked the doors open and we’re opening our calendars to make it available for those that, that sign up and go through the steep Hills glue evangelism to actually come and travel on the ground with myself and Jerry Hill was I’m mobilizing churches as we’re having, you know, citywide, hhvangelism, hnitiatives.


Levi Lutz (07:24):

We’re actually bringing these people that have, you know, maybe they’re just a businessman or a lay person, but they have a heart for souls and they want to continue to get equipped. Or maybe they’re, they’re not tendered evangelists just starting their ministry. And they say, how do I navigate this and integrity? We don’t need anybody else with a man of God syndrome. We need authentic, humble soul winners that are submitted to God and just say, use me Jesus. And so we’ve invited them to come with us to get training, to help us to serve pastors as we activate. So winning in their churches and just reach their, their whole neighborhoods for Christ.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King  (07:56):

So what would you say to someone who has a heart for evangelism, but doesn’t really know what to get started? How would you activate them and get them out into the harvest field?


Levi Lutz (08:06):

Step one, I’d say sign up for the Steve Hill school of evangelism come treble with us, but


Evangelism Coach Daniel King  (08:10):

I actually went through the online version of that Steve Hill school of evangelism. And it’s tremendous. I highly recommend it.


Levi Lutz (08:17):

Yeah. Hey man, it’s amazing notes for those that didn’t have the opportunity to sit across the desk and look in Steve’s eyes and have him speak in. It, it really makes that same type of opportunity available to people today. But yeah, you know, as far as the question, you know, outside of a joke, but outside of our ministry, you know, what, what do I do? I have a heart for evangelism, where do I start? You know, this is not very systematic, but you know what I believe, I believe you go up, you introduce yourself to somebody and you open your mouth and you let Jesus feel it. I don’t think, I think right now the Lord is hard pressed for, for effective soul-winners in evangelism. I think God is speaking to people, millions of people every day to share gospel and no one’s going.


Levi Lutz (08:57):

And so I think if you’ll just step out in faith and walk up to somebody, because there’s only three voices that can speak, we got the devil, we got the Holy spirit, we got the flesh, the flesh and the devil don’t want to evangelize people. So when you feel a drawing to go talk to that, you know, that young lady or that young man in the frozen foods and Walmart step out, go up, introduce yourself and just let the Lord begin to speak through you. And I promise you, you’re going to begin to have these stories. You’re going to begin to see these testimonies. You’re going to see the power of God come down right there in the supermarket.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King  (09:24):

The devil’s not going to tell you to go talk to someone about Jesus. So tell you that, Daniel. So if you feel like you’re supposed to go talk to someone about Jesus, that is a word that’s coming from God, and God is putting it on your heart because that person is on his heart. Amen.


Levi Lutz (09:40):

And Daniel, I just, even right now, I know this is evangelism broadcast, who tunes into this, probably the cutting edge, the most on fire. You know, this is not the lazy Pew center that tunes into a podcast like this. This is probably the cream of the crop, but also know we’re in a very unusual time in history where maybe, you know, somebody is at home on some kind of a, a lockdown or maybe you know, the person that student to the broadcast is a on fire. You know, just so winter, but they’ve got some family in the car right now as they’re listening to this. So if it’d be all right, I’d just like an opportunity to share the gospel with them real quick, man, if you’re, if you’re listening to this right now, now you’ve got trapped. You didn’t expect this to happen.


Levi Lutz (10:15):

But man, this is a destiny moment. I ran from the Lord. I was actually called to preach when I was still lost. And I ran from the Lord, but he, but he, he kinda hedged me and he backed me into a corner and we don’t have time for that story. But I had a supernatural encounter with the power of God. And I believe right now, even listening to this broadcast you know, you might be the son or the daughter or the friend or the cousin or the coworker of maybe, maybe your boss is tuning into this broadcast and he’s calling him employees. In fact, I would encourage you right now. As you see me ramping up for this, I go into the house, get your teenagers, bring them in and bring in your employees, get them in the room. Because I believe right now is a destiny moment for those that are listening there might be someone that a grandma has been interceding for.


Levi Lutz (10:55):

And right now the Lord is about to speak to them. And I would just say this, the Jesus that rescued me, he can rescue you. He understands that your laws, it doesn’t matter if you’re in a homosexual relationship. It doesn’t matter. I mean, things we don’t even want to talk about, but even right now, we see, we watch the news. There’s an epidemic of pedophilia in the name. It doesn’t matter. We were all monsters. We were all depraved, but Christ came and bled and died to pay the price for that sin. But not only that, he didn’t stay in the ground. He Rose again. And he’s alive today and he’s calling you. And so right now, even those listening, if the Lord is speaking to your heart, you’re where I was. You’re lost. You don’t know the answer. Maybe you even run from God and you’ve turned off broadcasts like this.


Levi Lutz (11:37):

And you walked down a church meetings. But right now you’re like, man, you caught me. Jesus. If you would just pray this prayer with me right at this moment, I believe God will change your life forever. And it’s not, it’s not in the magic words of a prayer, but I believe man, the Bible says, if we ask him for bread, he’s not going to give a stone. We asked him for fish. He’s not going to give us a snake. If we’ll surrender to Jesus and we’ll ask him to come right now and change our life, you’ll never ever be the same again. And so I invite you to pray with me right now, dear Jesus.


Salvation Prayer (12:07):

I’m a sinner. I’m a sinner. I’m away from you away from you. I’m backslidden, backslidden, I’m a product. I’m a product. But if you’ll save me, but if you’ll save me, if you’ll be my Lord, if you’ll be my Lord, I’ll surrender to you, surrender to you. And if you wash away my sins and I surrender to you, and if you wash away my sins and I surrender to you, then I know I can know you as my very best friend. No, I can know you as my very best friend. So from this day forward, Jesus. So from this day forward, Jesus, I give my life to you. I give my life to you, come and live your life through me, come and live your life through me. I am yours. I am yours and you are mine and you are mine. And your precious name and your precious name. Amen. Amen. Praise God. That’s powerful. That’s what I live for


Evangelism Coach Daniel King  (12:58):

Me too. That’s awesome. When, when you have the heart of God for people, that’s what all of us should live for. Let’s talk a little bit about Leonard Ravenhill you mentioned that you, you have his house. How did that come to pass it? And what did you learn from, from Leonard? He was a great revivalist.


Levi Lutz (13:15):

Oh man. It, yeah, that’s a whole nother story, but you know, Leonard had mentored Steve and Steve was really the intersection of, of Dave Wilkerson and Linda Ravenhill. David had bred into him, the heart for souls and Leonard, a heart for revival Leonard when he died was really the world’s leading expert on historic revival. I never met, met Lynn and I had some time to spend with his son, David, but yeah, man, we just, I felt like it was, you know, it’s like the land of our father. Steve would tell these stories and through a story we don’t have time for on the broadcast, God moved and, and allowed us to purchase the house. So for the last two and a half years, we’ve just been opening the study and allowing people to come and be mentored. And we’ve had,umyself and a dear friend of mine, Joel Stockstill have held prayer meetings there.


Levi Lutz (13:56):

And man, we had like the second prayer meeting we had because of the size of the house in the study, we had to limit it to like 13 liters. And man, we had a waiting list almost a year out. People wanting to come and pray in that old study. And it’s not that you know we’re not stopping the worship Joshua’s [inaudible] or anything like that. But it’s where, you know, Leonard is dead today, man, we honor his legacy, but Leonard’s dead. But those prayers are still alive. The things that he beseeched heaven for the things that he cried out to God for for America to turn back for America, to come to repentance for the church to be stirred and awakened, man, those prayers have gone up and maybe some of them have been answered, but there’s some of those that God’s still searching the earth, looking for a man, looking for a woman, that’ll say here I am, send me.


Levi Lutz (14:39):

And we just partner with the burden that he had and the, the, the petitions he made to heaven. And we say, God, America’s never needed you more than now. The church has never needed you more than now. The world needs Jesus. We’re a place where people, they need answers. Some like Judas are under suicide. In some light, Peter will run to the savior. And so man, all these great generals of the past, we just say, Lord, in this moment, right now, the thing that they long for, the thing that they cried out for send us and have your way in this generation. Every time I read Leonard, Ravenhill his quotes, I get convicted and I want to get saved all over again, man. They’ll mess you up, man. We don’t, we don’t have too many voices like that today. Well, thank you so much for being on the podcast. I love how your heart beats for souls. It’s been amazing to be with you, bro. I look forward to the next time and I love what you’re doing for Jesus.


Evangelism Podcast Announcer (15:29):

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