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Luis Carlos Nauvarrek | Doing an Internship with King Ministries

Luis Carlos Nauvarrek is from Colombia and he is working on an evangelism major at Oral Roberts University. Part of his degree requires him to do a practicum with a local ministry. He chose to intern with King Ministries. On today’s podcast, he talks about what he has learned as went from the theory he learned in the classroom to the practice of applying what he learned to real life. 

Show Notes: 

Today’s podcast has four topics: 

  1. Evangelism in Colombia 
  2. Doing an Evangelism Major at ORU 
  3. Practicum with King Ministries 
  4. Testimonies from Outreach with Iglesia Victory Hispanic.  

What are the differences between the culture of America and the culture of Colombia? 


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Evangelism Coach Daniel King  (00:00):

Luis Carlos is from Columbia and he’s working on in evangelism major at oral Roberts university. Part of his degree requires him to do a practicum with a local ministry. He chose to intern with King ministries on today’s podcast. He talks about what he has learned as he went from the theory he learned in the classroom to the practice of applying what he learned to real life. Jesus said, go into all the world and preach the gospel. Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord. Welcome to the evangelism podcast with dr. Daniel King, where Daniel interviews, full-time evangelists, pastors, missionaries, and normal everyday Christians to discover how they share their faith, their powerful testimonies and amazing stories that will inspire you to reach people with the good news. And now here’s your host, missionary and evangelist Daniel King. Welcome. I am excited about

Evangelism Coach Daniel King  (01:03):

Evangelism and telling people about Jesus. I’m Daniel King and I’m here with my friend Louise, Carlos Navaretti. He is from the nation of Columbia. Welcome to the podcast.

Luis Carlos Nauvarrek (01:16):

Yes. Thank you, dr. Daniel Kim, thank you for inviting me to this amazing podcast. Yeah,


Evangelism Coach Daniel King  (01:23):

You are from the nation of Columbia and you’ve come here to the United States. You, you married a girl from the United States and now you’re studying at oral Roberts university. Tell me about evangelism in the nation of Columbia. Before you came here, you worked with your pastor down there doing evangelism stick outreaches. How did you reach out to people in Columbia?


Luis Carlos Nauvarrek (01:50):

Yes, dr. Tanya, I was growing in Columbia, so I went to an, a church from encounter four, four square church from the Foursquare church. Yes. And Angela Iglesia quadrangular yes. And pastor Jews invite people in the church to go outside and preach the gospel. So people leaders and people who’s who like to preach the gospel, go outside and talk with people and pray for them and healing. This happens every time. So, yes, I think evangelism is very similar like this in Tulsa, Oklahoma. So I think is the sand, the same wave of evangelism, but the most important is that we preach the gospel with the Holy spirit. So I think this is the best part


Evangelism Coach Daniel King  (02:50):

Down in Columbia that people were open to receiving the gospel. Did they listen when you went and told them about Jesus? Well, yeah, some people,


Luis Carlos Nauvarrek (03:00):

Some people, but you know, there are a lot of people that don’t like to listen about God, but I think the, the, the thing is that we need to do not how to engage them in order to, to teach about God. So yes, some people are leasing us, some people don’t, but God is amazing. God love people, even when they don’t listen to us, I think that God is doing in their life.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King  (03:30):

And so you have a call from God on your life to, to be a minister and you wanted to receive more training in the Bible and learning about God. And so you, you ended up coming to oral Roberts university here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. What was it that attracted you to ORU?


Luis Carlos Nauvarrek (03:50):

Yes. I think that God’s blessed me with this amazing university, but some something that attracts me to go and take classes. There is, there was the Holy spirit, then power of the Holy spirit. I think that for me is the most important think when, when, when university talk about the Holy spirit is for is complete university. I means, I believe in God, I believe in Jesus, but also I believe with in the Holy spirit.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King  (04:27):

So one of the things that really attracted you to, or Roberts university was their emphasis on being empowered by the Holy spirit. And so you came here and you decided to do evangelism as your major, and you’re going to graduate in two semesters. So congratulations. Tell me what are some of the things that you’ve learned about evangelism being an evangelism major at ORU?


Luis Carlos Nauvarrek (04:54):

Yes. I learned a lot of things about evangelism. I take some classes like intro to evangelism, outreach, planting church, and other kind of evangelism class. And I learned at some by this the kind of evangelism


Evangelism Coach Daniel King  (05:17):

To evangelism through kindness. Yes. Being kind to people,


Luis Carlos Nauvarrek (05:22):

Two people. Yes. So sometimes preachers or evangelism, just go, going to the point is, Hey, the Bible say this, you know, and yes, it could be the truth when people, when, when preachers preach the Bible directly. But I think the Holy spirit give you, or give evangelist ideas and strategies to engage people to Jesus Christ. So this kindness like, Hey, I would like to give you something free, like food or like some present. So it is free when you, when you get something free, people are more openly to receive the gospel. So when you give free, they open their heart and say, okay, I want to listen, listen, what do you have for me? So, yeah, I learned that these kinds of things in, in classes, in who are you, and also I’m learning about planting church, how is students need to establish the area in order to


Evangelism Coach Daniel King  (06:43):

The demographics of the siren that you’re going to plant a church in and study to know how to communicate to the audience, the people that are in that area? Yeah.


Luis Carlos Nauvarrek (06:54):

Yes, yes. The culture also the culture, the ethnicity. So how many people are from USA, American people, how many people are African American or Hispanic? So it is very important to recognize these areas in order to


Evangelism Coach Daniel King  (07:12):

Do you find that there’s a lot of differences between American culture and Colombian culture


Luis Carlos Nauvarrek (07:17):

Of Coors. I tend, this is a huge


Evangelism Coach Daniel King  (07:19):

Difference. What are some of the differences between Americans and Columbia?


Luis Carlos Nauvarrek (07:24):

Well, I you’re talking about spirituality or cultural or spiritual or cultural and starting with food. Food is amazing. And Columbia, I think this is a good topic to talk about culture, because when you, when you start talking with food, who the, who doesn’t like for the course, everyone loves food. So when we start this topic talking about food, people are more open. So yes, I think differences like a food and also the language accent. So, and also even playing sports. There are many difference behaviors, behaviors playing in sports. You know, I am playing soccer. I am playing soccer with African-American people every Saturday. And I can see the difference in their quarter with my quarter. So even when I play with Dennis say, Hey, it is not good to play like this. Why now is my culture? So I am I an Anderson, not use a spirituality, but I understand the culture. Like,


Evangelism Coach Daniel King  (08:43):

But in, in Columbia you wouldn’t even call it soccer. You would call it


Luis Carlos Nauvarrek (08:47):

Football, soccer, soccer. I hear, I hear people say soccer. Yeah. It is the, it’s the soccer team of Columbia.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King  (08:56):

Is it a, is it a good team?


Luis Carlos Nauvarrek (08:58):

I say yes, because I have run Columbia, but 


Evangelism Coach Daniel King  (09:02):

Yeah. But Columbia is good. Is good. Are you better than the United States team? Probably, probably. I think every country thinks their soccer team is the best in the world.


Luis Carlos Nauvarrek (09:16):

Yeah. But I believe that when, when evangelist, undersigned Coulters make the gospel Berry fan, very, you know,


Evangelism Coach Daniel King  (09:26):

You are reaching out to a culture that likes soccer. You could do an outreach based around a soccer game, or you could, you could do a workshop on soccer. And then at the end of the workshop, present the gospel to them and look for a way to relate to their culture and use that as an opening to share the gospel.


Luis Carlos Nauvarrek (09:49):

Absolutely. We need to be as track is strategy, strategic, strategic with your, with your, with your essence,


Evangelism Coach Daniel King  (10:04):

To be strategic with, with our, our,


Luis Carlos Nauvarrek (10:08):

Who you are, who you are, you know, who gave me something that you have because people, because people liked differences, people likes differences, you know, and I am coming from an occult or an ambassador from a country, you know? So I am


Evangelism Coach Daniel King  (10:29):

Well, you’re really like a missionary from Colombia here to the United States.


Luis Carlos Nauvarrek (10:34):

Sure. I am re reading everything from Columbia. And he said, Hey, this is I have,


Evangelism Coach Daniel King  (10:39):

This is how I live. Yes.


Luis Carlos Nauvarrek (10:42):

Yeah. So, and people like differences. So when, when I talk with people about food, about sports, about everything, about my country, you know, people realize different. So this is amazing way to engage people. Yeah.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King  (10:58):

Let’s talk about how you and I met at oral Roberts university. Every year. They have a, a ministry fair where they invite different ministries to come and, and to, to talk to the students. So last year I went to that and was, we had a table and we’re talking to the students and you came by the table and we started to talk together. And, and I said, I’d been to Columbia. Oh, you went to my country and you were very happy to hear that. And then I found out that, that you needed to do a practicum with a local ministry. And since you are an evangelism major, and our main focus in our ministry is evangelism. I said, Oh, that would be perfect. You should come and do a practicum with King ministries and learn about evangelism. And, and you thought that was a good idea. And so now you’ve been serving a practicum. How, how has that been? What have you learned so far in serving a practicum, doing an internship with King minister?


Luis Carlos Nauvarrek (11:59):

Well, when I, when I was looking at people in order to be my practicum I was, I was praying and say, God, where are you? One that I go in, make my practicums. I need hell because I’m from Columbia. I don’t know a lot of people here, but one day I went to my university and I find you, and I saw amazing books in Spanish. It caught me attention because, well, my first language is Spanish. So well, a book is in a Spanish evangelism if I highly SMO. And I saw that and I, I was very happy to say, wow, what is happening here telling me, go to this conference. And you have start talking about evangelism about, heading the, hhese kinds of books. And I was very interesting and I say, okay, I am studying evangelism. And I look in a practicum, but I never imagined that my practical West connecting with evangelism, you know, evangelism. So I learned in more evangelism in this ministry to be honest than in university. Why, why? Because I mean, in the university, I learned learning some, some evangelists as strut strategies, you know, but within ministry keen ministry, I am like, hmproving more because it’s more focused in evangelism. They pay attention, more evangelism. They have good books about evangelism. So everything about evangelism, I cannot find these, these kind of topics in other place as, as in ministry, like, like keen ministry. Wow.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King  (13:59):

I think that’s one of the reasons that ORU requires a practicum because when you’re in class, you learn theory about evangelism, but the practicum is about putting it into practice. And so you take the theories and apply it to everyday life. And so we, we go and talk to real people and minister to real people, and you start to see how you can put the theories into practice. And so you’ve been a tremendous blessing to King ministries. We very much appreciate you. Uyou’ve you’ve been doing several things. One of the things you’ve been doing is helping us to, to update our website in Spanish, because we want to reach out to the Spanish speaking world. And so you’ve been helping with that also helping us with, with Spanish social media. And then I have a new that is just being published, called proof. God is real, and it’s an apologetics book and we’re about to put it into Spanish. And so you helped out with that. What did you think about the proof? God is real book in Spanish.


Luis Carlos Nauvarrek (15:04):

That was so incredible work. And I recommend you everyone, even if you speak English, but you speak just in Spanish. Let me tell you, you are interesting about creation. I’ve out who God is. Read that book. Read, read that book. I am asked you to read that book because you will find amazing things. That books is very deep, very, very easy to understand God. So I love it. I love this book. When you say that


Evangelism Coach Daniel King  (15:46):

There there’s a need for apologetics material in Spanish, because in English there there’s lots of material on apologetics, but what about in Spanish? Are there many books on this Sunday?


Luis Carlos Nauvarrek (15:57):

Oh, let me tell you something. When I was taking that TA taking class with dr. Shelton, I talk and apologetic class,


Evangelism Coach Daniel King  (16:06):

Dr. James Shelton. He’s one of, he was one of my professors when I was there. He was a great professor. I love dr. Shell.


Luis Carlos Nauvarrek (16:14):

And he’s a, he, I say, Hey doctor, do you have, do you know if you have a if people have apologetic books in Spanish and he say, well, I don’t know. I don’t have a, an, an idea, but let me, let me tell you. And he finds after days after his Amy. No, I just find just one. I just find just one, but I think that you can go to YouTube and see apologetics books. Probably they have to title. And I was okay, doctor. So I need to read that in English. So I was a little sad because [inaudible] is one of my passions still. I love apologetic, but when I find kill ministry and when I saw this kind of book apologetics book and in Spanish, and I say, wow, I was looking for that book. And believe me, I never saw books like this in Spanish. And when I read this book, it was soft, fluently, very clear. I understand everything that they booked at. Tell me. So


Evangelism Coach Daniel King  (17:29):

That’s wonderful. I’m really excited about that because I think that there’s a big need in the Hispanic world for more apologetics. This is becoming more and more of a, an issue in Latin America that the spirit of atheism has become strong in some Latin American. And so Christians need to learn how to defend their faith and how to tell people why they believe what they believe. So I’m very excited about that. Yes. And then another thing that you’ve been doing with our ministry is every week we’ve been partnering with a local church here in Tulsa Iglesia victory, Hispanic. So it’s the victory Hispanic church. And we’ve been leading a, an evangelism team every Saturday out into the neighborhoods and talking to people about Jesus. So, so tell me what has been happening on those Saturday morning? The evangelism,


Luis Carlos Nauvarrek (18:31):

Yes. That church is amazing is a Spanish and people, leaders are very, very, kind, very, very good. They have a good heart to preach the gospel outside. And dr. Daniel can invite me to, to go out and make outreach with these leaders. So I learn and I’m still learning. But what I learned is how to engage people outside when with with teens that they like it. For example weeks ago I saw a beautiful house, Carla four, amazing, beautiful. And I saw amazing plants and flowers, you know, Carla for, and I just observed these houses. I said, I would like to go this in this house and preach the gospel in this house. So when I went to this house, the woman opens the door and she said, Hey, how are you? And he said, Hey, I am Reese, Carlos, let me tell you something. Your house is so beautiful is amazing. It’s clean is very, very, very, very beautiful. And the face, her face expression was brilliant. She just went.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King  (20:07):

So you complimented your, her, her house. You said your house is beautiful. And then that opened our heart. Yes. To hear about Jesus.


Luis Carlos Nauvarrek (20:16):

Yes, she is. She has started just open her house, a hair heart, and I start preaching the gospel in the, in the same, in the same conversation, you know, and say your house is beautiful by letting me tell you, God can make your house inside your life. Your house made you beautiful as these outside. So


Evangelism Coach Daniel King  (20:44):

Just like your, your house is beautiful. God make your, your inside. Beautiful.


Luis Carlos Nauvarrek (20:49):

Yes. Yes. How is that in a start to preaching the gospel. So Island learn how to use teens of salvation and preach with these kind of teens that I can see in the environment where you


Evangelism Coach Daniel King  (21:04):

Are. You surprised at how many people here in Tulsa speak Spanish, because when we’re going out into the neighborhoods with a Spanish church, there are many people that speak Spanish.


Luis Carlos Nauvarrek (21:16):

Yes. I love of people. I never thought about that, but yes, people are amazing people, open people. I don’t know about. I dunno for me, people from furniture, from Spanish, people are very open to receive the gospel of God. I never, I never re feel rejection. Like people crossing the door. No, they are open say because they like it. People from other school tour like that, others people babysit them because they miss their call their country. So when I go and visit them and they say, where are you from? And they say San Salvador, or they say [inaudible] and they say Mexico and wow, Mexico since Salvador, Honduras, this is amazing. Cool country. Let me tell you, I went to El Salvador with my wife and I start conversation. People are very happy and say, yes, you are talking about all my life. You are talking about my family, my culture. So they are open when people are open, people receive them.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King  (22:26):

The last book easily. I remember last week we were in one neighborhood. It had lots of trailers in it. And there was one house with a woman sitting on the porch and she was smoking and she had two kids. And you went up to the door and she was hesitant to talk at first. But you say, just give me five minutes and let me talk for five minutes. And I want to talk to you about Jesus. So she came over and you started to talk to her about Jesus. And after like one minute, she takes the cigarette out of her mouth. And then after the second minute she throws the cigarette on the ground and she’s listening and she’s listening to everything you’re saying. And when you finish that conversation, you said, could I pray with you to receive Jesus? And she said, yes. And so you prayed with her. And then a few minutes later, I got to pray with one of her sons to receive Jesus. And it was so beautiful to see that family at least have an exposure to the gospel.


Luis Carlos Nauvarrek (23:22):

Yeah, that was amazing. I feel very, very happy preaching to this person, because I remember when Jesus preached to the collector taxes, collect tax collection. Oh, there’s people say why Jesus talk with, with these kinds of people, you know, and I remember this story with this woman lacks Saturday, because she was smoking cigarettes, religious people probably say, Hey, don’t talk with her cheese smoking cigarettes. She will not pay attention about gospel, but I just do it because I did that before I received grace, I need to give grace to, so I used to start preaching and it’s imbibe here. Hey, give me five, five minutes. Believe me, five minutes. How, how many, how, how, how many minutes? And you too.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King  (24:23):

Well, how much, how many, how many minutes do people watch you?


Luis Carlos Nauvarrek (24:26):

Yeah. Five minutes. Yeah. Five minutes. You know, I think this is the five minutes time for preaching the gospel, you know, in five minutes. And I say, give me five minutes. And she say, five minutes is not too much. So yes, talking about that. And I start preaching the gospel and preaching the gospel in five minutes and God give her salvation. And I know she has a Turner life and I believe she prayed with me and she received Jesus Christ. And I saw the hair, her little boy, he, a little boy was listening. And he, he was paying attention when I was talking about, and he was very interested. So yes, even when, when, when you are talking the gospel, you never know what person will receive the message of salvation, but God is doing amazing things. God can do things that you never imagined in your life. So that boy received Jesus Christ to receive salvation. And I was just talking with a woman, but the boy was listening. So that moment was very special for me. And I remember that God’s, God’s makes, I saw, I saw tears in, in her face. Hmm.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King  (25:55):

God really touched her. Yeah. Louis, Carlos, thank you so much for serving King ministries, doing your practicum with us. Thank you for being on the podcast. Let’s finish today by praying for everyone who’s listening and asking God to anoint them, to be evangelists and to share the gospel with people. But instead of praying in English, could you pray for them in Spanish? Give me a good, Holy spirit prayer in Spanish for everyone who’s listening that God would use them in evangelism. Let’s do it.

Luis Carlos Nauvarrek (26:27):

Praying in Spanish 


Evangelism Coach Daniel King  (28:12):

For more information about how to share your faith or to financially support our worldwide evangelistic outreaches. Visit King ministries.com. Again, that’s King ministries.com.

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