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Mac Barnes | Fighting the Devil in Haiti

Mac Barnes has done over seventy Gospel crusades in Haiti, a nation where many people practice voodoo. In today’s podcast he talks about how to set people free who have been enslaved by the devil. 

Website: https://preciouspearl.org

In October, 1986 Mac Barnes attended the Jesus Calls School of Evangelism taught by Brother DGS Dhinakaran in Madras, India.  During that school Mac operated all nine gifts of the Holy Spirit.  When he returned to New Jersey he had his first outdoor gospel crusade called Heaven ’87 in Tompkins Park Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, NY.  Since 2005 Mac has had over 70 mass gospel crusades in Haiti.  

Show Notes: 

What are some of the unique challenges of doing crusades in Haiti? 

Learn how to handle demonic manifestations. 

Hear about the miracles God has done in Haiti. 

Learn how to operate in all nine gifts of the Holy Spirit. 

Key Scripture: John 10:10 

Key Quotes: 

Voodoo is devil worship. 


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:00):

Matt Barnes has done over 70 gospel crusades in the nation of Haiti, a nation where many people practice voodoo in today’s podcast. He talks about how to set people free, who have been enslaved by the devil.


Evangelism Podcast Announcer (00:16):

Jesus said go into all the world and preach the gospel. Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be welcome to the evangelism podcast with dr. Daniel King we’re Daniel interviews, full-time evangelists, pastors, missionary, and normal everyday Christians to discover how they share their faith, their powerful testimonies and amazing stories that will inspire you to reach people with the good news. And now here’s your host, missionary and evangelist Daniel King.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:54):

Welcome to the evangelism podcast. I’m Daniel King and I’m super excited about leading the world to Jesus. Today. I have a special guest Matt Barnes. He’s done many, many crusades in the nation of Haiti, brother Mac. Thank you so much for being with me today.


Mac Barnes (01:12):

Daniel is great to be here. Thank you.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (01:14):

So tell me some about your ministry and how you started doing crusades.


Mac Barnes (01:19):

Well, I went to a brother DGS Dhinakaran school of evangelism in 1986.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (01:26):

Here’s the great evangelist from India who did massive crusades all over India.


Mac Barnes (01:33):

Right. And he had a school of evangelism. And when you went, he taught on all the gifts of the spirit. So I operated all nine gifts of the Holy spirit and 1986 when I went to Madras India for the school of evangelism.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (01:49):

So what are some of the things that you learned from DGS Dhinakaran in India?


Mac Barnes (01:54):

Well what I learned when I came home was I was operating under his anointing. And so I’d tasted all these gifts, but now I had to get them in my own ministry. So I had, I had a crusade in Brooklyn, then I had other crusades in New Jersey and I became the leader of my church’s evangelism team. And I think one of the things that was really key was we always prayed in tongues for 30 minutes to an hour before we went out on the street. And by the time we got on the street, we had a smile on our faces that nobody could wipe it off.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (02:37):

And so a lot of your ministry has been focused in the nation of Haiti. Tell me, what is it like to do crusades in Haiti?


Mac Barnes (02:45):

Well, my Haitian partner, pastor Eddie Francois said Haiti is one of the only countries where black people want to listen to a white guy from America. And so I said, okay, I’m coming anyway. So,uwe would have crusades from Sunday to Sunday, eight days. And,uwe


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (03:05):

A lot of preaching. So is it morning and evening or


Mac Barnes (03:10):

Well, the meetings were in the evening, but in the morning we would have a pastors conference for two days. Uthere would be a Sunday school teacher’s conference and,uthere’d be a Sunday school crusade Sunday afternoon. And so we had a lot of things going besides the evening meetings, but there were about 70 people on the crusade team to put these events together.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (03:36):

That’s a huge team of people to coordinate a crusade. How many people would come to a typical crusade?


Mac Barnes (03:44):

Well, we usually had five or 10,000, sometimes 20,000 or 30,000 people a night.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (03:51):

Now in the nation of Haiti, often there are demonic manifestations. Tell me some about that.


Mac Barnes (03:59):

Well, people in Haiti worship voodoo, and I mean, if you go to the airport, they got voodoo art on the walls, in the Porter Prince airport. And so they think of voodoo as just a ordinary religion, but it’s not it’s devil worship. So they worship demons. They worship devils and they have a lot of bad outcomes. But when we would have crusades, people would fall down manifesting demons. And when that happens, the ushers would pick them up and carry them to a certain spot where the Christians would then cast out the devils and the people would get up born again, filled with the Holy spirit and, and go back to live their normal life. If


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (04:51):

When a demon manifests how can a Christian cast out the demon?


Mac Barnes (04:59):

Jesus gave his disciples power over unclean spirits to cast them out and to heal the sick. And that’s not one scripture. That’s about, Oh, it’s at least there’s over a hundred scriptures that say that we have authority over demons. And in addition, there’s an angel or angels standing right with you all the time. And when you tell a demon to go to the abyss, those angels are what give you the victory over the demon.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (05:34):

And so you take authority over the demon in the name of Jesus, you command your angel to take them to the abyss. And what impact does that have on the person who has opened up the door to the devil?


Mac Barnes (05:49):

Well, it has a tremendous impact because they’re in , they’re free at all. You know, they may think that, Oh, I think the devil sounds really cool. You know, I might I might be able to get an advantage over some enemy of mine, but soon they find out that they’re enslaved. It’s like joining the mob, you know, you commit one crime. And then they say, well, if, if you tell on us, we’re gonna, we’re gonna tell on you for that crime. You committed. So you’re, you know, like you’re in this for life. And,uso these people are in and when they get free, it’s incredible. You know, how, how good they feel. And you just see the look on their faces, a smile, the tears, they are just so thrilled to be free.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (06:45):

John 10, 10 says the thief Satan comes to steal, kill and to destroy. So anytime you open up a door in your life to the devil, he comes in and starts to steal. He starts to kill. He starts to destroy people’s lives, but Jesus says, I’ve come to give life and life more abundantly. So give me some testimonies of some of the miracles that you’ve seen Jesus do in Haiti.


Mac Barnes (07:13):

Well, if, if people go to a voodoo priest, for instance, to get healing, what’ll happen is they’ll have a little complaint, like a cough. And the, the demon, the voodoo priest will give them a big demon and the big demon old tell the little demon get lost. And so the person thinks, Oh, my cough is all better. I got healed by the voodoo priest. But what they don’t realize is they now have two demons minimum. Then the bigger demon is just letting the little demon, you know, be quiet for a while. And,uthen the person realizes, man, I got, I got big problems now, you know, and now I got a backache and arthritis and I still have a cough. So,uthat’s how people get, what do you want to call it sucked in to this, but when people get set free, they’re just so thrilled. I remember one girl, hhe told me she used to run around her neighborhood naked. And, hhen she got free, the smile on,


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (08:23):

I think we might have some of those demons here in America. They just appear a little bit differently.


Mac Barnes (08:29):

Yeah. When, when she got free, the smile on her face, I said that that smile would keep me coming to Haiti for the next two years. Just seeing that smile once. And that was, yeah, she had an incredible joy.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (08:45):

Now you said that over the course of your ministry, you’ve had the opportunity to operate in all nine gifts of the Holy spirit. How can someone begin to activate the gifts of the Holy spirit in their lives?


Mac Barnes (09:00):

Okay. Well, one thing you can do is go out on a limb. So if you want to activate the gift of prophecy, it’s best to start in a small group. Like if I used to go to this whole meeting at a Christian bookstore,ucalled Noah’s arc and Staten Island, and,uI started a prophecy there and it took a little,uwhat’s the right word, guts to stand up and say, the Lord is telling me this. But,uand then I remember our church had a meeting with two other churches. So there were three pastors, three churches, big crowd. And the Lord said, I got a prophetic word. And I go, Lord, I’m not giving a prophetic word in this crowd. This is too big. Anyway. So the Lord told me then just stand up. So I stood up and he goes, turn right. I turn right. I got to the aisle. He says, turn left. By the time he finished giving me instructions, I’m standing right in front of the speaker at his podium. And he goes, what are you here for? I have a prophetic word. So I gave my prophetic word, God will help you. God knows exactly what you’re going through when you try to operate spiritual gifts and he will give you the assistance, you need to get into it.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (10:17):

So tell me some stories about how some of the other gifts have manifested in your life. So we’ve talked about seeing spirits discerning that would be discernment of spirits. You’ve experienced that in Haiti. You just talked about giving a prophecy. I assume you’ve seen lots of healing miracles. So you’ve seen gifts of healing. What about some of the other gifts? What, how have you floated those?


Mac Barnes (10:41):

Let me talk about healing. We were having crusades in Haiti, but we weren’t getting very many people healed and a young minister talking the age of my children younger than my children came to me and said, can I go to Haiti with you? And at the end of the service, he had all these words of knowledge for healing. And so he, he, the whole, like the last 45 minutes, he’s just given words of knowledge. People are getting healed and he’s praying for him. And when I got off the stage, I go, that was great. I want what you have. And he goes, well, go to this school. And as it was called the school of healing by Randy Clark and, and so I get back to the United States. I get on the computer. I find out there’s one in two weeks in Colorado. I live in New Jersey and there’s one in six months, somewhere on the East coast. So I said, Lord, which one should I go to? And he goes, what have you been fasting and praying for? And I’ve been fasting coffee for 18 months because I wanted to get more people healed when I prayed for, and I go, okay, Lord, I’m going to the one and two weeks you got me. So I have been getting so many more people healed since I went to that course on the healing school.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (12:06):

Can you give me a testimony of an individual who was healed?


Mac Barnes (12:10):

Okay. So we were praying for people. We had a medical clinic and we went to Haiti with, with about 24 people. And a bunch of them are nurses and a couple of doctors, and I’m not anything medical. So we were working the line of people waiting to see the doctor. And we prayed for this lady and her ear opened up. So she was deaf in one ear and we prayed for her and her, her ear opened up. So that was, that was a great miracle.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (12:45):

That’s awesome. Could you pray for our listeners that they would be able to cast out demons and that they would be able to start to, to flow in the gifts of the Holy spirit


Mac Barnes (12:58):

Father? I thank you for the gifts of the Holy spirit. Lord, I give you praise honor glory for all of your provision, Lord, I thank you that you are a wonderful teacher. You, you teach us in the way that we need to learn. And each one is different. Each person has different things. They need to learn in a different order, but you teach all of us and you’re so patient and so kind and so gentle. So now Lord, I declare that everybody listening to this broadcast can operate spiritual gifts and yes, they have to learn. Yes, they have to start. Yes, they have to begin, but it will be so easy once they get over there,uwas, shall we call it insecurities and just step out and start to do it in Jesus name? Let it be done. Amen.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (13:51):

Amen. Thanks so much for being on the podcast. Bless you.


Mac Barnes (13:55):

God bless you, Daniel. Good to be with you


Evangelism Podcast Announcer (13:58):

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