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Michael Moonoo | Belize Festival of Hope Outreach Continues to Produce Fruit

 In 2018, Evangelist Daniel King organized a massive evangelistic outreach in the nation of Belize. Ten evangelists joined together and did ten crusades simultaneously. One of those evangelists was Pastor Michael Moonoo. He has continued to go back to the same island where his crusade took place. In today’s episode, he shares about the continuing fruit that has been produced in Belize since the nationwide outreach.

Show Notes: 

What fruit do large evangelistic events produce? Today we talk to Pastor Michael Moonoo. In 2018, he participated in our massive outreach to the nation of Belize called the Belize Festival of Hope. Since then he has gone back to Belize several times and on today’s podcast he shares testimonies about some of the long-term fruit our outreach produced in that nation. 

Website: https://www.destinylife.org

Pastor Michael Moonoo started in ministry as the youth pastor at his church in Houston, TX.  He attended Bible College in Columbus, Tx where he eventually became a faculty member. Her also met his wife there. They moved to Dallas and became youth pastors and later associate pastors. In 2007 the Lord spoke to them to start Destiny Life church. 

 For the last several years they have taken teams from their church down to the nation of Belize. They participated in the Belize Festival of Hope and they have continued to see great fruit from that event especially on the island of Key Caulker. 


What fruit have you seen on Key Caulker since you participated in the Belize Festival of Hope? 

What is God doing in Belize right now? 

What plans do you think God has for the nation of Belize? 

Key Quote: Some plant, some water, some bring in the harvest. When you did the big national event, you planted a huge seed, we came in behind what you were doing and were able to do the cultivating, the pruning, and the nurturing and bring in the harvest. It takes everyone doing their part. 


Daniel King (00:00):

Welcome to the podcast. I’m with my good friend, pastor Michael Mooney from destiny life church. And several years ago, we did a massive outreach in the nation of beliefs. It was a nationwide outreach. We took 10 evangelists, did 10 crusades simultaneously all over the entire nation of beliefs. And, and pastor Michael was already working down there and beliefs, but he joined in on the outreach that w God had put in our hearts to do for the whole nation. And where did you go for your crusade during that event?


Pastor Michael Moonoo (00:34):

Well, we went out to key caulker there it’s a little Island, 20 miles off the coast to believe. So how do you get to key Cocker? Well, there’s two ways. There is a little puddle jumper airlines, but they’re kind of expensive. It’s a five minute flight, I believe. However, you can take a 50 minute boat ride for like 36 bucks round trip, and it was, it’s an experience. So that’s what we did. We had a blast.


Daniel King (00:56):

And so you participated in that nationwide outreach and people were saved during the outreach. They’re on key Cocker, but you’ve continued to go back to the nation of beliefs and go back to that, that particular Island tell us what’s been happening since then. Well,


Pastor Michael Moonoo (01:15):

So, you know, after the crusade that you had set up out there and it was such a privilege to get to be there and take part what you guys were doing. We, we had so many miracles that happen on the Island, and I believe those pastors really, their eyes were opened up. There was a couple in particular, this absolutely ate up the word. And so when, when we left, we contacted about a month later, contacted some of the pastors and they asked us if we would come back. And from that point on, I think we’re five years going now that they’ve been so receptive to the word of God, we are still seeing people say, we’re still seeing people healed people delivered, and they’re receiving the word of God and their ministries are increasing. They’re doing bigger things for God. We’re seeing their faith rise up one pastor in particular.


Pastor Michael Moonoo (02:04):

You know, he, he has a tent for his church and he puts it on a rented land. This guy is believing big and we’re believing with him, but he started a kid’s ministry on the Island and he would maybe have 15, 20, maybe 25 kids. And he consistently, every Saturday morning he would meet with those kids. He would feed those kids. And later on because of that door, that was open at the crusade, we wound up bringing a team of about 22 people from Amarillo, Texas last year. And we did a camp for the entire Island will now pass


Daniel King (02:40):

Oscar for all the children on the Island for all the children on the Island. And so how many kids came to them?


Pastor Michael Moonoo (02:45):

We have our, our number by the end of the week was about 109. I believe


Daniel King (02:49):

We’re not talking about a very big Island. That’s almost every kid on the whole place yet


Pastor Michael Moonoo (02:55):

Was told. The elementary school only has about 80 something kids. So you had more kids


Daniel King (03:00):

At your event than actually go to the elementary school.


Pastor Michael Moonoo (03:03):

Correct? That was great. And it was one of the biggest things the Island has ever seen. And and so with that now, after we left the kids ministry for pastor Oscar, it’s basically doubled. And so he has anywhere from 40 to 50 every week, he feeds them. And, and even during some of the trying times like the, you know, all the different virus stuff going on, he made a vow that he was going to keep feeding those kids. And some of those kids that might be the only good meal they have during that week.


Daniel King (03:32):

Wow. So you’ve continued to have an impact there. And then have you been going to other places and beliefs as well? What’s been happening in those other places?


Pastor Michael Moonoo (03:39):

We have, we we’ve been going down to Punta Gorda for about six years to another church down there in that area. But then last year in November, a door opened up there was a pastor in Dan Grega that we had, we had met through Facebook and, and we kind of follow each other and different things. And we were going to Belize to bring Christmas presents, to get to the Island. And so since we’re going to be in Belize, we, we never really could schedule this gentleman because of our, our time so limited, but since we’re going down anyway, we scheduled him. That door opened up. We had so many great things happen during that week of teaching and ministering the word, administering the anointing. And so now the re that region in the town of van Grega has opened up. And we’ll be we’re planning on going back during Thanksgiving this year, but it’s now he has a feeding program and he’s feeding every single day. Well, I have such a great love for the nation


Daniel King (04:33):

Beliefs and all of the wonderful pastors that are there. It’s such a unique country. Half the people speak English, half the people speak Spanish, you have the Caribbean feel to it, but then you also have the Latin American fields kind of like Guatemala. You also have the Mayan that are down the Punto Gorda area up North in the orange walk area. It really feels like part of Mexico,


Pastor Michael Moonoo (04:58):

The nights in in some of that area


Daniel King (05:01):

Also. And then you have Mennonites and then you have the, the, the, the people, the, the [inaudible] people that are there as well. So you’ve got all these different cultures and different people. And God’s hand is upon the nation of beliefs. I think it is perfectly situated to have an impact on nations all over the world. It can have an impact on the Caribbean. It can have an impact on Latin America. It’s only a short plane ride from Houston, Texas, so it can have an impact on, on the United States. And it’s still considered part of the British Commonwealth. And so sometimes the British Navy comes and docks their ships there, so it can have an impact over in Europe. And so I think God’s eye is upon the nation of beliefs. And I believe that revival is coming to the nation.


Pastor Michael Moonoo (05:50):

Yeah, I believe that. And you know, you mentioned some of those nations, we found that there’s, there are tons of Israelis that go to the Island, tons of Italians that go to the Island and tons of Canadians. So you’re so right when you mentioned that that is a hub, and it’s almost like a launch place. As a matter of fact, our pastor friend in Punta Gorda has actually sent someone from his church to minister in Canada. And so now we’re seeing that we’ve sent people to Billy’s for years. People still go to Belize, but now believes is sending people out into other regions and sending the gospel out from the country.


Daniel King (06:24):

Wow, that’s tremendous, you know, years ago, God spoke to me and said, Daniel, the mission field will become a mission force. And so lots of mission trips have come to beliefs. I mean, they, they get on the plane from Houston and sometimes on one plan, you’ll have two or three different mission trips that come down and they’re ministering. And so beliefs has been considered a mission field by, by many, but I think the day is coming where beliefs will become a mission force and reach out to the nations all over the world and have an impact. And, and I love the pastors down there and, and the people of beliefs, I’m just praying for God’s spirit to be poured out on the nation.


Pastor Michael Moonoo (07:05):

Absolutely. You know, they’re doing such a strong work down there and what I’ve noticed, you know, it’s, you know, the, the, the, the nation is not a very wealthy nation at all. It’s very poor. However, I see these pastors, they, they go beyond themselves and giving to their people and bringing good things to their people, and they really make big sacrifices for their churches, for their communities. And they’re so selfless. That’s what I see. They’re so selfless. I’ll tell you real quick. One of the pastors down there, we were down there a couple of years ago, he showed us some land that they were blessed with. And he told me his vision was to to grow cacau, that the thing they make chocolate out of. And of course, it’s very lucrative. Well, you know, he, he did plant some cacao, but then he planted a lot of fruit trees.


Pastor Michael Moonoo (07:52):

Well, at the onset of, of some of the, the, the pan, the COVID stuff, these fruit trees had started bearing fruit, and that he will pack up a little small pickup loaded with fruits and vegetables and take it out to the villages and all these people can eat. And so nobody’s going to starve out of this guy’s jurisdiction because there’s tons and tons of fruits and vegetables that he and his people have made a community garden. And now they’re, they’re just going. And so he could have planted cacau and made all kinds of money, but he was thinking, what can I do for my people? And the timing was perfect because nobody would buy, look a cow, any in the world because nobody’s going in or out. So this is perfect. And we’re seeing that kind of thing happened in Belize.


Daniel King (08:33):

Wow. What a tremendous testimony. Well, I really consider what you’re continuing to do to be part of the fruit of the, the massive beliefs festival of hope that, that we got to do. And I’m so delighted that you’re still down there working in beliefs, that, that you didn’t abandon the country, but you’re continuing to work because ultimately to change a nation, you can’t do it all at one time. It did, it takes a process building up disciples. And so thank you so much for continuing to work in the nation of beliefs.


Pastor Michael Moonoo (09:05):

Thank you for planting that seed. You know, you mentioned it so well, I believe some plant some water, some bring in the harvest. And when you did the, the big, big national event that you did, that really was a major seed. And then we came in behind what you were doing. And we were able to do the cultivating after that and do some of the pruning and nurturing, and then also bringing in some of that harvest. So it takes everybody doing their part. Amen. Everyone do their part.


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