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Morgan Hill | The Merging of Business and Ministry

Morgan Hill is a successful businessman and a successful minister. On today’s podcast he is going to talk about merging business and ministry. You will learn what God can do through a businessman who has decided to use his wealth for building God’s kingdom.

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Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:00):
Morgan Hill is a successful businessman and a successful minister on today’s podcast. He’s going to talk about merging business and ministry, and you’re going to learn what God can do through a businessman. Let’s listen, as he shares about what God has been doing around the world,

Evangelism Podcast Host (00:33):
Welcome to the evangelism podcast with Dr. Daniel King, where Daniel interviews, full-time evangelists, pastors, missionaries, and normal everyday Christians to discover how they share their faith, their powerful testimonies, and amazing stories that will inspire you to reach people with the good news. And now here’s your host, missionary and evangelist Daniel King.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:56):
Welcome To the evangelism podcast. I’m Daniel King, and I’m excited about telling people about Jesus today. I have a very special guest with me, Morgan hill. He has served on the board of king ministries, been a good friend for many years, and we are together in Pakistan. Morgan, thank you for being with me on the evangelism podcast, Daniel,

Morgan Hill (01:20):
It’s always a pleasure to be with you and to actually be with you serving the Lord. So thank you.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (01:25):
Now you are both a businessman and a, a minister. You have been very successful in both arenas. Talk to me a little bit about how that functions in your life.

Morgan Hill (01:40):
Well, you know, Daniel, I ran away from God for many years because I thought, excuse me, it was in either or I was either going to be in business or I was perhaps gonna go to Bible college and serve as a pastor. And as I ran away, I realized that first of all, I was trying to, you know, get away from God being Lord of Jesus being Lord of my life. But then he began to UN UN unveil to me, if you will, that it’s not an either or we’re all called to serve. If there was one message from this podcast that I would love for your listeners to hear is that we are all called to serve this notion of there are professional ministry people. And then the rest of us is a construct that really isn’t based in scripture. And so when God really opened my eyes to that, he began to show me ways in which I could not only operate in my business, but also use the profits from the business as a means to further the gospel, which is the reason it says in Deuteronomy that the Lord God is the one who gives us the ability to earn wealth. And my passionate belief is that wealth should be used to to further the, the kingdom of God.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (02:49):
So let’s talk about some of the ministries that you have been involved in over the years. You’ve had a, an impact in a variety of different nations and a variety of different types of organizations. Talk to me about the, the ministries that you’ve been involved

Morgan Hill (03:06):
In. I, as I get ready to share this, I appreciate the question. I’m always a bit hesitant because it can sound very self-serving and I want to emphasize that the Lord I’m, I’m not only grateful for the grace, the amazing grace of Jesus, but as we have talked, I never cease to be just completely just breath. My breath is taken away that Jesus chooses us as his primary instrument of sharing the gospel and spreading the good news. And so when I look at acts chapter one, what God has led me to do is very much in line with that. My wife and I, my wife, Holly are very actively involved in ministry, but personally I do a lot locally. For years I have served in my local church teaching to just various classes, just doing things locally.

Morgan Hill (03:56):
I am involved actively with discipleship. There are about a half a dozen young men that I have walked monthly in their lives for up to 20 years now in counting just to pour my life into my, the Timothys of the world. I’ve had a chance to actually be a part of starting ministries. There’s an organization called growing leaders with Dr. Tim Elmore. That is now I think, gosh, we’re 20 years at 20th anniversary that we do leadership development around the world to to young leaders. There’s an organization that God led me to called heart for Lebanon where after the civil war broke out in 2006 in Lebanon Dr. Camille Milky and gentleman named Tom Adam, and I had a chance to come together and form heart for Lebanon, working with refugees and humanitarian relief. Not only for the people of Lebanon, but also the Iraqi refugees and now the Syrian refugees.

Morgan Hill (04:50):
And God then led me into prison ministry where I’m still very active sharing the gospel and discipleship with a, a young man that I came alongside. His name is Tim France, wonderful young man of God. Who’s God led to start this ministry. And I came along. So at the end of the day, it’s acts chapter one, it’s Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, uttermost parts of the earth. And God has really led me Daniel. And you understand this to kind of go where most people don’t want to go. I’ve had a chance to minister around the world. I continue to be in places like Pakistan with you, the middle east going behind prison bars to share the gospel. And I’m just grateful that God allows me to do that. And and I just encourage those that may be listening to be open, because if you had told me 20 some years ago, not only that I would be serving the Lord and be in business, but I would be going and doing what I’m I’m currently doing. Wouldn’t have believed you, but God had a plan that was way, way better than any of my limited thinking.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (05:54):
Well, king ministries is very grateful for your involvement with us over the years, we actually first met absolutely in Mexico. My parents were missionaries down there and you came on a trip down to Mexico and, and God connected us. Mm-Hmm <affirmative>, it’s just been, been wonderful to have you part of our lives. You were a very successful CEO. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> of a major corporation here in America, and you were pursuing success and fame and wealth, but you weren’t serving the Lord and now everything has, has completely changed in your life. Jesus really has changed you. Talk to me about your testimony in how Jesus got ahold of

Morgan Hill (06:41):
You. Oh, absolutely. It was first of all, my parents broke up and it’s the true of many families. Unfortunately, my parents broke up and I remember December 31st, 1974, packing up our belongings, my mom, my brother and I, and our little dog Sasha and went off to Florida. And we began this journey that was kind of a dissent, a dissent materially into nothing, but God had a plan. And so we ended up moving Daniel in my, I was 14, almost 15, gosh, over the, the last years of high school, we were in three different states, five different schools, four years. And really my focus was just to make sure every place we went, I could get a job to make sure that there was enough money. I loved my father. My father became a believer and wonderful man. I learned so much from him, but let’s just say that was a season in which I had to become the man of the house.

Morgan Hill (07:33):
And my worries in high school were about rent and food and homelessness. And so I built up, but I became a believer. My mom took us to church sometimes against my wishes, kicking and screaming, but I accepted Jesus, my Lord and savior at the age of 16 at Cal assembly of God in Orlando. And I was on fire. Oh my gosh, I would go to camp meetings. If there was a service, I was there. I would, I, I had a stack of index cards, easily, an inch plus thick where it was scripture. And I would be memorizing. I remember one time disobeying my mother. She said, you need to get your rest. And I would get up. And she caught me to study the Bible. And I sometimes justified, well, I’m getting up to, to pray and be with Jesus.

Morgan Hill (08:16):
She said, but you’re being disobeyed in your mother. You need to get back to bed. And so, but I was on fire, but this, the passage that Jesus talks about in Matthew, where it says the seed my, the seed that fell, it, it fell among the thorns and the cares in the affairs of this world and the deceitfulness of riches choked the seed and it became UNF, fruitful, Daniel. I was just tired of being poor. I was tired of the struggle. I thought when I was living in Tulsa at this moment of our, our beat up apartment was right behind all Roberts university. And I could look out and see the maybe center. I thought I was gonna maybe go to Bible college. Maybe I’ll be a professional evangelist like yourself, or maybe I’m gonna go be a pastor. And again, just the cares and the affairs choked it.

Morgan Hill (09:00):
And I just began to run. And I told Jesus, I said, I won’t deny you, cuz I was smart enough with the Bible. I didn’t wanna burn for eternity, but I said, well, you know, you kind of be there. I’ll check in with you a few times a year, perhaps official holidays, but I’m gonna live my life for me. And the bottom line is, is I got what the world says you should get. Was enormously successful, became a CEO of a pretty good sized corporation, had to close the cars to cash the house on the golf course, all the stuff that you would imagine. But I was spiritually bankrupt. My relationships with my family were fractured. I had burned through two marriages. But it was all okay. As long as I got the clothes, the cars, the cash I had become.

Morgan Hill (09:46):
So bereft of any moral compass. And there was a day in August of 2000 where I gave my board of directors in ultimatum thinking that I was so I was so into myself that surely they would, <laugh> take an ultimatum from a petant, you know, 39, 40 year old. And it was a Wednesday where I gave that ultimatum to say, you need to do this, this, this, and this, and to follow my direction. And we’re gonna March on to new Heights. And then I remember eight o’clock, August 18th, 2000 burned in my mind where I’m walking in thinking I’m gonna have the board of directors there just falling over my wisdom. And it was basically a couple of folks, including the CEO of the quote, the, of the, the, the head of the board. He was the chairman and they basically said, you know what we’ve decided to go in a different direction and it doesn’t involve you <laugh>.

Morgan Hill (10:38):
And so I found myself in my car at 8 0 5 staring at my clock in a parking lot of a Starbucks going, what do I do? I’ve sacrificed everything on the altar of me and it’s all gone. And so I found myself, Daniel in my home having this moment where I realized that I could die. And I say this literally, and there were no relation, no one called days would go by where I had no interaction. And I said to my, I had this moment of reflection where I go, this is the life that I’ve built. This is the life where me is the, where, where Morgan is the Lord of my life. And God began to wake me up in the night and I just never forget. I’ve got the little post-it notes where he began to share with me passive scripture that I hadn’t read for years.

Morgan Hill (11:28):
Because at the end of the day, I never quite fit into church. And people were standing I’m kneeling. If people were clapping, I’m singing. If people were leaving, I’m coming. I, I just never quite connected even when I was in the midst of it. And I thought I was not the right kind of person to be a Christian. I’m very Peter esque in my Peter did some wonderful things for the gospel and for, for Jesus. But boy, there were some times where he, you know, kind of messed up and, and I found myself like that. And I said, Lord, you didn’t make me to be a Christian because I’m maybe a little more of a bull at a China shop. And he shared with me, Jeremiah won. He woke me up in the night and he said, son, before you were formed in your mother’s room, I knew you, but left to you being Lord without my spirit.

Morgan Hill (12:14):
This is what happens. And I not only want to redeem you, but I want to teach you. And as I moved forward, he says, I, the business is fine, son. I want you to use it under my Lordship as a holy thing, and then be willing to go where I lead you and the duality of this I never saw coming in, but I’m so grateful. And part of my message to maybe your listening audience is the business folks out there. Please don’t think that it’s a, this or that. It’s either I’m in business or I’m in a career or ministry it’s this and that. And if you’re open, as I have now been educated, God can do miraculous things, miraculous things. And I’m so eternal grateful that he not only saved me, but he lets me help him. And that’s why I’m honored to be with you and serve with a number of ministries. And I count king ministries to be top among them for the work that God’s doing through you.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (13:08):
Let’s talk about what God has done here this week. We’re in the nation of Pakistan and God has, has moved. We’ve done crusade. You came and spoke at our, our leadership conference. Kind of tell the audience what you’ve seen just in the, the couple of days that you’ve been here. It’s really a miracle you even made it.

Morgan Hill (13:28):
Oh yeah. Based on all the visa and everything. It is a miracle. One of the things that I really notice first of all, is I’m, I’m always honored to be with people who truly sacrifice for the gospel. You know, it always reminds me that the comfort that we enjoy, especially in the United States coming over here when people really put it on the line for Jesus. What I saw was just an energy and enthusiasm for the gospel. And you know, I think sometimes the creature comforts of the us I often have wondered this is not an indictment, but if we turn the air conditioning off and every church in America what would attendance do? Versus as we’ve been here to say that it’s been warm is an understatement. Yet people are packed into small rooms, excited to worship and pray, and no one’s looking at a clock.

Morgan Hill (14:19):
No one’s looking at well. It’s about time for me to leave. So I’ve been impressed with just the commitment of the people of Pakistan. And also just seeing what God’s doing how God is, is just moving through the lives of people who are coming to know him as coming to know Jesus’ Lord and savior. So I’ve enjoyed that. And then the hospitality and the graciousness, no matter what they have, they give freely and generously and you and I have joked, I’ve gotten more. First of all, I’ve not gotten bouquets of flowers as a normal course of my life. I have as I sit here right now, there’s seven bouquets of flowers and I think I’ve missed one, absolutely beautiful. We’ve been showered with the hospitality of not only food and tea and, and warmth in people’s homes, but also just being showered with rose petals as we come in and minister. And there’s just this eagerness to not only just continue to, to, to grow personally, but this passion and as I’ve listened to you preach this passion among the people of Pakistan to further the gospel and to risk it, all that others might come to know Jesus, and I’ve just been honored to be in their presence.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (15:27):
Let’s talk about one ministry that you’re very passionate about, and that is prison ministry. You go to prison for Jesus all the time. And, and so what does that look like? All over America, there, there are, are prisons and maybe people listening might be interested in getting involved in a, a prison ministry. What does that look like ministering to, to prisoners?

Morgan Hill (15:50):
Yeah. again, as I, as people have often asked me, it’s like, Morgan, how did you get involved in all the things that you’re involved in? I said, listen, this is not false, you know, humility. I’m not this smart. If you graft it out, it’s just like, wow. I went here and I met here, how you and I met is just a miracle years ago. But prison ministry, I was actually coming back from a mission trip. I was in Miami, Florida, and I’m waiting for my bag and standing beside me as this young man, his name is Tim France. And we just ended up striking up a conversation, waiting for luggage, and we exchanged phone numbers. Hey, let’s kind of keep in touch. And we started this discipleship relationship and he shared that he had been led to start a ministry called break loose, and they do sports ministry, basketball and softball, depending on the the season of the year.

Morgan Hill (16:37):
And he does work all throughout what would be considered perhaps the Midwest, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan is where they’re based. And he’s just doing this wonderful work. And I, at this point in our conversation one day, I said, well, Tim, can I help you? I’d love to walk along with you and I’d love to be involved with the ministry. And he said, would you, I said, I’d be honored. Excuse me. And so I began this process where I’m not only involved as an advisory board member in the budgets and numbers and those kinds of things, but I’m passionate about wherever the money goes, my feet follow along. And so I said, well, I, I’m not good at basketball or softball, but I love Jesus. And I’m happy to carry the balls and the bats and do whatever. And so I began that very thing.

Morgan Hill (17:21):
And so I crammed into a, usually a, of, one of those eco line vans with about a dozen other young guys way too many guys for the space that we got, but we got the van that we’ve got and we travel all over in various states. And as we go behind prison bars, first of all, I’m a, as I sit here right now, I’ve been doing it probably eight or nine years. I don’t have a rap sheet. I don’t have a tattoo. And I’m a, middle-aged now probably more than middle-aged Anglo man Caucasian, I’m around a lot of folks, Daniel that are not like me in any way, shape or form, but here’s, what’s been interesting is we’ll, you know, play softball and whatnot. And then I’m find myself standing on a Bleacher I’m in the middle of the pitcher’s Mount, or I might be in center court, just raising my voice to anyone that will hear to share the gospel.

Morgan Hill (18:08):
But one of the things that has just resonated with me as I began to share the gospel is what the apostle Paul talks about in his letter to the church at Rome, we’ve all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, Romans 3 23. And as I began to share with these inmates, I said, you know, we’re all different, really different, but one way that we’re all the same is that we’ve all sinned. We’ve all fallen short and we all are in desperate need of a savior. And I’ve been just just blessed at how God has used this moment of maybe somebody like me and them, this awkwardness of this two disparate groups of people, but it comes together because the holy spirit moves us to say, you know what, we’re more alike than we’re not alike. And I’ve been privileged to be able to, you know, share the gospel and also help with discipleship.

Morgan Hill (18:57):
We’ve got resources and materials. And Tim France is just this unbelievable young man who just took a risk. And he doesn’t have all the credentials and all the things that you would think, but he just felt led based on his own journey to say, I just need to get behind prison bars and minister the gospel. And I, we encourage folks to come along. Unfortunately, we don’t get a lot of takers because people are like, oh, you’re going into maximum security prison. I watch all these television shows, but kind of like coming to Pakistan. I’m blessed so abundantly when I go. But I encourage others to think, think about going where most folks want to walk away. I think there’s a desperate need across the world to go where others don’t want to go going to Pakistan, going to parts of the middle east, going behind prison bars. It’s, it’s not a calling necessarily for everyone, but boy, I encourage because I’m the least likely guy, the least likely guy. And when I find myself in Pakistan with you ministering, when I find myself doing work in the middle east, and I find myself behind prison bars, only Jesus only Jesus would know that plan. So I encourage your listeners, be open to a plan that may be completely different than what we may have imagined and watched God just do a tremendous work.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (20:16):
Speaking of going where no one else goes, mm-hmm <affirmative>, you have done a lot of work in Beirut Lebanon, right in the middle east. There’s not a lot of people that I know of that are doing effective ministry there, but your beautiful wife, Holly, you just celebrated 20 year anniversary and, and she comes from a, a Lebanese background. And so God has really connected your heart with that part of the world. Talk to me about the, the ministry that you’ve been able

Morgan Hill (20:46):
To be involved in there in Lebanon. Yeah. You know hopefully this is for those who are listening, who are probably more like me, I would like to say that this was my, my work in Lebanon started with some fasting and praying and some really good spiritual work <laugh> I met a gentleman named Dr. John Maxwell who has done just wonderful leadership work. And there was an org thing that he was doing called million leader mandate. And I got invited to be a part and we’d go out two by two, all over the world. And I came into his office and there was this huge map of the world. And they said, Morgan, you’re one of the first people that we’ve talked to. Where would you like to go? And I looked Daniel, I went, ah, Bayroot Lebanon sounds kind of cool.

Morgan Hill (21:31):
<Laugh> literally, that was the thought that I had. There wasn’t any overtly spiritual there probably should have been, but I just said, that sounds kind of cool. Went home to tell my wife, Hey, I’m going to Bayroot Lebanon. And she said, what? I said, yeah, that sounds like kind of a cool place to go. Don’t you think? And let’s just say in our early marriage, Daniel, she was less than pleased with my, my choices, but, you know, I think God sometimes looked after fools as well as children. And I was just, oh, okay, Lord. Yeah, I’m gonna go. But God’s hand was all over it. He’s just kind of led me just so graciously, but I flew over there and began to work for three years, every six months with a gentleman named Tom, Tom Adamma. Tom was Billy Grahams radio ministry president.

Morgan Hill (22:13):
He served with Dr. John Maxwell, just this unbelievable man of God. Well, Tom and I were doing the leadership training and we worked with a gentleman gentleman named Dr. Camille Milky, Dr. Milky was the head of the Bible Institute over in Beirut. And so we’re doing the leadership and everything’s wonderful bringing people from that region of the world. And then in 2006, the war broke out and as Dr. Milky will tell the story he just had a heart for Lebanon, hence, hence the name. And as a Bible college leader, he was trying to encourage people. Oh, you know, now’s the time for us to put into action? What we’ve been teaching. They’re the people who have a need, let’s go. And he will share the story that unfortunately he didn’t have nearly as many takers. And so he said, I, I just feel my wife and I feel led to start heart for Lebanon, Camille and Hoda, Milky are their names.

Morgan Hill (23:06):
And he came to Tom and I and he said, would you come alongside and help <laugh>. And what that looked like is, you know, we just came together with like an envelope with paperclips and receipts for budget and you know, what do we do? And it, it, it was a ministry of leadership development humanitarian relief. And it all started with helping the people of Lebanon when the war broke out. It did led to the Iraqi refugees. It then led to the Syrian refugee crisis. And they’re doing not only humanitarian, et cetera building schools building facilities, we’re now we’re seeing a huge revival take place among the Muslim community where people are after the civil war, they’re coming over and saying, we just need to hear about Jesus. And we see families being baptized. And and as I had a chance to help launch heart heart for Lebanon my role now having served, and I was a chairman of the board and actively bringing, you know, we’ve, we’d pack up food, you know, grain and soap and oil, and we’d be on the back of a truck in the camps, you know, unloading sharing tea in the tents with the people.

Morgan Hill (24:14):
My role now is really helping teach teachers. We do a lot of work with youth and schools. And so now it’s equipping the teachers to teach these young, especially refugee children to follow Jesus versus perhaps Hamas or heah to really give their life to the Lord. And so I’m just, again, honored to walk alongside some amazing people, amazing people.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (24:39):
You have served on the board of king ministries and you’ve come here to Pakistan. You’ve, you’ve seen what we do. And you’re a, a businessman. You’re a numbers guy. Yeah. You understand ROI return on investment. And if you were to sit down with another businessman and the businessman said, Morgan, should I support king ministry? Should I support Daniel King? What would you honestly say to them about how we use the money that God has given us? Yeah.

Morgan Hill (25:13):
I’m so glad you asked this question, Daniel. I, I wanna shade this, share this as lovingly as, as I can. First of all, everything that that I, as I sit here today, I, I would be lost and a total totally gone if it weren’t for the love and the graciousness of the Lord and, and his provision and his oversight as a businessman there are times, and I say this as lovingly as I can as I, you know, will earn the dollar to then go and, you know, provide and, and do whatever. The Lord certainly uses my skills and abilities, but it’s hard to earn a dollar. And I think there’s times where, as I’ve been involved with business and ministry have started ministries have come alongside to support. There are times where people who are perhaps again, full-time ministry, if you wanna use that terminology that forget maybe how a dollar is earned, not how a dollar is asked for, but how a dollar is earned.

Morgan Hill (26:15):
And and there have been ministries that I’ve been around that I said, you know, I, I’m not saying that you can’t have a, a nice this or go a nice place wherever or travel, but I’m back in coach on, you know, 18 hour flights with the, the thing the, the, the backrest in my nose. And sometimes, well, you know, the, the minister needs to be in business class or this, and I, and I’m not trying to say that maybe you don’t, but God is leading me to work hard to earn the money. And I said, you gotta be respectful of how it’s asked for and how it’s spent. And I think sometimes we may lose sight of that. One of the reasons that I love not only what God’s doing through you, I’ve known you now for 20 years. It’s not only the purity of sharing the gospel and raising up disciples, but you go where others don’t necessarily want to go.

Morgan Hill (27:08):
But I, we shared this the other day. You’re great with the dollar and Tim France. My dear friend is good with the dollar. Dr. Tim Elmore is good with the dollar, the ministries that I’m involved with, I want to be a good steward and a Stu good steward is not just giving it, in my opinion, a good steward is making sure it goes where it’s good soil and where the seed is planted. It will be nurtured and will produce a crop, you know, a hundred fold. And as you and I were talking, one of the things that I think is is not amazing, it’s the wrong word, but I think it’s being a good steward for every dollar that someone gives to king ministry. Someone comes to know Jesus and spend eternity with him. That is amazing. I’ve seen ministries where that ratio is not nearly as good.

Morgan Hill (27:54):
And so when you think about, well, I’m gonna SP you know, invest a dollar. To me, unfortunately, I see too much goes to infrastructure. I’ll see buildings that are being built, and there’s nothing wrong with the building, but it’s like, okay, how much is it being used? How much are we spending on sometimes salaries, nothing wrong with salaries. I’m a businessman, but I’m going, what’s the ratio of what’s actually going to sharing the gospel that someone comes to know Jesus outreach. I’m, I’ve been on, served on as an L dry serve on the church, you know, committees and whatnot. And I go, I love everybody, but how much of this money that’s coming in is actually going to bringing people to Jesus and raising them up in a, a relationship based on Matthew 28, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you to walk in the footsteps.

Morgan Hill (28:41):
That’s what discipleship actually means. I’m gonna walk kinda like if we’re in the snow, I’m gonna follow the footprints of my dad because he’s paving the way, that’s what it is to follow Jesus and to become like him. And I just don’t see a lot of that financial responsibility. And I do think that one, as your listeners, a dollar bring someone to Jesus, which is awesome. And I do think I wanna be very clear that I don’t think that all the business principles be, oh, you need to run your church like a business or your business, like a business. I said, no, I think they’re businesses that need to be run in a more holy way. So I think the duality of this, I think businesses, we can say, Lord, you’re in charge. We wanna make it a holy moment.

Morgan Hill (29:25):
And then on the other side with ministry, maybe we are a little bit more detailed with the pencil and paper. But it’s specifically about king ministries. The reason that I’m here, the reason I care about you and your wife, Jessica, and the reason we’ve kind of reconnected after some years to do ministry is that, that this season of my life, I want every dollar that God allows me to earn my wife and I, that we then say, this is for ministry. I want it to be for eternal purposes, that every time a dollar goes out, I can know with confidence that king ministries is doing that to bring people to Jesus. And the simplicity of the gospel is pretty clear. Jesus wants everyone to have a relationship with him, and it’s been eternity with him. And I love how king ministries is. Not only doing it economically, but just your heart about how you use the, the resources is very respectful. You understand the holiness of giving and how that should be used for kingdom purposes. And I appreciate that so much about you, and that’s why I’ll go to the ends of the earth with you.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (30:26):
Thank you so much for your kind words, Mr. Morgan. And if you’re a businessman you’re listening right now, and you are looking for a place to invest in evangelism, absolutely. I would encourage you to become a partner with king ministries. We need your help. We cannot do what we do without the help of, of businessmen and people like you, Morgan. You know, I think that God has anointed you in the business realm for, for earning dollars and you invest that into the kingdom and you’re looking for investments and you want that investment to, to produce eternal results. Yeah. And, and that’s what we’re all about is, is eternal results. And so I think that the reward for those who send will be just as great as the reward for those who go. Yeah, because it is a special anointing to be able to invest in what God is doing. And so Mr. Morgan, thank you for being on the evangelism podcast, it is a wonderful delight to have you here in Pakistan with us. The Lord bless you.

Morgan Hill (31:32):
Absolutely. Thank you so much, Daniel. And for all those listening, God bless you. And I just encourage you to perhaps give Daniel a call king ministries and wherever God leads. You just know that he has a plan and be open to where God may take you, that you never thought might happen, but just to see how God’s at work, because when it’s all done, we want him to get the glory first and foremost. So again, thanks for letting me be a part of the podcast. Daniel.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (32:03):
Wonderful. Thanks so much for listening today. I am excited about telling people about Jesus. And I want to invite you to be a part of helping us to rescue people from hell and take them with us to heaven. There’s two things you can do to help. First of all, can you go find the evangelism podcast on apple iTunes and leave us a positive review by giving a review, you will help other people find these valuable resources about sharing our faith. And second, would you become a financial partner with king ministries? Every single dollar that people give us enables us to lead at least one person to Jesus. And so that means for only $1, you can help start a party in heaven. And so today I want to invite you to become a monthly partner. You can start out for just a dollar, but if God puts it on your heart to do more, of course you can do more, but please go to king ministries.com and become a monthly partner with us today to help us to lead more people to Jesus. Thank you so much. And God bless you

Evangelism Podcast Host (33:24):
For more information about how to share your faith or to financially support our worldwide evangelistic outreaches. Visit king ministries.com. Again, that’s king ministries.com.


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