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Sarah Nyanzi | Can God Save the United Kingdom?

Sarah Nyanzi was born in Uganda but now lives in the United Kingdom. She recently graduated from the Christ for All Nation Evangelism Bootcamp and now God has given her a vision for preaching the Gospel in the United Kingdom. Can God do the same miracles in the UK that He does in Africa? Let’s find out…


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Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:00):
Sarah Nyanzi was born in Uganda, but now lives in the United Kingdom. She recently graduated from the Christ for all nations evangelism bootcamp. And now God has given her a vision for preaching the gospel in the United Kingdom. Can God do the same miracles in the UK that he does in Africa? Let’s find out.

Evangelism Podcast Host (00:34):
Welcome to the evangelism podcast with Dr. Daniel King or Daniel interviews. Full-Time evangelists, pastors, missionaries, and normal everyday Christians to discover how they share their faith, their powerful testimonies and amazing stories that will inspire you to reach people with the good news. And now here’s your host, missionary and evangelist Daniel King.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:59):
Welcome to the evangelism podcast. I’m Daniel King, and I’m excited about telling people about Jesus today. I have a very special guest evangelist, Sarah NZI. Thank you so much for being with me today.

Sarah Nyanzi (01:12):
Thank you so much for having me. It’s an honor, and I’m excited evangelist.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (01:17):
Sarah is originally from the nation of Uganda, but now she lives in the UK and Sarah, could you tell me, how did you develop this passion for evangelism that God has given you?

Sarah Nyanzi (01:33):
Honestly, if I’m just to be honest with you, I’ve developed this passion that God has given me. And I would say it’s the gospel. I would say what’s changed. My life is here in the true gospel. I’ve been born again since 2012, you know, I’ve always been in the church. But what really clicked with me was when I heard the true gospel and when I heard the gospel, I remember when I received the fullness of the holy spirit, the first thing I wanted to do was to go out and tell somebody, I didn’t know what an evangelist was then I just thought, yeah, of course I have to tell people about what has happened to me. That was my first response. I remember getting on buses and on the street, I was like, I have to tell people what God has done. So for me, funny enough, it was only until later I realized, oh, that’s, that’s the thing.

Sarah Nyanzi (02:24):
That’s, you know, you that’s a calling. I didn’t know. I thought it was normal. So fell in love with Jesus, got filled with the holy spirit. And since then I’ve had a burning desire to tell other people about Jesus using social media. I’ve been writing for years blogging everywhere that I can, I wanna tell people about this best friend, this, this God that became human, you know, for us. And I think it’s really important for me. I feel like my, my gifting and my calling and my passion is isn’t just to win them, but I want them to come into a relationship, you know, a passionate relationship with Jesus. So that’s where I, I, I, I’m not, I don’t just wanna have a number of souls to win, but I wanna tell them, do you know, there’s a God that wants to talk to you about things in your life that are personal. So I wanna bring you into, I wanna make it more personable to people. So that’s where my passion came from.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (03:21):
That’s awesome. Now, you and I met in Orlando, Florida, you were a student at the Christ for All Nations Evangelism Bootcamp. What were some of the things that you learned at this intensive bootcamp training for people who have a passion for evangelism?

Sarah Nyanzi (03:42):
Wow. Goodness. There’s so much I can say, but I say I’ll, I think I’ll say the top things. One of the things I learned was again, you, as an evangelist, we have to know the gospel. I mean, we’re gonna share this beautiful thing with people that we preach you. We have to be. So one of the things that the evangelism bootcamp does, and we met so many great teachers like yourself, Daniel is that we really, Daniel Kolenda went into little things about what is the gospel? What is salvation? You know, what all those things. And we, we, it’s almost like he gave us the responsibility of knowing ourselves what these things mean. So that’s that’s, for me, that was the greatest lesson is that I was able to be under a teacher that taught me the gospel and it was a true gospel. So it was good for me because that’s an area that I’m very passionate about. Cause it’s a lot of things out there. So that was the first thing. Another thing that the evangelism.

Sarah Nyanzi (04:43):
Bootcamp taught me is, you know how to consider crusade evangelism. I’ve always had that vision in my heart, but I didn’t know that I could actually do it cause it’s a big task. So what the evangelism bootcamp did for me was to think globally, don’t just try to of quite, of course you can win people. One on one, you can meet, pull in the street and minister them. But how about putting on an event where you can pull in, you know, millions or thousands or hundreds of people at once? So it took the focus away from myself thinking about, oh, I’m gonna be this great evangelist, all of that, the Lord plucked that out. And he gave me the right perspective of why I should become a crusade evangelist. It’s not about me. It’s about Jesus. It’s about him almost. What’s that thing where he it’s like he gets more people all at once. And then the third, the third thing for the Evangel bootcamp that it ingrained in me is serving. I learned how to become a servant. I learned the value, serving someone else’s vision. You know, I’ve been I’ve done the I’ve been on this I guess your oldest might know what the capitalist is, but I’ve done the couples. Yeah. So you

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (05:52):
Did your, your bootcamp initiation in Tanzania. And then you went back to Tanzania to participate de capitalist, which the word de capitalist means 10 cities. It’s a, it’s from the book of Luke and Daniel Kalinda, the, the leader of Christ, all nations has a vision to do multiple crusades, multiple cities at the same time. And, and so I’ve actually had a privilege of participating in two Tanzania de capitalist events. And one time they did five cities. The next time they did six cities. And then you went back for a big event in Darra Salam, which is the capital of Tanzania’s a huge city, but kind of tell me what that outreach looked like in Dar Salam in doing multiple events across the city at the same time.

Sarah Nyanzi (06:43):
Honestly, that’s, that’s probably where I learned how to serve the most. It changed my life. You really see the background work of putting on a crusade. You see how sea fund does. You know, I, I was under, I was in a a district called, called Kimara micro director was Brady. It was three of us, three of the main CFA people. And, you know, I was, it was a, it’s a big responsibility, but that is where if you wanna become an evangelist, if you wanna be, if you want to be trained in that way, then you can put, then it’s okay to be given, to put yourself in a when you’re like, okay, Lord, you’ve given me this responsibility, so I’m gonna do it. It was life changing. First, first and foremost, the people, the relationships that you form with the locals is incredible because I’ll give you an example.

Sarah Nyanzi (07:30):
You know, I had the volunteer comm, I had different committees basically. And one of them came up to me and they were like, we’ve never seen a young per well, we haven’t seen a young person, you know, at your age, serving God like this. I know that wasn’t me. I know that’s the training. That’s the, the thing that God is doing on the inside of me, that people can see it. So you get to build relationships with churches. People get to look at you, they see you, they watch you, the locals watch you. And even that’s a to money. We saw miracles. You know, one of the, one of the miracles I’ll tell you about is this young boy who hadn’t walked in a long time, stood out from his, from the chair when the evangelist Daniel called Tony, sorry, Dennis called him out of his chair and he was walking and I saw those miracles for myself, you know?

Sarah Nyanzi (08:16):
And then another miracle was a member. I’ll give you just another example is there were two nights where my crusade director told me, I need you to be at the back of the crusade with the volunteers. And I was like, I’m gonna miss out on the crusade, but that’s where the heart comes in. That’s where you develop that heart to serve. And yes, maybe on the sea fund posters and the videos, no one knows Sarah ne, but I know I was there and the Lord knows I was there. So for me, I was part of a, a global evangelist winning campaign. And I can get, I can say to the Lord to the best of my ability I served. And I can say, you know, when those numbers are pronounced, you know, I’m sure even you, Daniel, you can testify to this. I can say I’m a part of that. When I hear 50,000 million or 50,000 people got saved, I can say yes. So even though you’re not, you might not be the main preacher, I guess the best thing I can say to those that are interested in joining the safe fund book campus, you might serve someone for a season, someone else’s vision for a season, but it’s worth it. It’ll teach you a lot for your own ministry.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (09:22):
What a great perspective on servanthood. Jesus said, I did not come to be served, but to serve. Jesus said the greatest in the kingdom is the servant of all. And so it sounds like you’ve really learned that lesson. Now. You’ve seen God move in Africa, but you live in the UK and mm-hmm <affirmative> has given you a heart to reach people in the United Kingdom for Jesus. And you are currently working on putting together an outreach. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> tell me about that. God has put in your heart for the United Kingdom.

Sarah Nyanzi (10:00):
Yeah. so I’ve had this vision for a long time. I got born again, 2012, and the word that came to me, God said, I’ve given you England for your take for the taking. And I, I didn’t know what that meant because I was still new to the whole preaching thing. So I I’ve thought of, but the word for a long time, it wasn’t until November, December, this year, when the Lord told me to put an, a crusade in the UK to assemble a team, to try, you know, win source for him, no matter how small or big cause that was my biggest concern is Lord, what if I can’t, I’m not well known. He said, do it. So that vision is to win people to Jesus. We want to put an, a crusade potentially as time goes on in, in many cities around the UK, we’re gonna start with London.

Sarah Nyanzi (10:48):
And the goal is to preach the gospel, to bring that, you know, that glory that we see in Africa to share it here, to ministry here, to the people in the UK. We want people to come and experience the glory of God. We want people even Christians to be on fire. So this crusade is not only a soul winning project, a soul winning outreach, but it’s also a place where we desire to ignite the churches, to ignite Christians, the perhaps wanna share the gospel, but haven’t yet gotten that confidence. So I wanna encourage those listening if you live in the UK or if you’re not friends, and you can tell them about this event because it’s gonna be life changing and we’re excited to see what God’s gonna do. And another part of that vision is we’re involving Europeans. So if you are someone who is in the fire camps, for example come to this crusade because we are also holding this crusade for you to experience what it’s like to have a crusade in Europe. So you’re welcome.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (11:53):
You were born in Africa and then mm-hmm <affirmative> you spent a lot of time there in the UK mm-hmm <affirmative> and the dynamics of preaching to people is very different. Let’s just take a moment to compare and contrast. How do you think that UK is, is different than Africa? What, what do you think is the same? What, how do you think we should adjust our method? Preaching the gospel when working in a, a first world nation versus mm-hmm <affirmative> a developing nation.

Sarah Nyanzi (12:27):
Yeah. So I found that’s a really good question. I found when I was, when I was in Africa. And one of the things I found was, you know, because obviously in the UK, there’s different levels of wealth and different levels of poverty or different levels of even perspective. I think in, in westernized countries like Europe and UK, we do have a lot of things to our disposal. For example, in the, when I get sick, I don’t have to have faith to get medicine or to get healing. I can go to my doctor and we have a national health in health service system where we have medicine for free <laugh>. That’s why we pay really high taxes. So there’s a downside to that. But people, I feel like in the, in the, in our, in, in the UK, you know, there’s other reliances now, if you go to Africa, the, the systems are different.

Sarah Nyanzi (13:23):
So faith for some of them, faith is all they’ve got, you know, that’s all they’ve got. So I don’t wanna sound negative. Say people in Africa have faith and people in the UK don’t know people, but it’s just, the reliance is heavily on the spiritual. And therefore you do see that hunger being fulfilled. Whereas in the UK, people think I don’t need faith. I can go and buy myself something to eat or whatever it’s different in the UK. So I found I was number one the reliance in that hope that we as supposed to place in God, has maybe been placed on other things. And another thing that I found is that spiritually there’s just, people feel like they don’t need, they don’t need God. Whereas in the, in Africa, I haven’t really met anyone when I normally maybe I’m yet to meet that person by in Africa, meet people and they know about God, but I think they just wanna, they’re excited that you mean God has sent you for me.

Sarah Nyanzi (14:23):
I’ll give you an example. We were in the villages, we had a crusade in Tanzania. I was chosen along with a few other people to do a town crusade as part of my initiation, which was great, went into this remote remote village. And I told them, Hey, God has sent me here for you, which is true. They were so like, what? That’s incredible. They was so like, no way. And it was, I even, I felt it, that, that, that innocence, that beautiful thing in the UK people would be like, first of all, who is good, and second and foremost, you’re lying. Like the difference of belief is different. So yeah, I think in the UK, even our communication, the way we communicate has to be different as well. So those are some of the challenge are some of the benefits.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (15:11):
Well, I pray that people in the UK will have the same faith and belief in God as people in Africa. And I really think that God is sending evangelists like you to the UK that are full of fire full of the holy spirit, that will call people to have a trust and faith in Jesus Christ. And so God’s hand is upon you. And I’m so excited about what you’re doing in the UK and, and, and I’d really encourage you, who are listening. If you are in the United Kingdom get involved in what God is doing on my website below the this episode, I’m gonna put a link to where you can go and to support Sarah. And so I’d encourage you to support her and help her in reaching the United Kingdom for Jesus. Sarah, thank you so much for being a guest on the evangelism podcast. God bless you.

Sarah Nyanzi (16:07):
Thank you, Daniel. Thank you guys.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (16:10):
Thanks so much for listening to the evangelism podcast today, our ministry is supported by people like you, who help us go to the nations to preach the gospel. Our goal is every soul. It only costs us an average of about $1 for every person. We’re able to tell about Jesus. And so could you do me a favor, go to my, our website king ministries.com and become a partner with us for as little as $1 a month, you can start to partner with king ministries and help us lead at least one person to Jesus every single month. Imagine for $1, you can start a party in heaven every single month. So right now, go to king ministries.com and partner with us and help us to preach the gospel to those who need to hear the gospel. The most, the least reach people in the world. Also, I’d like to ask you to go to apple podcast and give the evangelism podcast a five star review. Your positive review will help other people find this podcast who are excited about evangelism. Thank you so much. And God bless you

Evangelism Podcast Host (17:29):
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