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Siegfried Tomazsewsk | One God One Day One Africa

Can you imagine the entire continent of Africa being impacted by the Gospel in only one day? That’s the mission of today’s guest on the Evangelism Podcast. Siegfried Tomazsewsk worked with Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke for eighteen years. He has a heart for Africa and he is working to lead people to Jesus across the entire continent. 

Website: https://callingministry.org 

Show Notes: 

What is the mission of One God One Day One Africa? 

This is the largest Gospel net that has ever been cast across an entire continent. 

Testimonies from One God One Day One Africa:

  1. All the offices in the body of Christ are coming together. 
  2. It is not about stage evangelism, but about many individual evangelists. 

What is the strategy for reaching into the closed nations in Africa? 

Learn about the Day of Prayer for Africa – November 6 

Key Quote: It is not about denomination, it is about salvation. 


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:00):

Can you imagine the entire continent of Africa being impacted by the gospel in only one day, that’s the mission of today’s guest on the evangelism


Evangelism Podcast Announcer (00:10):

Podcast. Jesus said go into all the world and preach the gospel. Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved. Welcome to the evangelism podcast with dr. Daniel King, where Daniel interviews, full-time evangelists, pastors, missionaries, and normal everyday Christians to discover how they share their faith, their powerful testimonies and amazing stories that will inspire you to reach people with the good news. And now here’s your host, missionary and evangelist, Daniel King,


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:48):

Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved. Man, I am with a good friend, evangelist, Siegfried, DOMA, Jeff ski. Did I say that right? You are wonderful. And he is an evangelist who was trained up under the ministry of Reinhard Bonnke. And for the last year, he has been focused on one of the biggest evangelistic efforts in history. It’s called one God, one day, one Africa in effort to proclaim the gospel to all of Africa at one time. So brother Siegfried, how’s that going?


Siegfried Tomazsewsk (01:29):

Well? I mean, I’m excited about it because what we see I believe is historic. When the evangelist, Jennifer wild, whom I did not know by the bar of soap called me one day and she said, I’m evangelist Jennifer Wilde. UGod gave me a vision some 36 years ago. And I want to see the whole continent of Africa being reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ. I said, wonderful. She says, yes. At the same weekend I hung up and she calls again. She said, we got disconnected. I said, no, we didn’t get disconnected. I hung up. She said, why would you do that? I said, you know, I get so many real curls calls. I don’t have time for that. She said, no, no, listen to me. I said, okay, I’ll listen. What do you want? She says, I want you to help me to reach every country of Africa simultaneously with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Siegfried Tomazsewsk (02:19):

I said, this is not possible. She said, well, this may be, but with God, all things are possible. I said yes with God, but not with me. Thank you. And she’s said, but please listen to me. I said, now you listen for one moment with evangelists Bonnke we had crusades five, six crusade, six, seven crusades a year. And then Reinhard Bonnke said, let’s do 10 crusades. Every year. We did that for two years in a row. And then we said, pastor, Bonnke, we cannot continue. It’s killing us. Now. You’re not talking about 10 crusades a year. You’re not talking about 10 crusades at the same weekend. You’re talking about 40, 45, 50 crusades at the same weekend. I said, forget it. And she said, well, why don’t you pray? And then she had me. So I prayed and God gave me what I call a blueprint.


Siegfried Tomazsewsk (03:06):

And I realized, and I said, Jennifer, is it about you? She said, no. If it’s not about you, if it’s about reaching the lost of Africa, I believe God can give us, has given us a plan. And the plan is there are so many ministries in Africa operating, preaching the gospel. But at that time, until that time, I know many did not know what the other ministry was doing. They were preaching. They were sharing. They were going to the same cities after couple of weeks. As a matter of fact, just after that a ministry, a friend of mine called me and he said, we just came back from our Ruan Uganda. We had a wonderful crusade. I said, praise God, couple of weeks later, another friend calls me. He said, can you pray? We are going to a city called Aruba Uganda. I said, wonderful.


Siegfried Tomazsewsk (03:48):

But why don’t you guys go to the same city? Don’t you talk to one another? No, we didn’t know. Well, you know, the people love it because it’s, it’s, it’s hype it’s it brings people to the church and so on. But there’s tons of cities. They have never been reached with the gospel. So I said, why don’t we orchestrate that for once I cannot do it. We cannot do it as individuals, but together we can reach the continent of Africa. Why don’t we just orchestrated and say, every ministry is taking responsibility for one nation at the same weekend, they are in Africa anyway. And within shortest period of time, we had many ministries that joined. They said, we are going to that city in that country today we are covering, I would say casting the largest gospel net over a whole continent with prayer and with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (04:43):

This is so beautiful to see. I believe that the greatest harvest of souls in history will happen right before Jesus comes back. And so when we see great events like this happening, it’s a sign that Jesus is going to return soon. And we’re going to see thousands of people come to Jesus because of this. What are some of the testimonies that you’ve already experienced from all this effort?


Siegfried Tomazsewsk (05:08):

Well, there are three things. I think it’s a testimony worth sharing. Number one, I have never, ever in my life seen not only the evangelists coming together, but how the different offices are coming together. I see prayer ministries coming on our site. I see the ministry of discipleship makers coming on our side because Jesus never said go into all the world and counter raised hands. He said, make disciples. And I see how all these different ministries are joining for one purpose. How can we reach the continent of Africa? There is no jealousy there. It’s not about our, our logo. It’s not about our ego. It’s not about denomination. It’s about salvation. And that’s the biggest miracle already to me. That’s happening right in front of my own eyes. I see how different denominations are coming together. This is not something that the Pentecostal have. Evented evangelism has never been even invented by the Pentecostals.


Siegfried Tomazsewsk (06:17):

Even. I love to speak about Pentecostalism, but I see my brothers yesterday. I was on a, on a call with the leadership of Nigeria, the spiritual leadership of Nigeria. That was the leader of the Pentecostal. There was the Archbishop, there was the Pentecostal leader. We all were together, praying together, sharing together. How can we reach the nation of Nigeria? So this is already wonderful. And then I see how young evangelists suddenly they, they get hope. They get joy because they can join under the wings of the big ministry as the big evangelist and go out. And suddenly I see, it’s not only about stage evangelism. We see at individual evangelists, I see evangelistic churches. They go out and reach and preach. And even before we have even started, I received phone calls and testimonies of people being saved by sharing the gospel.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (07:15):

Wow. That is so beautiful to hear about what you’re doing. And you’ve also been mobilizing people to pray. Tell me about that.


Siegfried Tomazsewsk (07:24):

Now. This is also historic. I mean, we are coming from one historic event to the other. I was praying. And as a leadership from one GDA, we thought we need a day of prayer for Africa before we start, because prayer is the foundation of everything without praying, nothing happens. So I started to share that and I had a day in mind, that was the 6th of November. I shared that here in a meeting with, with C fan, with Daniel Kolenda and the team here. And they said, well, we already have set the 6th of November as an international day of prayer for Africa, all our offices around the globe are already preparing for a day of prayer for Africa. I said, wow, this is wonderful. I talked to Velma not to go. The precedent of go 2020. He said, well, I know of ministries world, no, a renown ministries, prayer ministries. They have already prepared for a day of prayer for the 6th of November, the, the prayer night of the largest church in Lagos, Nigeria, our CCG pastor Addie boy. He is on board. I spoke to the largest church of North Africa. They are on board and suddenly I realized how churches, ministries and individuals are joining for a global or international day of prayer. Not for something wonderful to happen in America or in Europe, not for the political, but for a revival for salvation, for a harvest of souls in Africa.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (09:03):

So how many countries total are there in Africa?


Siegfried Tomazsewsk (09:07):

There’s 54 countries in Africa. We are dividing closed countries, semi-closed countries and open-ended


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (09:13):

Trees. And so does the approach have to be different for each of those groups? Yes,


Siegfried Tomazsewsk (09:18):

Absolutely. Because when we come to Africa, it’s a continent. The continent of Africa is as diverse as the whole world. We got different, not only different time zones, we got different languages. I’m not talking about five major language. I mean, I’m talking within one country about 15, 16, 20 different things,


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (09:37):

Language groups, and every language has its own culture. Its own people, its own customs,


Siegfried Tomazsewsk (09:43):

Tribal things. We have to take care of religious background. So there is a tons of differences.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (09:50):

So with these, these 53 nations, how many ministries have joined hands with you in order to do this massive outreach?


Siegfried Tomazsewsk (10:00):

Well there’s ministries and there is churches we have about 34 ministries covering countries. And then there is African local churches that joined together, which is also a miracle to me. Church is joining, taking responsibility. If I look at Burkina Faso, if I look at ivory coast, if I look at other countries, they join churches together, denomination say we take our own responsibility, Nigeria. They don’t have an American or European evangelistic ministry coming. They said we will cover our nation. And then of course we have closed countries where we have a different approach. We broadcast livestream into those places. All the churches underground churches are networking already and they will have all their events in the homes, in the underground churches and even in the open church.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (10:57):

So sometimes you go in on ground, sometimes you go in by air, but it’s a massive effort to take the entire continent for Jesus. What’s coming up. What’s next for the plan? Well,


Siegfried Tomazsewsk (11:13):

You know, just a couple of weeks ago when I got up in the morning and I saw November is coming so quick, I said to myself, you know, I see two things. Number one, this is not just ministries connecting for one event. What we have seen in the last one and a half, two years, we established a network of ministry, relationships, friendships, building friendships between evangelistic ministers and preachers of the gospel. This is so wonderful. Number one, number two, we realized it’s not only for day event or a three day event. And then God spoke to me. He said one GDA does not only mean one God. One day one Africa. Yes, it’s always the day of salvation, but it’s one God, one decade, one Africa. So we are homing in for a decade of harvest for Africa. And then I realized suddenly go 2020 has changed. Now their name to go decade. See fan is speaking about a decade of harvest and many other ministry suddenly are speaking the global church network, Steve Davis, bruh. I’m also part of, we are speaking about a decade of harvest for the global church. It’s absolutely stunning. What happens in the next 10 years?


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (12:44):

What a tremendous vision. I like your focus on networking because Jesus called us to be fishers of men. And of course fishermen need nets. And so a network is a net of many different relationships working together to bring people to Jesus. And in these days, ministries that don’t network will not work. You have to network, you have to build friendships. You have to work with others. Collaborate. Talk to me a little bit about the importance of collaboration.


Siegfried Tomazsewsk (13:18):

Yes. Well there’s two aspects. Number one, a network is built, as you mentioned, it comes from the Vertin net. When I was in Morocco just recently, I was standing in the Harbor and watching and taking pictures of fishers who were mending their nets. Number one, the nets are made out of many knots. So if we have a net, let’s say, u,, foot by 10 foot net and, and we only have five knots. All the fish will swim through. So we need a network that is made of net many knots and Yves Meech ministry is a knot that comes together to build that net. If one knot is broken and it’s not being mended, the whole net will not work. So it means that we all need to take care of one another. We need to monitor and watch one another. I think that has never been before.


Siegfried Tomazsewsk (14:17):

We were looking at our own little world, our own ministry and when something broken our ministry, the whole ministry broke. And I believe we are called when we network, when we call up core liberate, not only that we sharpen iron and as the Bible says, you know, iron sharpens iron, but we also help to meant one and each other’s nets and not heal the broken heart. If one faults, the other one doesn’t stand there and says, I knew it. I knew it from the, but you know what I believe we are called. When somebody faults, we kneel down, we lay our arm around the shoulder and we pray and we comfort him. We encourage him. Come on, let’s stand up together. We need you because if you don’t stand up, the net, we’ll have a whole, wow. What a tremendous analogy, brother free. Thank you so much for being on the podcast. I appreciate it. God bless you. God bless you and your own ministry. Thank you.


Evangelism Podcast Announcer (15:18):

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