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I met Dr. Ticha Willibroad at a crusade in Madagascar. He is from the nation of Cameroon. He has a heart for lost souls and he has ministered all over Africa. He has a vision for Operation Last Hour Rescue, a team of hospital chaplains that are dedicated to leading dying people to Jesus.

About Ticha Willibroad: Willibroad W. Ticha (PhD) is founder and president of Gospel Heroes World Missions. He lectures on Missions, Apologetics and Leadership.  His boldness and extremely daring engagement of his ministry assignment, is due to his belief; Whatever is worth doing, is worth doing now and quickly!

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Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:00):
I met Dr. Ticha Willibroad at a crusade in Madagascar. He is from the nation of Cameroon. He has a heart for lost souls, and he has ministered all over Africa. He has a vision for operation last hour, rescue a team of hospital chaplains that are dedicated to leading, dying people

Evangelism Podcast Host (00:19):
To Jesus. Jesus said, go into all the world and preach the gospel. Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord. Welcome to the evangelism podcast with Dr. Daniel King we’re Daniel interviews, full-time evangelists, pastors, missionary, and normal everyday Christians to discover how they share their faith, their powerful testimonies, and amazing stories that will inspire you to reach people with the good news. And now here’s your host, missionary and evangelist Daniel King. Welcome

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:56):
To the evangelism podcast. I’m Daniel King, and I’m excited about leading people to Jesus. Today. I have Dr. Willebrand. He is from the nation of Cameroon and we originally met in Madagascar and I was so impressed with all of the pastors conferences and evangelism that he’s doing in different parts of Africa. Dr. Will thank you so much for joining me today.

Ticha Willibroad (01:23):
I guess I’m watching Dr. King. it’s my pleasure to be with you. Of course. I’m very excited every time with you. Remember how we met in Madagascar and how the Lord also used you mightily. I mean, ever since we’ve been very good friends, I sincerely appreciate it. And thank you for having me on this platform.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (01:40):
So you have a tremendous call from God on your life as any evangelists. Tell me a little bit about your ministry and what God has called you to do. Yeah.

Ticha Willibroad (01:50):
First of all I’ve been seven love for a couple of years right now. I got saved when I was much younger, probably my 13. I was 13 of age or so then the Lord revealed to me he’s called wit for ministry. And of course it was it’s, it’s been tough and challenging, especially coming from a family that our daughter we’re Christian, but we’re not really Christians, you know, and answering the call was quite challenging, but God has been seeing me over the years and I’ve done ministry in different capacities before. But the Lord eventually leads us into what we do right now, which we’ve been doing this now for over 11 years. And so we actually organize leadership conferences in different countries where pastors and leaders come from different churches and to attend our conferences and we focus a lot more on the great commission, how the churches within a nation can reach out to the entire nation, the gospel of Jesus Christ, how they can set structures to ensure that evangelism can be, can be ongoing.

Ticha Willibroad (02:47):
So we go to these different nations where we do these conferences and what, what breaks my heart a lot more times is seeing pastors and bishops, you know, so carried by the word of God. I mean, there were brick and, and I’m in the same pattern and you see what the Lord is doing in those different countries. So that’s the kind of ministry which we do. And we also run this project called operation last, our rescue, the Lord spoke to me some time to train special Yvonne JDC chaplains for hospitals and nursing homes.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (03:18):
And so you have a goal To train evangelists that would minister in hospitals and in nursing homes. Why is it important to reach out to people that are in hospitals and nursing homes

Ticha Willibroad (03:30):
You see over the years I’ve experienced, even while growing up. One of the polices I used to evangelize also a lot daily Wayne hospitals. I realized that whenever I post in the Sikh, he’s more conscious of the wall after, because there was an aspect of the fear of death, even an atheist, someone who doesn’t believe in God when he foresee and he’s in the hospital bed, and he’s not really sure what he’ll be will or whatever. There’s always that question, what happens after this? So I realized that at that point in time, a lot of people, even those who do not want to hear the gospel before become more open, literally I’ve seen Muslims confess Christ on the hospital bed. They will confess Christ, accept the lodges cause and all that stuff, you know? So I think it’s a very sensitive period in their lives and also a very fit type moment where in the gospel can go across. And then I think it’s also very important because you can imagine someone living his life without the Lord and, and on his dying bed, he, he received salvation and change the course of his life for eternity. So I think it’s something which is so important and, and the, you know just like the people across the acts of the Christ, you know, he pushed himself.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (04:40):
So it’s last chance of Angela’s ism right before they go to heaven or hell you give them a chance to heaven or hell to cry out to Jesus for salvation. So how would you go about training in evangelist who wants to go into the hospitals? How would you help that evangelists to become competent at sharing his faith in the hospital?

Ticha Willibroad (05:02):
Yeah. Okay. First of all, we, we, we, we, we, we, we, we send our teams to these different countries and we first do, first of all, a vision casting meeting for them to understand why this is so important. Why should we go to hospitals? Why should we go to nursing homes? They have the festival understand that now once the guests understand that, and the fact that it is an opportunity to be the, to be the bridge, through which someone can, can pass through and get into eternity with Christ, you know, it becomes very much more exciting. Then we, we, we, we, we already have the training program. Well-Structured how to be able to reach out to an individual in a hospital environment. It it’s totally different from evangelize on the streets. It’s totally different from preaching in churches. It’s a very sensitive environment and there are certain guidelines and principles that it need to be able to observe.

Ticha Willibroad (05:52):
So we, we, we take them through these training programs about 3d streaming product intensive training, where we educate them as to how to go about it, the hospital environment, the kind of ethics, you know, how to collaborative with hospital staff and how to Rick, because these sick people, oftentimes like we reached out to you, you don’t have that luxury of time to talk to them. Like you could have one hour to talk to them in church. It could just be five minutes, could be 10 minutes. It all depends. But now we teach them strategies on how to be with a sick present for five minutes. And the sick person feels like he has been with them for an hour. So we have all those strategies and how to be able to approach them and all that stuff. So once we train these evangelists, we licensed them to be able to go into hospitals. And in those different countries, we, we, we, we we’ve established structures wearing it structures that helps to get whoever has been trained into hospitals to minister the gospel. Yeah.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (06:51):
So you’re originally from the nation of Cameroon, but you’ve worked in many different countries in Africa. What, what are some of the countries that you’ve worked in?

Ticha Willibroad (07:01):
I’ve worked in a few countries in Africa for Nigeria toggle Republic of Benin, Ghana Ethiopia, Tanzania, Rwanda, seashells, militias, Madagascar, South Africa, Zimbabwe Liberia. It could run Guinea Gabon of course, Cameroon as well.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (07:31):
You’ve been to more countries than Africa than I have. And I’ve been to quite a few what as an, as an African who’s called by God, what do you see that God wants to do in the continent of Africa?

Ticha Willibroad (07:47):
I, I strongly believe that there is a mighty revival going on. And the, one of the things that also characterize people from Africa or pre-test in Africa is because you see based on, is it Africans and not, you know, a lot of them are not overly exposed to, to some of the privileges, for example, financially, for example, that in our American preachers or whatever the Westerners may be exposed to. So, and because of that, it pushes them to pray a whole lot so that there was this tearing in, in our, our, this revival in Africa where people are coming to a police, they realize that if they’re going to make it, it has to be to the power of God. So you would see Africans will go into, into all kinds of Prius. People would lock themselves up for and believing because they’re not, if the hand of God doesn’t manifest upon their lives, they’re not gonna succeed.

Ticha Willibroad (08:39):
So I think that there was a mitral valve in Africa. God is raising men and women addicted to the word of God who are addicted to prayer and fasting that the know that is the only way out. And, and, and so, and because of that, there was a whole lot of revival on, in different, in different countries. I mean, you saw what happened with you in, in, in Tanzania with crowds of thousands gathering, you know I think that there was a mighty river going on and I see go to quite whole little things in Africa. Yeah.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (09:10):
Now you have your, your doctorate and you’ve written quite a few different books, and many of them are available on amazon.com. Could you share with me the names of some of the books that you’ve written and what they’re about and in the podcast, I’ll put a link to the books. If someone wants to buy a book off of Amazon. Oh, thank

Ticha Willibroad (09:33):
You. Yeah. I’ve written a few books. Most of my books have not been published yet. I’ve written close to 30 books and most haven’t been published. But I have a few of them already on Amazon. We have reclaiming yourself from emotional trauma. Now these are for people who’ve gone through tough times when it come, when it has to do with the relationship, but it feels like they can love again. They feel like, can I really find someone I can trust? Can my life become better? Again, now a book like that, the one that’s going to help them a whole lot to come out of those emotional crisis and to be able to look at life

Ticha Willibroad (10:07):
Mountains, point of view, and not to allow that stigma of the religion of the past to be the whole of them them it’s called the reclaiming yourself from emotional trauma. And, and also we have cultivating the spirit of leadership and the, the, the goal, actually that book is to be able to help those brewing minister, those who want to sell a moat. And it helps them to be able to identify their calling and to be able to pursue, you know, grow in leadership and stuff like that. It helps them to even as a black from his own foundation, with regards to what leadership is all about and how to go on with that, which the Lord has called them to do. I think it’s very important for every leader and everyone desiring to lead in any capacity, whether it’s in ministry or it’s in business or whatever.

Ticha Willibroad (10:58):
I think it’s a very good book on that. We also have the book on recovering. You are 19. Now there are people actually who have been passionate for God or the desire to go hybrid God, but don’t even just know how to go about it. They, they can sense that God is calling them into a deeper walk, into the higher walk. And so I had experienced, but they don’t know how to harness himself towards that. Now the book recovering you’re 19, it’s going to be a very good piece. It helps a person really trace where the mystic retraced themselves, especially those who have been once passionate for God or once acting or hot for God. And somehow they’re now becoming look warm, but they don’t, they don’t like your presence. They don’t want to go back to the place of glory, but they don’t know how to go about that. That book is very dynamic in that it’s going to help them. It begins by creating the hunger. It creates that desperation for God. It brings them to a place where this apple school becomes what they don’t want to be. They don’t want to be a pathway. They want to go with God too, you know, and stop like that. And, and, and it helps to, to create that passion, that Honda for God. And it shows them the practical steps, what it takes to get back to that place of glory. You know? So I think the book recovery anointing is going to be a good piece. That’s wonderful.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (12:27):
Well, if someone wants to support your ministry, how can they find out more about you? What’s your website? Yeah.

Ticha Willibroad (12:35):
My, my website is our teacher, William S T I C H E w I L L I B R O E d.com. Teacher Willie, product com. We that’s our website a couple of things are being discussed there. They can support the ministry on the homepage. We have this delete button and stop. They can reach out to us through email info at teacher will come and we can put them through as to how they can be partners and stuff like that. Yeah.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (13:01):
Well, Dr. Wil, I love your vision for reaching people in the hospitals and nursing homes all over Africa. I love that you’re training people to share their faith and training them in evangelism and bringing pastors together and teaching them about leadership principles. And so God’s hand is upon you, and I believe that God’s going to do amazing things through your ministry. Thank you so much. And God bless

Ticha Willibroad (13:25):
You. Thank you so much your team for having me. I appreciate it, man of God, God bless you. And they got keep on lifting you up on your team and your ministry and that what you do, and with the crisp of the rest would you, might’ve be in Jesus name. Amen. Thanks Daniel. Thank you. Thank you.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (13:42):
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Evangelism Podcast Host (14:45):
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